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Your Christmas Haul


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It has been a great Christmas (+ Eve) with family so far. Very relaxing.

* New TASCAM speakers

* Soniccare electric toothbrush

* Super Mario Galaxy

* Advent Children special edition DVD

* New long-sleeved shirt

* A book from my sister

* Address labels (since I mail stuff so often)

* Amazon & iTunes gift certificates

Stuff I bought for myself on or around Christmas:

* Xbox 360 Pro bundle (system, controller, XBL silver, Forza 2 + Marvel Ultimate Alliance), plus an extra wireless controller, charging station, Mass Effect, and Crackdown

* Nintendo Wii plus extra controller and nunchuk and 4000 Wii points

Life is good.

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Dude. http://ocr.anticlan.net/ Sign up and get in on the internet DS playingness.

I need to update my info on there. I've actually gotten a few good wireless games since then.

This was a rather amusing year for presents at my house...

"The Totally Interactive Band Bible"... looks pretty extensive, probably has some useful info in it.

"The Complete Bible Experience"... lol lots of Bibles this year. This one is a dramatic reading by the likes of Denzel Washington, Sam Jackson, and a lot of other cool black people.

"Sansa Clip" 2GB Mp3 Player... kinda looks like an iPod mini.

An Optimus Prime Voice Changer/Helmet... It doesn't cover my whole face, and it looks pretty funny. I'll try to post pictures later if anyone wants to see Optimus Prime with a beard.

Animaniacs, Vol. 3... My collection is now complete! Now on to Pinky and the Brain, Vol. 1!

The usual apparel items... including a very cool looking black t-shirt with a Raven holding a pair of mixing headphones.

A pocket knife with artwork of a big mouth bass on it... wtf???

Stuff I bought for my brother, but I'll probably end up using as well.. yeah, I'm that guy.

A bag of Goldfish... mmmm, Tasty.

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This year wasn't really disappointing. No embarrassing gifts that didn't make any sense. Woohoo.

-Zelda DS Lite

-Nintendo hoodie

-Mario pajama pants (it's about time. I needed some more)

-The Towering Inferno/Volcano DVD combo thingy

-Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

And apparently there's some kind of secret I'll find out about in a couple of days. No idea if it's another present or what...

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Let's see...

The big one: JVC video camera with HDD, Pinnacle Studio version 11, video camera carrying case

DVDs: The Passion of the Christ, The Truman Show, O Brother, Where Art Thou, Rush Hour 3, The Complete Mel Brooks Collection

Other: 2 Gig flash drive, variety pack of candy, 15$ of Itunes songs, 30$ worth of Amazon.com purchases, two packs of beef jerky, and a Homer Simpson "Praise Jeebus" poster

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Hotel Dusk Room 215

Zelda Phantom Hourglass

Final Fantasy VI Advance



The Sopranos Season 5

Battlestar Galactica Season 2.5

The Bourne Ultimatum



The Brothers Karamozov

The Litany of the Long Sun

The Urth of the New Sun

Other stuff


Attache Case

3 Coheed and Cambria CD's

New pair of Ray-bans

A promise to get a black suit soon

Can't wait to walk around my college campus in a black suit, with the sunglasses and attache case.

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Let's see.

The 2008 SF Goldrush Swimsuit Calender, autographed by one of the Goldrush that my cousin is roomates with.

His Dark Materials (Apparently you can cram them all into one book now)

Generation Kill

BE by Commmon

Era Vulgaris by Queens of the Stone Age


Harsh Times

The Aviator

Blood Diamond

Dogtag Silencers

Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction

A new coffee mug

an iPod armband

And the crown jewel of the haul: a pair of custom Oakley Assault boots.


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Here's my haul:

1. Big ol box, with a little box in it, with an EVEN smaller box in it, with a tiny 1 inch by 1/2 inch cut out of a Wii from a Best Buy add.

2. Buffalo Sabres Sweatshirt GO SABRES

3. Proactive (no i don't have acne i just fucking hate pimples and zits)

4. Assorted Wii Games, Fire Emblem, Mario Galaxy, Wii Play, AMF Bowling, Bleach, Mario Party 8, Wii Sports

5. Wii Mote and Nunchuck

6. Classic Controller for the Wii

7. Then finally a Wii.

8. This amazing genuine italian leather wallet that my dad got me, probably my favorite gift i got this christmas

9. $50

10. $25 EB Gift Card

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I hope it was a 360 Elite - the other versions of the 360 don't have an HDMI port.

Check again--Pros have been coming with built-in HDMI ports for a few months now.

So far I got a new 8.2 MP camera, a few movies and books, and Creative EP-630s (which are about as good as I can ask for given the use I want out of them). I bought myself quite a present--a Creative ZEN--a month ago.

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A pair of M-Audio BX5a's, an Alesis Multimix8 USB mixer, a microphone, some shirts, FEAR, Dead Rising, and a CD. This was a pretty awesome year.

Also, yeah, new 360s have HDMI now. I bought my pro on the Halo 3 launch and it has one.

"The Complete Bible Experience"... lol lots of Bibles this year. This one is a dramatic reading by the likes of Denzel Washington, Sam Jackson, and a lot of other cool black people.

Ok, I looked this up, and this sounds pretty awesome. I need to get my hands on one of these.

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Alrighty then:

Music Stuff:

Daft Punk - Alive 2007

Coheed and Cambria - No World for Tomorrow

$15 iTunes gift card


Resident Evil 2 (gamecube)

Resident Evil 3 (gamecube) ...I now have the whole series! :-P

Other Stuff:

New Ski Goggles

New Jacket

Shirts and stuff

Electric Heated Blanket

Coffee cup thing

A strange book light from my little bro

Also, a gift card for a local bookstore I used to get the book Ishmael. ;-)

When I look at it now, I got alot of stuff! No Wii games, unfortunatly... but whatever. My little bro got a DS Lite along with Zelda. I wanted a 360, but when I told my mom she just laughed at me. :|

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Wow, quite a year! I received...

  • A 32-inch LCD HDTV for zircon and me! We thought we were going to inherit one of my dad's older TV's because Andy's broke, but this one is lightweight and thus better for moving.
  • Wii Play and a new wiimote (as a joint gift with my brother)
  • Mac OSX Leopard (also a joint gift for the whole family)
  • A set of scented bubble bath, body lotion, and candle ^-^
  • Four career-related books
  • Financing software for my Mac
  • A pair of earrings by Holly Yashi, my favorite designer
  • This nifty little avocado slicer that I am sure to get a lot of use of - it's my favorite veggie!
  • A pashmina scarf


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i got a sweet micro fiber chair. Some long sleeve undershirts, a cowbell and an Ipod Alarm clock.

You guys sure do get a lot of stuff for Xmas. This is the first year i didn't get any games or movies probably. I pretty much buy everything i want beforehand. I'm 22 btw.

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Self gifts I bought a couple of weeks before Christmas:

- Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

- Super Mario Galaxy

- The Orange Box (PC)

- Wii remote controller

Christmas day gifts:

- A great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner with my family.

- Very nice pair of jeans. (The fabric is awesome)

- Cool as heck soft fabric type jacket to match the jeans.

- A sweet looking stainless steel bracelet.

- Two very nice business like dress shirts for work.

- Little atom shaped massager with these glowing lights on it. Feels good!

I'm happy :)

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