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Mega Manniversary: December 17, 2007


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Dear All,

Mega Manniversary is December 17, 2007; please make sure you try to preorder the game before the end of this month. This anniversary, it's based on the Megaman Battle Network GBA series of games, and also allows you to plug in these carts from the first 6. CAPCOM has just released three versions of Rockman of the Shooting Star, Preorder these DS cards at your local game retailer or on CAPCOM's website:

www.capcom.com/megaman. Thankx!


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The MegaMan Collector's Edition for the Gamecube was piss poor. No thanks. I just play them on the original NES or via emulation. Stop regurgitating. Then again, if people continue to buy...

The PS2 version, on the otherhand, was awesome.

If there is a new game that isn't on the Battle Network timeline, I'll pick it up no questions asked. I checked capcom's site and all I see is 1up doing a sort of month long tribute to Megaman and info about Star Force.


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I jumped off the MegaMan bandwagon after MMBN4 sucked so hard. Being forced to replay the same, dry plot three times in order to get all of the cool items in the game was just too skullcrushing. I tried 5, but I never got back into the new games of the series and now have lost track completely.

But I agree that a legends revive would be pretty awesome...

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As in, "Mega Manniversary" is just an obvious pun of CAPCOM's to announce the birthday of the Blue Bomber, Megaman. Thus, it's not really obscene, just as I said, pun. Sorry if some were disgruntled or horrified by the comment.

I will try to make things less vague next time...after all, I don't think or speak vaguely. I doubt I can even learn anything in the world in less complexity.

That's my brain for you, and it's all compressed databanks


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