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OCR01313 - Donkey Kong Country "Funky Monkey Love (Valentine Edit)"


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Its still great, even though this edit is missing the "backup singers" at the end :cry: . At the same time, the ending is much more satisfying compared to the original.

Something else: The edit definately has a different, more mellow, feel to it compared to the original as well.

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K, so it's 5:55am, I spent V-day alone again, I just finished polishing off the first DVD of Boy Meets World's second season, I'm considering e-mailing Danielle Fishel (aka Tapanga), and I log on OCR to read this:

Just in time to soil your V-day with carnal simian imagery...

So true, Mr. Lloyd, you have an amazing way with words.

Dhsu, you're a close second with your opening comment.

Oooh, Danielle Fishel was in a National Lampoon movie...

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Two points of notice i had to make when hearing the new version of FML:

1. In the new version, the annoying "nasally" quality that was present in the vocals of the original is not there anymore.

2. However, with the removal of the "nasally" quality it sounds almost monotone (for most of the song), and the dynamics are emoted less.

the new more present organ was definitely a liking factor, and made this version much fuller then the first. 2:50 specifically hearing more organ here was awesome, but it had to trade with the wah guitar for that. At least the arrangement is good.

I don't see this as an improvement over the first version.

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So baby I'm feelin

Kinda hot tonight.

And maybe I'm thinkin

that the time is right.

Somebody told me

that you like it rough

800 lbs of gorilla;

800 lbs of the right stuff, girl.

So come and peel my banana

and eat it nice and slow.

I'll take a lick of your candy

and make you mine for sho.

Then baby you and I

We'll make monkey love.

Yo late at night girl

we'll break into the zoo.

And there in front of the monkeys

I'll make love to you,

watch out for flying poo.


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This here is Funky Kong;

Funky like a monkey.

Donkey gets the ladies

even though he's kinda chunky.

He lays it down

when Diddy's not around.

Then he hops on Funky's Flights

and hightails outta town.


Let me hit ya up with some o' that monkey love.

Heheh. C'mere girl.

Yeah, boy. Lay it down, Donkey!

ROFL #2.

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I always skipped listening to this remix fully, opting for the more superior and far more epic "Beneath the Surface". I started giving it a chance recently, and the lyrics really surprised me. Hilarious stuff there. Didn't know that Larry did Funky's part there until I checked the lyrics. Goes without saying that the guitar is great stuff. Funky Monkey Love, indeed.

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I really don't know what to say besides, I love it. I was going to skip this, because I never cared for Candy's song and the lyrics didn't sound good in my head. But I was wrong, and while the "flying poo" deal makes me wince, everything else was spot on. Good stuff.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01313 - Donkey Kong Country "Funky Monkey Love (Valentine Edit)"

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