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OCR02180 - Secret of Monkey Island "Voodoo, Roots 'n Grog"


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Just as soon as I thought this album couldn't get any better, this comes on. This is absolutely amazing in every single way possible.

THIS is the song that my head exploded too (yes, I was listening out of order xD). I'm afraid to listen to it in public because I'll probably start bustin' moves uncontrollably. Just amazing.

Also I LOVED that chiptune breakdown. As soon as it came up I remember saying "Oh no he didn't".

Also, that piano was sexy as hell. :3

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As much as I love this mix, there's one thing that could have made this mix epic. A trombone solo comping on the melody line the last time it goes through the motions towards the end.

I mean, you don't stick in live trombone in a funk piece without a solo, yet you did :(

Other then that though, good stuff.

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Every so often a mix comes along that is SO GOOD I just have to link it to people who have no interest in VGM at all, and this is one of them. Every single component of this just blows my mind. To start with, it's a great source, but to do it this well... it's an incredible feat. Everything's so clean, right from the acoustic guitar intro to the live trombone, and even the chiptune section is integrated seamlessly. The electric piano soloing is a glorious way to end it, and yet still leave me wanting more. That's what the replay button is for I guess!

Even amongst all this excellence though, there's one part that does stand out further, and that's the percussion. I really appreciate a well thought out drum pattern, and this has such variation and groove that even just listening to the backing is enough to get you dancing. There's so much detail in there, right down to some stick work towards the end in the final breakdown. Marvellous!

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You know, it's been so long since I've played this game, I had forgotten just how ridiculously catchy and fun its music was... and this remix brought that feeling back in full force right off the bat.

I agree with djpretzel's review, this song has elements of all sorts of fun music in it... starts out with a nice, subdued guitar intro, quickly adding quite a good dose of funk, a bit of blues, and a nice, meaty ska-influenced rhythm section tying it all together. Then, the trombone comes in at 0:28, and it suddenly changes from just being a fun sort of ska song into really being LeChuck's theme, bringing in that good ol' pirate swagger, but making it just subtle enough to let the other styles shine.

Throughout the song, there's sprinkles of some of the best parts (both unison and solo) I've heard in years. The interplay between the clavi and synth around 1:35 is awesome, and the harmonies starting at 1:50 are perfect, almost evoking some of the classic big band standards. The chiptune breakdown was an unexpected little present in the middle, and the piano solo that follows it is also stellar.

I've actually had this one on repeat for a while now, which is always a good sign, though I think I've got to stop trying to pick out favorite parts of this; it's a losing battle.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02180 - Secret of Monkey Island "Voodoo, Roots 'n Grog"

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