Celebrate the McRib

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Traveled south this passed week and decided to try one of these.

It was just bbq sauce on a bun =(

Also an unnatural meat-like product that is an affront to God and man.

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And we're still better than 95% of the other countries in the world. Go enjoy the fine cuisine you can get in any other nation with the cost equivalent of a McRib and let's how much you complain THEN! >:D

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Yeeeeahhhh, I would like actual ribs better. :whatevaa:

Don't hurt me.

I'm with you. Ribs *are* good, aren't they! But the McRib looks so very disgusting. Being one who was nearly poisoned to death by McDonald's a few years back (let's see, 25 years ago now? who can remember?... but I've NEVER forgiven them for causing me to spend the night in the hospital barfing every 60 seconds for 8 hours until I prayed for death... that was a Big Mac, but what I ended up with was a Big McHospitalBill), I certainly would never set foot in a McDonald's again during this lifetime. And the McRib in particular is the most frankensteinian "food" item I've ever seen, just viewing that article causes my stomach to lurch a little bit and gives me nightmares.

No offense Larry. Love you! :wink:

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