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Happy Birthday Protricity! Happy Birthday Doulifee! And Salluz!


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Whee, birthdays!

To one of the most influential mixers towards OCR's direction (whom liked calling people 'fags' over the years from what I saw) -


To one of OCR's most recognisable Frenchies -


And to someone that I unfortunately don't know very well but traced down the saltiest and brightest cake I can find:


Make it a good one, all three of you :D

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I like how birthday threads start out like "Happy birthday to this one guy!" Then people point out that there are other people with the same birthday, and then has to add them to the thread. :-P It's like... come on... can't we have "happy birthday to this one guy I like" threads without being all 'birthday equality' about it? Haha I'm kidding, happy birthday you all.. have a good one.

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