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OCR02039 - Sunset Riders "Mr. Pink Poncho's Western Rock Band"


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The DoD month that Dr. M's came from was pretty stacked and this mix was just an alternate!

The 1st place, 2nd place, and one of the ties for 3rd are all on OCR, as well as OA's DKC2 project mix, which placed 10th. To top it off, Doc won that month with the Scaredsim collab. Great stuff from DoD per the usual; don't sleep on it.

Keep 'em coming, Hugo!

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sunset riders had easily some of my favorite music growing up.

i love it - this track's energy is constantly rushing like running with a scrolling screen with a couple of sawed offs blaring at shady crooks and collecting all they damned moneys

when i arranged the theme that comes in around 2.50, this is what i heard in my head (but ultimately, only in my head) and now my weewee feels small and punchless

<3 dr. MAN

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I was never into cowboys so I didn't play this growing up, so I have no idea what the source tune sounds like: I'm just going to tackle the remix as its own standalone music.

Uhhhhh.... yeah. I've got nothing bad to say :D True to form for the musical genre, the little vocal samples you put in are fun without being gimmicky. The Hat Dance portion made me lol.

Yup, that's about it. Good stuffs all around. I'd say it was a bit repeditive, but you are covering a NES soundtrack, in which tracks were notoriously short, and you kept it interesting throughout. And again.. Hat Dance love.

Okay, one minor criticism. I wish on your last hit at the very end that you had mixed in that morricone-esque twangy guitar a bit louder. Yup, that's it.

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Haha! Wow, thank you guys! <3

Like to most of you, this is like the soundtrack of my childhood. Sunset Riders soundtrack is one of my favorite ever, along with Sonic series. I am actually surprised that i didnt heard nothing really outstanding from this game before.

I did had a lot of fun recording this track. And I'll bring more of them as soon as I can (i think i got some ideas already).

I am trully happy to know that the song grew on you guys as much as it did on me!

Again <3

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Man, I've never heard of this game before, and now I feel like I missed something incredible growing up. My poor childhood ;_;

At this point, I'd be very very surprised if Dr. Man-Hat-Anne,MD, made a song that I didn't enjoy. This is absolute DRIVING music, or if you have a horse, RIDING music.

There were parts where I feel more could be going on, and more interpretation would have suited (particularly the semi-inactive second verse and the section right before the solo), but everything else besides that is beastly. Even those two problem sections detract from the song as whole, and the guitar tones you used throughout made my pants a little tighter than usual. The twangy clean-crunch...I want that setting. And I want it RIGHT NOW.

I'm aware of the issues the J's bring up about the brass samples, but they're not the spotlight of the mix anyways, and simply because their timing and velocity is dead-on, I find myself enjoying them a lot.

Also, Mexican Hat Dance = awesome. Caught me off-guard, almost dropping my Chihuahua, my Burrito. I'm doomed if it caused my bandoleer to come loose!

Fantastic song, and you better keep making them. Or else I'll go hire Lee Van Cleef to keep you in line!

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Haha that brass sticks out like a sore thumb!

Otherwise, really love the western vibe going on in this song - Dr. Manhattan really shows off his versatility musically with the electric guitar. Unfortunately I never played the game, so I missed out like Stevo :-( .

That Mexican Hat Dance part caught me off guard - didn't really read the writeup that much this time, so that quick bit provided some mild amusement.

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Nice use of drums to evoke that certain western feeling. Same goes for the guitar around 2:00 until the solo. Vocal samples were used quite aptly, too, and the Mexican Hat Dance part is plain awesome.

I do agree with one of the previous poster in that the remix could've used a bit more variation, especially in the last part.

Overall, this song is a quite enjoyable experience.

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