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OCR01417 - Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages "Nayru's Love"


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I'm feeling this. I wish I were more familiar with the GBA Zelda theme, but I LOVE how the OoT was handled. As noted, it was conservative, but it was given such an emotive, warm flavor to it.

I know that Gray mastered/fixed this and I didn't see any comments from the judges about this, but I heard some major clipping, especially on the left late in the song. I usually don't get many false-positives from my headphones but I don't know.

So, Dhsu, when are you going to rework Woods of Healing?

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I got this from the RPG Splendid site I think ... and then, like an idiot, I never really listened to it. More fool me.

Really is a melancholy piece, but one strangely suited to the world Zelda is set in. There's been too much black-and-white morality/emotion in most of the Zelda games - and this track shows the potential for more depth in that sense in the franchise.

Good work Dhsu, 6 (>75%)

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Very beautiful piece, I have never played this game, but now I really get the urge to buy on and do just that. Can´t really say which are OOA and which are OOT, but I believe it´s around 0:30 I think, that´s a beauty spot right there. Anyhow, I love pianoremixes, so I can´t help it that I´m giving this remix the highest grade possible, but when I listen to the excellent pianoplay, both sad and hopeful, I just think it deserves it real good.

I hope Dhsu and GL cooperates more in the time, that maybe has a small chance of happening maybe, but if the results are this good, then PLEASE do a follow-up!

Post #500

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I suppose I neglected to mention that Nayru is the goddess of wisdom in the Zelda universe, as well as the Oracle of Ages in Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. Nayru's Love is a spell in OoT that makes you impervious to damage for a short period of time. I thought it'd be a clever way to reference both games with the same title.

Sil: A lot of people have mentioned the Gymnopedie resemblence...I can only assume that Kondo had Satie on the brain as well when he composed the OoT title theme. :)

Thanks for all the comments, guys! Vig...I had no idea. 8O

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Wow... An amazing remix about one of my favorite games ever...

Well the piano is incredibly well done, and a great instrument to capture the Oot intro.

Whenever i hear the Oot "press start" music, i get a punch of nostalgia up my nose... And this punch feels like it's loaded with lead. Absolutly great work.

Anyhoo, are there any other Oot intro remixes? Because if there isn't there should be! That's the first remix i'd do if i knew anything bout remixing... *sigh*

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I am in no way familiar with the source music. However, taking the music as it is and judging it on quality alone, I think it was done superbly and recorded well. A great piece of piano work.

However, I think a little more treble by default and some more reverb would have helped this piece a bit.


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Alright, I've listened to this mix four times thinking maybe I was missing something everyone else seemed to be hearing. But alas, all four times I've heard the same thing, and to be honest, I don't know what all the hype is about.

I will say this, first and foremost: This is not a BAD mix. In my personal opinion, however, it seems to be mediocre at best. The recording sounds MIDI-ish without the reverb, and the arrangement's too simple even for a piano piece. I did like that OoT's and OoA's themes were fused, I just think there could be a little more creativity in the arrangement. After all, the only instrument used here is a piano, so I think it should have been used to more potential. The piano is such an expressive instrument (like most) and here it's redundant at most points, without any derivation from either main melodies.

I like it, and it would fit on my OverClocked Zelda playlist, but it's definitely not all I was told it's going to be. Sorry to say all this Dhsu and GrayLightning, but this mix was more than a little disappointing.


EDIT: After a fifth listen, this time listening intently and getting into the feel of the song, I have to say it's better than I gave it credit for the first time. There is more expression in the dynamics and the volumes alternations than I caught before. But still, it's lacking in many ways. Sorry for being so harsh, but I'm still not feeling this song as much as most people seem to. Although, you get do get a point or two for making great use of the dynamics.


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