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The Newbie Introduction Thread: Come on in and say hello!


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I wanted to post an introduction where people might actually see it but if it's against the rules... well I guess I just got my first infraction, eh :<? Anywhoozle, long-time intermittent lurker but thanks to a few friends I've decided to actually try and get involved in the community and maybe get a mix up some time soonish. I'm a bass player (I getz funky) by trade but I'm hoping to expand a bit into piano and guitar.

Been hangin' around ocr irc channel and playing lots of mahvel on PS3... at least I was doing the second unitl... you know :cry:. Both have been loads of fun though. Lookin' forward thoroughly annoying everyone with my newbtitude!


Hello thar.

If it is against the rules, Darkesword will kill all the fun lol.

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Bass is best.

I keep telling girls that but they never believe me :cry:

I like that it's sitting on a Scarface-esque mound of cocaine.

Also, welcome to place SuperBrother

I should warn you though

DarkeSword is a great guy and deserves your respect

And I'm not being sarcastic, he's cool, don't be a dick

Hola Brandon :)!

I've met DrakeSword on the chat. Dunno if he remembers me or not though. He's a cool guy.

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Hello everyone. I may or may not have posted here yet. I really dont remember, i made this account several months ago, before my dreams of music makin took the back burner for a bit. But im back, and in action!

Ive been perusing this site for a little over two years, i was originally drawn here by Pixietricks' remix of radical dreamers. I was amazed by the sheer amount of music, and talent on this site. Ive been addicted ever since.

Ive played violin for a while (but i took a long break) and i have some experience with keyboard. Im buying some of my equipment by the end of july and i can barely contain my excitement. Im tying myself over by aggresively reading all about sound engineering, and its all quite fascinating to me.

As for this forum, im new to this whole forum thing, so ill do my best to not annoy everyone with how green i am. If i do anything wrong, feel free to let me know. :ocrgreen:

overall, im glad to be here! i have a feeling its going to a great time :grin:

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Greetings everyone. I'm Brogdor, and I've been visiting (and lurking) Overclocked Remix for several years now. It is only now that I've wanted to make my own contribution to remixing and, in my little way, show appreciation for video game music. I play some acoustic guitar and sing tenor with a church choir. I wholeheartedly welcome any advice that those already in the biz can give me.

I also wish to thank all the remixers for their contributions and the different styles and takes you've added to video game music. You all have made great music even more memorable for me.

Edited by Brogdor
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Well, I've been frequenting this site for years now. I finally actually REGISTERED like a year ago, and then never even bothered to post anything. What gives, me?!

So! Rectifying the situation now. My name's Shannon, but I generally go by Waffles around these here intertubes. I'm a pretty big RPG dork, some of my favorites being Final Fantasy VI, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Digital Devil Saga, Suikoden II, Persona 3 & the Xenosaga trilogy.

Uhhh... what else... I draw stuff? And I like to sing. Soprano voice. One of my goals is to eventually obtain some proper equipment to record stuff to share with you all here.. But alas, I am chronically broke soooo that may be a while. A LONG while. u_u;;

Anyway, in closing, I loveloveLOVE this site, and want to formally express my appreciation for all the time and resources and hard work everyone puts into running it and creating beautiful/kickass/awesome/AMAZING music for all of us to enjoy. Yay video game music!! YAY OCR!!!

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My name's Stig Andre (translates to manly wanderer/ pilgrim. YARRR! MANDY MAN!), aka. StigtriX and I'm Norwegian.

I love many genres of games and I have a soft spot for SNES games.

Favourite games/ game series:

- Donkey Kong Country (The original trilogy <3 )

- Super Mario (especially Super Mario World and Super Mario World 2)

- Mario Kart (especially Super Mario Kart 64 and DS)

- The Legend of Zelda (especially A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker)

- World of Warcraft (I like pre-Wrath of the Lich King the most)

- Guild Wars (Prophecies FTW!)

- Battlefield 1942 and 2

- Unreal Tournament (99) - the best gameplay!

- Max Payne

- Castlevania (especially Portrait of Ruin and Symphony Of The Night)

- Street Fighter (especially Super Street Fighter II Turbo)

- Tekken (especially 3 and 5)

- Contra/ Probotector (especially Contra III/ Super Probotector)





- Huey Lewis & The News

- Dire Straits

- Ian Anderson

- Dimmu Borgir (Norwegian Metal FTW!)

