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How many songs do you have on your mp3 player?


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915 Tracks

258 Artists

86 Albums

32 Genres

2 days 20 hours Play-time

It's teeny. I don't have hard drive space to get any more music, and my favorite Touhou remix site died a horrible and painful death at the hands of American currency. <_<

When I get a new hard drive it's time to start downloading more ocremixes. I don't have enough.

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I've finished listening to all the mixes of the games I've played. Mainly Final Fantasy and MGS and Chrono Trigger. Heck, I haven't listened to more than 10 Chrono Trigger mixes. Now I am looking for good songs to put on my mp3 that I haven't noticed yet. I tried looking at the reviews page and thought that if something has many reviews, then it must be good. When I listened to Zelda, the Music of my Groin I saw that I was mistaken. So, what good songs do you listen to here on OCR?

good god how could you dislike that song

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