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So, What did you Get/Give?


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Merry Christmas!!!

(Or Happy "whatever the hell you celebrate")

My girl got me a nice new wallet cause my old one got messed up in the washing machine. And it kinda sucked cause it was a Luis Vuitton wallet too:puppyeyes:.

I got my mom a nice Fossil watch she wanted and I spent about two hours in JC Penny trying to pick out the perfect bottle of perfume for my girl. I ended up getting this Jenefer Lopez stuff. I can't remember the name.

How about you guys.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I gave:

-Fuzzy socks to mom

-Shirt to dad

-The movie funny games to sister

-THIS to a friend

-The book the zahir by paulo coehlo to a friend

-An assortment of pin buttons to a friend

-A rorschach poster to a friend who loves watchmen n_n

-bought another friend a vc game

thats all i can think of

I recieved:


-various clothes

-360 controller

-dead rising from my sister



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I got some good music and some sick earbuds (oxymoron, right? :razz:), and...

The Ask-A-Ninja Handbook!!!!!

Got an iPod alarm/AMFM radio dock and an iPod case for my bro, assorted beauty products and new dishes/kitchen stuff for my mother (hasn't been upgraded in 20 years!!!), and I won't say what I got my dad, to spare myself embarassment...

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I made my girlfriend a local webpage with 12 icons. Each day she'd click on one and a password prompt would come up. I'd give the password and it would tell her which one of the 12 presents to open. Although I saved the 12th icon for last because that was "the big one". Here's her facebook note of the 12th day of Christmas:


1 5L 800 watt Cuisinart Mixer!

1 Woot T-Shirt;

5 Scratch Tickets;

1 photo coffee mug;

1 bottle of Armani Code Perfume. Body Lotion and Shower Gel;

2 Books about Great Danes;

1 set of chef's knives;

1 pair of White Gold Earrings;

1 box of Caramel Covered Marshmallows from Kentucky and delicious shortbread cookies;

4 Wine Glasses; and

1 pair of P.J.'s


The marshmallows/cookies were on the same day so there were really only 11 actual days, but 12 gifts. She gave me a watch and an Xbox 360. Sweet!

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