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Happy Birthday Shnabubula! Happy Birthday Sir Nuts!

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Happy Birthday friend!

Let's all wish Sam a Happy Birthday! The best way IMO to do this is to click on one or more of the following links if you are not familiar with his stellar music, and if you are, share it with your friends and spread the love around!

1. Sam's Remixes

2. Sam's Youtube Channel!

3. Sam's Albums:

Controller 1

Adventure Magic Supreme Journey Music

Game Genie

4. Sam's Bandcamp

5. Sam has a new album on the way, so here's a preview!

6. And he's been busy, with the recent

featured by IGN. Really guy, I can never believe the sheer output you have in such a short amount of time.

So Happy Birthday to one of the coolest musicians I know, who releases so much music for free, and does it for the love of video games and music, and all that he asks in return is that we listen to it. :J

Also Happy Birthday Sir Nuts! May your boom tiss forever more amen!

Thanks for making a comeback recently with your recent mixpost!

Now you just gotta find sadorf and collab w/ him again :P

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Let's also wish Sir Nuts a happy birthday as well - one of the old pioneers in trance must be lucky to have his birthday shared with one of OCR's more abstract performers.

So have a good one to the pair of you! :wink:

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