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OCR01497 - Eternal Champions "Perpetual Motion"

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Dammit, wasn't fast enough for the 1st review... lol

I dig the opening synth. Reminds me a little of Manheim Steamroller (sp?) throughout, with slightly groovier drums. I've always admired your use of the stereo spectrum. Nice mastering, overall. I'm also digging the transition to bells to harpsi around 1:32. That's probably my favorite part, I'd say. 2:55 is pretty awesome, as well. The power chords don't overpower, as lots of people tend to do when they toss an electric guitar (synth) in a song.

Nice overall feel. Has a good, dramatic tone throughout.

Great work, zircon!

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Wow. I was happy when I saw an Eternal Champions mix finally made it to OCR, and when I saw the write up page didn't have the name of the source song, I was praying it was going to be "Song of the Eternals" and it is! I love the EC soundtrack, and this is easily my favorite song on it. I used to request it all the time, never getting an answer. I never thought I'd hear someone do the original justice like this. Certainly deserving of a direct post, as well as a permanent spot on my playlist. Awesome.

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Very sexy.

I had this on my desktop for a good 4 or 5 days before actually getting around to listening to it... games I never heard of will do that to me sometimes.

This is indeed a newish sort of branch for you Andy, the organ/harpsichord and eerie sine(?) lead are a great sound for you. The arrangement in general is a very great tribute to the theme... a theme which I wish I'd heard before. Pretty sure I hadn't heard of 'eternal champions' until the day this mix was posted.

Then the pickup for the last 50 seconds does everything to satiate my desire for things un-cookie cutter. A killer rock tribute I've listened to something like 6 times in the last hour. I'd put it in my top 30.

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Very, very nice. I've enjoyed all your other mixes, and had a feeling that despite my unfamiliarity with the source material, this would rock.

And it does.

The synths at the start, and the one that pervades the background, are awesome. But when the guitar comes in for the last run at 2:53, that sealed the deal for me. Just have good speakers set up to listen!

Great, great stuff. Keep it up!

Sarge out.

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Hey, the same song AkumajoBelmont remixed. A little more subdued than what we're used to with zircon. I found it to be decent, but nothing beyond the fade in at 2:55 seemed to stand out. My two cents.

Fair enough. You're right that it's a bit unusual for me. For one thing this is the slowest original I have ever remixed; sub-90 BPMs are fairly difficult to work with. Another thing is that I actually did this ReMix with only a tenth of my normal synth/sample collection. I started it on a whim after my prmiary music software drive got wiped. However, I did have a lot of fun with it and as long as some people are enjoying it as much as I did, then mission accomplished, I say :)

Thanks for the comments, all.

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Zircon never fails to please my ears. Not my favorite of yours, but that's because you've set the bar for yourself incredibly high. I love the samples you used in the introduction. They remind me a lot of Sonic 3 & Knuckles' soundtrack.

Now, we just need a new CD so I can hear all of those unfinished WIPs you post in their completed form.

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