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Happy Birthday Extravaganza

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Whooo, thanks everyone! Now I see the appeal of these threads. :D

Help yourself to some cake!




Happy birthday to you, my dear friend! I hope you have a wonderful day full of cheer and joy.

Dhsu, though I have only known you for 2 years, it feels like it has been so much longer. The smiles we shared. The lulz we created together. All of it I treasure. You truly are a wonderful friend. One I wouldn't trade for any of the rest of these ocr suckas.

So yes, happy birthday to you, good sir, and here is to many others that we may share together!

(If this sounds really corny/makes no sense, I made this while being really sleepy, so shove it and just wish this lovable bastard a happy birthday.)

Thanks for making this thread, but do me a favor and don't sleep and post again, k? :3

DSHU is literally the tiniest Asian I know. You just want to scoop him up and put him in your pocket and let him sleep in a teacup and ride a paper-airplane to the kitchen, or as he calls it, "Lands afar"

hap birf

Thanks, but as I recall you are not the largest black person either!

You old, David. Happy b-day! Make more mixes, plz.

You smelly, Larry. Thanks! Workin' on it, bro.


Yes. Happy birthday and stuff.

That. Is. Awesome. Thanks, man!

Happy birthday! Thanks for continuing to provide valuable site feedback, it really helps. :nicework:

My pleasure. :)

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah!

You're getting old, son. Gonna be on the other side of your 20s soon. Life is over!

So keep making more mixes while you still can!

But on a serious note, I gotta give thanks to Shariq for rejoining the judges panel for only a part-time assist and ending up doing the lion's share of the work in terms of catching up the entire queue. We've kind of taken our usual holiday break right now, but DarkeSword is a major reason why we've gotten so close to finishing the queue and catch things up for 2008. I don't know where we'd be without his help.

Looking forward to the 2 mixes he's got on the way, as well as many many many many MANY more for 2008! Happy birthday, fellow judgefgt!

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