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Final Fantasy V: The Fabled Warriors


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A fire is lit within me, and I have decided to extend this series beyond five albums. Here are the names of the additional entries to the series:

  • Volume VI: You said it was going to be five
  • Volume VII: This isn't even Final Fantasy, these are Guardian Legend ReMixes
  • Volume VIII: Okay this one is just a picture of a potato salad?
  • Volume IX: Wind Again, but with new artwork, and an audio forward from Darkesword
  • Volume XI: Wait what happened to X?
  • Volume XII: Volume X
  • Volume XIII: More Final Fantasy V ReMixes because we actually do like that game
  • Volume XIII-2
  • Lightning Returns: Volume XIII

Now accepting sign ups for Lightning Returns: Volume XIII.

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Alright folks, time to get started on FIRE.

Here are the classes and characters we're looking at:

  • Faris
    • The reckless and courageous pirate captain.
    • Source: Pirates Ahoy!
  • Gilgamesh
    • The eight-armed sword hunter.
    • Source: Battle on the Big Bridge
    • Proposal: an eight-member rock super-group called "The Eight Arms of Gilgamesh" collaborating to create a denser, more varied take on the source.
  • Beastmaster
    • "Trainers whose open hearts and strong wills allow them to capture and control enemy monsters."
    • Musical style: aggressive.
  • Geomancer
    • "Harnessing the power of their surroundings, they easily avoid pits and floors with damaging effects."
    • Musical style: heavy and rhythmic.
  • Ninja
    • "Stealthy fighters who excel at surprising enemies and can wield two weapons at once."
    • Musical style: fast and mysterious.
  • Bard
    • "Musicians whose dulcet tones soothe savage beasts...or kill them."
    • Musical style: melodic and lyrical.
    • This track has been assigned to RiverSound.
  • Ranger
    • "Nature-loving archers who can call on local wildlife for aid."
    • Musical style: adventurous.

As always, for each track, I need a proven artist who can write a remix that embodies the character or job. We can talk about what kind of music would fit each character class. I've included some notes as to what I have in mind for styles. I really want to do the "The Eight Arms of Gilgamesh" super-group for the Battle on the Big Bridge theme too.

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Will IX, XI be an inside job? Looking forward to those albums, dunno why X was missing, maybe cause it'd just be empty space between the tower-like structure of the other volumes? :< 

I still think it'd be cool to be an Arm of the 8ths, but was there another thing I could possibly do too? ;) Aren't you worried about the flow of the album if its going from an acoustic thing to a "djent" ?

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I wouldn't mind it (I've done multiple tracks, as has Sixto) but I want to see what kind of talent we can grab. Obviously the Eight Arms gives more people opportunities.

Although...I just had a thought.

Battle on the Big Bridge is often covered as rock, but I wonder if we can tap @Damashii!! and some other folks and do a rock-rap hybrid. Might be a little bit more unique; a Hip Hop vs. Metal battle.

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Unless you want to get someone else, Geomancer (heavy and rhythmic) could be fun to do! I guess I'll wait and see if you go with someone else before putting too much thought into what it'd be. Could probably alternatively do Beastmaster too (aggressive) if Geo gets taken

If you can get Sir Jordanius to return, that would be great. Haven't seen him since last year, wished him a happy Christmas, ain't heard anything.. in months.. I miss him :( 

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AAAHHHHH Congrats on finally shipping this thing :) (also sorry for briefly sidetracking the thread I am a terrible person)

Is there anywhere to stream the album to listen to it without downloading it? I mean I'm going to download it anyway, but I was just wondering.

Also still totally down to be a Gilgamesh arm or to do Beastmaster since aggressive is my strong suit :P (I think I have a pretty rad idea for a death metal remix of the boss battle theme) But I totally understand if you'd want someone more veteran. Also wouldn't be able to work on much til Summer starts because I am pre occupied with stuff for other OCR albums as Strader knows all too well.

Either way I'm about to finally listen to this album, and I'm pretty excited. So glad it's finally out.

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