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Super Smash Bros. Brawl


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MySpace of the vocalist behind Ashley's theme. She has a nice voice and seems active. She did wrongly name the game "Super Mario Bros. Smash". LOL.

It seems that was posted about a month and a half ago. I wonder if we can find any other nuggets from the blogs of vocal artists? Somebody get on that, I think I may go make myself a sandwich and wait for the results of all your hard efforts.

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I hope so. She has a pretty unique personality among Nintendo gals. I love the color scheme they used in her character design, too.

You mean as 'Ashley the Red', right? I think she would be a nice addition. She just seems like she would be a breath of fresh air to all of the old school characters in brawl. Plus, she could have a wand and do lots of cool spells - maybe she could summon that giant man-eating plant that she creates in Wario Ware Smooth Moves.

Also, she's Halloween-themed, which is always a plus, and she's just cool as fuck.

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Sonic the Fighters, aka Sonic Championship. It was fun in a silly way, but yeah, not too deep.
*gasp* ... not too deep... well I guess it wasn't too deep. And Fang had some brain dead stuff against some characters but overall the game doesn't get enough credit for what it was. It is a very unique game and a sequel should really be made that uses a similar engine with just a few changes.

Ashley's theme... mmm... loli in my smash

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Brawl playable for the next E for All event


I was just about to report this fact.

This is great news, for at least those of us not going, we will have plenty of videos of the interface and tidbits of how the game feels. I doubt they'll have any unannounced characters/levels in the version they let people play. We may, however, see some sweet announcements before next week.

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Never heard of that conference, but good to know nonetheless ;-)

And what's this, two-player co-op ONLINE? Not that it'll be better than playing with someone next to you, but... convenience and options are always good.

Yes, Rayman would be great. As would Mike Jones. MIKE JONES!!



Don't tell anyone.... he's a secret character! We're not supposed to know about him yet!




Now that he's been revealed, let's hope we get an update with a video... or a Metroid stage!

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