- Datarock

- a-ha

- Michael Jackson

- OC ReMix - OH YEAH!


(yeah, my taste is very wide spread :P )


- To Kill a Mockingbird

- The Pink Panther (Not the Steve Martin ones or the Trail of the Pink Panther)

- Lethal Weapon

- Die Hard

- Batman

- Batman Begins

- The Dark Knight

- Spider-man

- Back to the Future

- Ghost Busters

- Steven Seagal movies (for the cheezyness and a good laugh)

Anime and manga:

- Naruto

- Bleach

- HunterXHunter

- Deathnote

- Akira

- Dragon Ball

- One Piece

Favourite position:

- ... HEY! WAIT A MINUTE!... This is not a dating site? 8-O

Thanks for all the great music here at OC ReMix.

I will try to get better at FL Studio, so maybe I can make something at one point :)

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Heya, I'm Kaatridge, and I hail from the land of Australia, where I am forced to fend off the likes of crocodiles, kangaroos and dread koalas.

Not actually.

But just coming by to say hi, and hopefully I'll get to know you guys and post more in the coming weeks!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey all, I'm Newbie Rex.

I've been an active listener of OCR for about a year now, and just now got around to making an account. :oops: Ah well...

As for musical styles, I'm really into classic chiptune (read: halc, Ben Briggs) and anything techno, although that doesn't mean I'm out on anything else.

I haven't got any music making experience other than my school band. I've looked at software and other stuff, but...well...DEM MONIES.

I hope I can eventually start ReMixing and being a help to the site!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Lawrence a.k.a. xinstruMental. I've lurked this site for YEARS now (I just checked my oldest file from this place and it said it was modified in 2005). I came here for the music, and I listened to stuff from this site at least once a day.

Why I'm here? I met Larry and Paige at Distant Worlds Atlanta, much by chance, waiting for a chance to meet Nobuo and Arnie after the concert. :]

About myself? I'm a professional photographer still in school studying radiology in Gainesville, Florida. Hoping to make photography a full-time deal in the near future. I'm also a sushi chef when I'm not behind my lens or medical texts. I stay pretty busy but I'm hoping to contribute my voice and maybe even some talent to this place sooner or later.

It's been a while since I've forumed and I kind of miss it. Hoping to get to know everyone here in this huge community. :P

My friends and I with Larry: http://i.imgur.com/E0xUq.jpg (I need to mail you the rest of these.)


Talk to everyone soon!

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Hey everyone!

I'm brand new to this booming community. I stumbled onto OCR searching for a top 10 list of Zelda music. I followed link after link (no pun intended) and somehow was led to this gem. :grin:

My name is Darren Schwinghamer (didn't know what to put as my username, and since it's pretty much a one-time thing, I opted for my real name), I'm seventeen, and from Montreal. I'm studying music at a post high-school level (not University though). I've been playing guitar for 4 years now (mostly classical guitar), and more recently a bit of piano.

I'm looking forward to getting to know some people in the community, and also looking forward to getting further in my musical education!

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Howdy all!

Name's Diana. I've been listening to OCR mixes for... gosh probably 6-7 years, but never got around to creating an account. I think the first one I heard was Neostorm's 'House Leaves' mix, which I still absolutely love, though I've never played the game.

I've tried my hand at composing before, mostly fooling around with midis in Anvil Studio, nothing fancy, but it's not quite my strength, sad to say!

However, I adore video game music, and even moreso than listening I enjoy performing it. I've been part of the Gamer Symphony Orchestra for the past 5 years (I'm one of the very few members left from back then), joining originally as a violinist and now a soprano singer. Other than the Balinese gamelan I'm now part of, it's been one of the highlights of my life throughout my college days and after.

My favorite game composers are Yoko Shimomura, Tomohito Nishiura, and (when she does them) Yoko Kanno, with a side of Hiroki Kikuta and Kenji Ito. My favorite soundtracks otherwise are, in no particular order, Okami, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, Gitaroo Man, Machinarium (indie point'n'click game; highly recommended), and MadWorld.

As I love to sing and I love this music, I would also love to collaborate with someone, if they are in need of female vocals. I performed the solo for FF6's Aria di Mezzo Carattere when we

last December, and I can easily dig up other samples if anyone's interested (ones where I'm not petrified at performing before a packed house of 1000 audience members, with a headcold =P). So, hit me up!

Pleased to meet y'all!

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