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So, What did you Get/Give?


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I got a $10 gift card to Borders and some chocolate at a Christmas party a week ago, and some chocolate from a student of mine a little before that. I also got a white elephant gift of a clock with a pair of dice detailing each hour, but I traded that for a 1000 piece puzzle for my mom...which I forgot to bring back with me from Champaign-Urbana.

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-two framed photographs (mother)

-Sansa Clip (2gb) (father)

-iPod dock / clock / speakers (younger brother)

-Lord of the Rings Middle Earth map gold foil poster (older brother)

(I helped my parents pick out a few gifts too; my younger brother got The One Ups Vol 2 CD, Okami (for wii).)

I also gave out homemade Christmas mix CDs to friends / coworkers.


-Pentax K200D DSLR camera :DDDD (with lens / camera case)

-Indiana Jones series 5-disc set

-Pair of Sony earbuds (haven't tried them out yet, but anything's better than what I'm using now.)

-Coffee percolator

-7-piece dish set (perfect, since I broke the one we had at our apartment)

-Monopoly World Edition

-a few smaller things...

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This was a pretty good Xmas for me this year. Gifts were a little light but they were good ones. My girlfriend says I should get more on Saturday so we'll see.


DS Carry Case

PSP Carry Case

PSP Screen protector

Rune Factory 2

Rhapsody DS


Alicia Keys - As I Am

LL Cool J - Exit 13

Shelly Duvalle's Faire Tale Theatre

Pearl Necklace/Bracelet/Earring set

Chris Isaak tickets

Pot holders

Desert drinking glasses


Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Star Ocean First Departure

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

A 50mm ammo box for storing whatever

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Printer to Dad

Wedding Crashers to Mom

Cash to Mom

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune to friend

One free sushi dinner to friend

Elfen Lied DVD set to friend



Fallon Blood by Robert Jordan

Some shirts

Pocket knife


Ear and nose hair trimmer

Prince of Persia

Drawing done by a friend

Set of kitchen knives

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I got some Zune headphones, which a actually really good; they sound so awesome. =D

I didn't really give anything material, but I played Carol of the Bells on the piano and Hark the Herold Angels Sing on my guitar for my grandparents, and me, my immediate family, my cousins, uncle and grandparents went caroling at the neighbors and my great-grandparents.

I thought about playing the Underwater theme for the NES Super Mario Bros., but I don't think my grandparents would fully appreciate it. ;D

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It's 1 in the afternoon and we have yet to open our presents. *sigh*

We waited until 8 pm.

I got tons of chocolate, including a chocolate playstation controller and "grand theft chocolate" game disc. Very cool. Truffles, a bottle of crown Royal, and 60 bucks.

I mostly gave booze. I got my niece and nephew some books.

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Metalocalypse season two

Thanks for letting me know. I'll have to go get it.

We had a secret santa at work, but since they suck at communication, I missed the actual gift exchange. I'll be giving my immigrant co-worker a teach yourself english book, since he's too stubborn to take classes :P

I have yet to see what I'll get.

I also got a case of this from my mom. :D


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I gave my dad a bottle of Eagle Rare Bourbon, the two new Stargate movies, $25 iTunes card to augment my brother's gift of an 8GB Nano, among other gifts.

Gave my brothers DS and PSP games, golf balls, a crock pot with cookbook, among other things.

I got the entire Firefly DVD box set (sweet!), a few shirts (actually Firefly came wrapped in one of those shirts..efficiency FTW), a good and heavy tripod, a Bombay Sapphire gift set, 500 GB external HDD, raisnins (yes...a bag of raisins in my stocking), a coffee/espresso maker, Kohl's gift card, and a Samsung 21.5" widescreen compy monitor, hell yeah!

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got lotsa clothes

some badass bose speakers for the compy

headphones accessories/cable extensions

external HD (250gb)

the incredible hulk

hellboy 2

some marathon/speedway gas cards

got some ratatat and postal service for my sis, radiohead and an alton brown dvd set for my mom, among some other assorted gifts, and a new scarf, gift cards and some nice headphones for the gf

ah and my dad got a bluray player with batman begins/dark knight, the punisher, stargate and total recall. it was sort of a planned family gift so we were all pretty excited about it.

wonnnnderful holiday

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got batman and joker bobble heads from work, a nice watch from parents, and about $728 in cash (350 from relatives who shelled out bank because I turned 18 today, another 358 from my parents, and 20 bucks from a poker game). this is the most money I can remember receiving on birthmas day ever.

gave a nice SF hat, a Flip Video Ultra, Be Kind Rewind, clothes, a joker bobble head (by coincidence), a maxim calendar, and a box of tissues

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The Last Remnant and Rise of the Argonauts for XBOX360, Secret Agent Clank for PSP

A bunch of XBOX Microsoft point cards

Gamestop gift card for $100

Guitar Center gift card for $200

Custom leather guitar strap with my initials

Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Transformers, and Iron Man on Blu-Ray

Some weird/cool dragon candle holder

A fucking awesome new Kirby vacuum cleaner

A horrible migraine headache


3 iPhones, 1 iPod Touch

2 XBOX360 Pros

Lots of gift cards (mostly Gamestop and Best Buy)

New fishing gear for my dad

Bath beads and junk from Bath and Bodyworks

Edible Arrangements fruit bouquets

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Got: clothes, Bvlgari cologne, a bottle of Rogue Imperial Stout XS, some misc stuff, an ipod nano, and in what is hands down the most mind-boggling gift ever, my brother's Korean girlfriend who knows nothing about American sports got me a Sacramento Kings Mikki Moore NBA jersey because she knows I love basketball. It was pretty hilarious. Oh yeah, my friends also pooled their money and bought me a used CAR! :-D I know, I know... I got the best friends ever!

Gave: clothes, a $75 voucher for fulltiltpoker, dvds, snacks, Japanese toilet drops, a huge Goku figure, two Tiffany and Co. necklaces, a switch pitch color changing ball, a copy of Salinger's Nine Stories, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, a Why So Serious? poster that I found at Blockbuster for fifty cents, Link's Crossbow Training game for Wii, and some awesome (albeit expensive] stuff from Godiva.

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I ended up getting


An external Hard Drive Enclosure

250 GB Laptop 2.5" Hard Drive

A Watch which I gotta exchange

I gave a CB & Antenna for my Dad, a tennis racquet for my Dad too.

Mom got the movie Traitor and then we're working on a big surprise that hasn't come in as of yet.

Oh and I almost forgot, my brother got me Left4Dead for the PC...

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I got my fiancee home safe and relatively uninjured (save some stitches and a fractured thumb) after she had a fairly serious car accident on the 23rd. I've given my time in staying home and looking after her until she's feeling better (she's in a fair bit of pain). Nothing else I gave or received really matters in comparison if you ask me.

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I gave a couple of manga, Drakengard, and Devil may cry 2 to my sisters (one for each).

I got;

Death Jr on the Wii,

Nightshade and Tokobot + on the PS2,

Chrono Trigger on the DS,

Transformers season 2 part 1 (still in the mail),

some Terry Pratchett novels including Nation (his latest work),

and a pair of Grado SR80 Headphones that I'm listening to right now.

Edit: I'm sorry to hear about that Vivi22.

I wish her a speedy recovery.

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