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The top four people advance from the first round. I just have to make sure that I'm one of those other three.

You mean those other two. Mathos is in that pool, and unless you have crazy powershielding skill and lots of anti-falco skill, you ARE going to get lasered. A lot. He's known to be one of the best SHLers.

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Alright, who's the joker that told the Smash Bros. dev team that Metroid games are about acid and lava going up and down and falling all over the place? Let's recount where moving lava/acid appears in the Metroid series:

Metroid I

- Nothin'

Metroid II

- The main area has stationary acid at the bottom that blocks your progress. The acid level goes down when you kill metroids, making new areas accessible. However, you never actually see the acid go down.

Super Metroid

- Maybe 2 separate occasions in Norfair where the room shakes, and you must escape before the acid/lava rises to the top. This must be where the two "Brinstar" levels came from - ironic, as Norfair is in no way part of Brinstar.

- About 3 rooms scattered around the planet where acid/lava gently and predictably goes up and down every 10 or 20 seconds. I'm pretty sure none of these are in Brinstar.

Metroid Fusion

- I can't remember any, but there could have been some... granted, it doesn't take place on a planet.

Metroid Prime

- Magmoor Caverns has a few places in the background where lava pours down out of tubes or something. This looks like the inspiration for the whole "lava wave" deal in Brawl.

Metroid Prime 2

- Nothin'

Metroid Prime 3

- "Fuel gell" tamely pours down from the ceiling in a few areas.

After the atrocities that were the Metroid stages in the first two Smash Bros, Norfair is a huge improvement in the accuracy department. Hell, they actually used appropriate colours this time, and gave it the correct name. The closer background makes it look a bit more claustrophobic too, though it still looks way more open than some of the other Brawl stages. The colour of the lava looks very non-Metroid-y, but all that contrast is needed to warn you of impending "EEEEEEEEEEK!" From the screenshots it does look really "non-liquid" though, whereas Metroid lava has a distinctly watery/liquid look... bah, I'm just being too picky now.

It even has hatches that close in emergencies. Ahh.

Aww, I can't stay mad at you! ^_^

But I have a question for anyone who played this stage in the demo: is the whole "lava wave" mechanic actually fun? And what happens if two people get locked in the tiny room - do they still get to attack each other? Can Sonic use his B-up to jump over the lava wave completely? Does the lava kill you instantly, or is it more like the glowing chicken soup in the SSB and SSBM? Do you get a decent warning for the lava that pours down from the ceiling? What I'm getting at is: is the lava a pain in the ass hazard that's hard to dodge (even when you're not fighting), or does it add a fun dimension to the fight?

Also: If there isn't a "Red Brinstar" stage in Brawl (particularily, that one really really tall corridor), I'll have to build it myself. The stage editor had better have destructible walls though...

And if that song isn't in the game, I'll turn into the Hulk.

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So there's a huge tournament happening in my state this weekend, and I just found out I'm in pools with with Mew2King:


The top four people advance from the first round. I just have to make sure that I'm one of those other three.


wow, azen's going? man that's going to be awesome

tell pkmvodka i said hi if you see him! he inspired me to pick up dk. it's too bad chesterr's not going with the rest of their crew though.


have fun, man i wish so bad i could go to that

also at tournaments that big, pretty much every pool has one really good person in it. so you're pretty much going to get your ass kicked by whoever that really good person is, so i say you're lucky to have a tournament match with m2k; he's probably the best player in the world right now, and is really really innovative and unique. just the way he moves with marth is like nobody else. i wish i could get to play him some more

anyway HAVE FUN

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wow, azen's going? man that's going to be awesome

I went to a pretty big tourney that Azen (among others) was at three or so years ago. I placed 13th out of over 50 and considered it a good finish. I considered myself to be the best player at George Washington University at the time, and I was happy to play and lose to people against whom I actually brought my A game. That was one of the last tourneys I went to, unfortunately. I haven't played Melee seriously since I before graduated a year and a half ago.

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Arr I envy you all so much... I've been playing competitively for two years and have had only two tournaments under my belt. I'm in college in middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania and there's one other smasher that I know of in my school. Its sooo aggravating.

...Buuut, yeah, good luck in your tourney! I wish I could be there.

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So, at the biggest tournament of my life, I played the worst that I ever have.


Our crew only had one person left, and the opposing crew had two people. Our crew member Turnip then proceeded to perform the greatest comeback ever seen, taking eight stocks while only losing two, winning the battle for us. He definitely saved our asses.

After that, we had to play Ha Ha You Lose (H2YL), which consists of Doll, Chillendude, Azen and Chu Dat. Man, it was ugly. Doll, by himself, took our FOUR of us. I only got one stock off of him. Turnip finished him finally, but Azen finished us off. Crews was fun, it was just a little disappointing to be owned so thoroughly.


Teams actually went pretty well. My partner and I finished 3-2. We lost to Cort and PC Chris in one match, and then we lost to Brookman and Kiwi in the loser's bracket. We managed to beat Omgegawhitemage and KevinM, so that was cool. And once again, Rainbow Cruise proved itself to be an utterly gay teams stage.


...Do I have to talk about this? I'll let the record speak for itself. Pools were 3-stock, best two out of three:

vs. Jarc (Jiggs): 1-2 (he slept me off the side of the stage, and I went flying off the top and he fell first, that's the only reason I won}

vs. Pat/Pro (Fox): 0-2

vs. Mathos (Falco): 0-2

vs. M2k (Marth): 0-2 (I actually managed to get two stocks off of him once. Yay!)

vs. HBK (Marth): 0-2 (He owned me harder than M2K did. Strange.)

vs. Malcolm (Zelda): 0-2 (Zelda! FUCKING ZELDA! What's wrong with me?)

Needless to say, I played like complete and utter crap. Maybe I wouldn't have made it out of my pool anyway, but I expected better from myself. No johns though, I suck.


-Got to play Chu Dat in a money match. He 4-stocked me with his Gdorf, but I actually got his Pikachu down to one stock (he SD'd once). He's a really cool guy.

-I played some cool friendlies with people from all over the East Coast, so that we alot of fun.

Final Thoughts

Despite wasting almost $60, and playing worse than a noob, I really had a good time. I wasn't so disappointed that I didn't make it out of my pool, since I got to go home to see my wife and son. However, I just wish I'd played a little better. Oh well, there's always VLS 2, I'm sure.

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