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It's cake day for Jordan, a.k.a. Damashii!!

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Off topic, but every time I see this, I read it as "bidet" and have a good chuckle, and then adjust my monocle

quit stealing your brother's monocle :tomatoface:

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the ONLY thing I wanted for today, and I'm dead serious about this, was to dye my hair dark purple (since I've finally been able to grow it out long enough).... for a number of reasons I had to shave it all off a few weeks ago, so I'm back to square one... maybe next year. T_T

besides not getting that one highly anticipated gift, thanks everybody. I can't complain, it was a nice bidet.


Your good attitude is infectious dude, keep up the good vibes

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaarrrrrs of practice and ups and downs, and it's still a work in progress, but thanks! after being a very grumpy person for a long time I realized I might as well try my hand at being happy every once in a while since it probably won't hurt that bad; and with how crappy this world seems to be at times there's no better way to stay sane, imo at least. :)

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