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OCR01277 - Earthworm Jim 2 "Invertebrate Retreat"


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Wow, I am floored. :o

Vigilante Danny B, and Weed are the Chronic Trio, yo!

I've always loved Dan and Weed's tracks. Dan's got a great voice, Vigilante's guitar skillz are awesome, while zyko's rapping can grow on me on each listen. I find very little wrong with this mix as it takes the feel of Earthworm Jim to higher levels quite nicely "lyrics-wise". I'd like to see a VGMix rapper

it will never be me, kids. I'm a man of message rather than spotlights

actually step to zyko's skillz.

While Niggaz 4 Life was focused on hip-hop/rap, this mix sticks many ingredients into the cauldron. Mixing, bending, and playing with genres in this fashion are what OC Remix is all about...(speaking to Protricity regarding his comment on "Niggaz").

Great stuff guys. OCR quality indeed. :nicework:

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I'll be blunt, for those reading this on the ReMix page itself. This. . .does not sound familiar. At all. It's a good piece, but sounds utterly unfamiliar to me.

Apparently, this is a remix of Lorenzo's Soil. But. . .Hell if I can tell. It only sounds vaugely like Lorenzo's Soil. . . I mean, it's an awesome piece of music, and all. But. . .this doesn't sound much like anything I recall from EarthWorm Jim 2. Did the Sega MegaDrive version have some weird-ass special music that I don't know about, perhaps? Seriously, this doesn't qualify as a ReMix, in my opinion. It's either not, or it's way the Hell too well remixed to be even remotely recognized. Kind of like what's his face's "Megaman 4 Let There Be Light" ReMix.

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I loved the whole trip-hop "Massive Attack"ish groove it had. Must be the first OC Remix I've heard that includes such extent of lyrics. Actually the other remix with actual lyrics I have is DKC3- Red Hot Pursuit.

Almost 2 months ago I requested a remix for this song (Lorenzen's Soil/ISO 9000) and expected somehting more like the PC version of the SNES/Game Gear tune (The Pc version of this song has some electric guitars in the background that truly add a new twist to the already great theme on the consoles).

Never expected something like this, but it really was a nice surprise, I must say i do miss some parts of the original song but the beat is there.. it's subtle and u can actually follow the original theme behind all the add-ons. Love the elec-guitar in the end (4:15 onwards aprox) it kinda reminds me of Sneaker Pimps - Six Underground (song from Cruel Intentions Soundtrack) with a blues twist that could have a hint of The Sopranos Opening theme... don't know why but i feel it like this :P

I have to agree with someone that mentioned a resemblance to Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood in the rap part. I could see the ghostly figure from the video singing those lyrics, hehe

Great piece of work. Im looking foward for other remixes from this artist.

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Mmm very moody... yeah, this is nice, great, cool, excellent, etc etc etc.

I don't see why so many people thought the rap part was out of place, though. I thought it fit pretty well, meself...

And while I'm on the subject, whycome the lyrics at the bottom leave out Zyko's whole section?

But in any case, Yeah, this is good stuff. Uh-huh.

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Simply put: this is incredible.

Gave this one the full experience spectrum, using various state-altering substances and my brave self as the guinea pig, results are the same in every test.

I played this one to my flatmate yesterday, who resultantly is now at home leeching the servers dry. Put this up with Terra in Black for stakes in the contenders for Best Mix Ever awards.

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When I think of Earthworm Jim, a song like this is the last thing that would ever come to mind. But it's pretty damn sweet, just like EJ. Saying I'm not fond of rap is putting it lightly, and I didn't care for the rap in this song too much, either, but it wasn't half bad. Actually, minus the rapping part, there wasn't anything about this song that I didn't like; it was even a really good length. I really loved the lyrics Dan had; he does have a pretty good voice. Nice work with the guitars and lyrics. Those were easily the best parts in this song. Good job you three; get together again and remix some more awesomeness for us.

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Everytime I hear this song I think "Pink Floyd."

It really does sound like them, doesn't it?

Well at least until the rap kicks in. That's defenitely the weakest part, and almost takes away from the quality and coolness of the piece (though I liked Niggaz for Life, which I believe was done by the same rapper). Still, it ends up getting a 4/5 for being oh so listenable. Good work, guys.


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