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What happened to Unmod?


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Truth to be told, I actually understand why UnMod had to go. It didn't cooperate that well with the rest of the site, doing its own race and basically having its life on its own. The posting style some had the habit of using happened to be expressed in the Gendisc departement as well. The mod apprecation wasn't the best, and I guess we could've have welcomed n00bs in a somewhat smoother manner. Those, however, were the bad aspects of the problem, and as our fuzzy old friend Coop already have mentioned, there were many positive aspects on the other side of the problem as well, but those could only be seen by those who had gotten used to the UnMod manner and who didn't take everything seriously.

But yeah, compared to the new, more friendly OCR policy, UnMod sure wouldn't be able to fit in there, and we all knew about it. Honestly, I didn't see much bitterness going on when everyone got to know about the official declarence that UnMod would experience the axe, even if it placed a depressive cloud on top of it all. We posted on as usual, saddened of UnMod's future, but also a little excited that we would experience UnMod's last voyage. We would get the chance to say goodbye for it, in our own special way. If we had gotten a specific thrash date, then we would at least have been mentally prepared, and the remaning hours would most likely have been filled with tremendous amounts of threadmaking, fadding, flaming, joking, and whatever stuff that would come to our minds. It would be one of the greater moments of UnMod's history, most likely because it would be its last.

But we all know that's not the way it all happened. Instead, it all disappeared in a giant cloud of pixy dust, and all that remained was an empty shell of its former magnificence. Why? Because one night the staff decided to take out the laptop and remove UnMod from OCR's surface. And take pics of it. Both of the screen and the smiling faces of all of those who wanted nothing more than UnMod out of the way.

Seriously. It could have been done in a better way, a way that wouldn't cause as much anger and wrath, but hoo boy, you sure managed to take a turn towards the opposite direction. It all happened in a flash, thus robbing us from our last goodbye towards the forum we loved, a love you didn't know about and, apparently, didn't care about either. I respect this site, same goes for most of the staff, decisions and other actions taken towards the site, but this moment will always be something I will look back at with a disappointed expression in my face.

Just wanted to get that big chunk of words off my chest. Thank you.

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