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Mega Man: The Movie

The Damned

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well what the hell is Rush Jet then

It's a form Rush takes in the game. I think what friendlyHunter was saying is that Rush's normal form is a regular robot dog in all of the Mega Man games from 3 on up. So I guess this means that you're both right.

And, like many others, I, too, thought that Roll was a dude at first.

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Maybe the really annoying stuff I've seen in movies make her look tame, but apart from "You are special!" and the "lost cosplayer" look, I don't have a problem with Roll. Acting in the finished product will probably need to be graded on a curve. Otherwise, awesome so far.

LOL moment: Wily. Omar Sharif as "Killer on the Loose."

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Rush isn't until Megaman 3, sorry. Even then, he's not really a a flying dog.

Haha, sorry for the confusion - I meant that rush is a flying dog, not a a flying dog.

As for Roll's acting - really, she's a robot! I think she acted like a robot very nicely =D

Also, feel free to be a jerk and post "OLD!", but this scene wasn't in the thread yet:


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Still not on par with:

Thank you. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard.

Anyway, I'm going back to the movie here, and the characters seem spot on in terms of personality, but they look drastically different from what I'd expect them to look like. I don't see why everyone is still appalled with Roll (maybe she should of bleached her eyebrows to match the wig, seriously), but it looks like an enjoyable internet movie and I have to commend the people responsible for going through with it. I'm looking forward to it. My biggest complaint - Dr. Wily is really funny and his voice is cool too, but he SHOULD BE BALD IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS HEAD. SHAVE THAT FRIKKIN' HEAD, YOU HEAR ME?

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Why they had to raep rockman with the music of Transformers? That's just mean.

Hold up, since when does "orchestral Dr. Wily theme" equals "Bay Transformers soundtrack"? By that reasoning, most orchestra remixes on this website could be "raeping" the originals.

Looks like somebody is about to take a leak on everybody's childhood in just a few days...

I wouldn't go that far, people were saying good things when it got test screened at MAGFest. I'm holding on to hope here, most video game fan videos I've seen I thought were really good (MGS Philanthropy, There Will Be Brawl, etc. And hey, even if it does suck, at least we don't have to pay anything to see it.

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