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Mega Man: The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2018


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Rise again, Robot Masters! The year is 2018, and the battle for musical supremacy returns! Bring your phattest beats, your wailingest guitars, and other superlatively described musical elements!

Current News

Round 7 is over. The matchups were as follows:

Remixer and Source VS Remixer and Source
Arceace - Air Man vs Garpocalypse - Tengu Man

Voting is live and will last until November 14, 2018.

Past Rounds

Music downloads for past rounds are available in voting threads. A tournament archive will be provided at the conclusion of the competition.

Eliminated Competitors

Eliminated competitors are welcome to challenge other eliminated competitors to friendly matches during any mixing stage. I will encode, tag, and host any friendly matches and provide voting along with tournament entries.

Remixer and Source
AxLR - Metal Man
Ronald Poe - Cut Man
pixelchips - Tornado Man
Supercoolmike - Shade Man
Realme - Wind Man
Gario - Cloud Man
Trism - Top Man
Starphoenix - Grenade Man
SuperiorX - Ground Man
Ridiculously Garret - Crash Man
Chalis - Flash Man
PlanarianHugger - Freeze Man
Mak Eightman - Fire Man
Jamphibious - Charge Man

Submission Instructions


All entries must be sent to me (DarkeSword) via PM on the forums. Please include the round number in the subject line of your PM. I encode all MP3s myself, so please send me your submissions in 16bit, 44.1KHz WAV format. Don’t send MP3s.

Please do not use MediaFire, RapidShare, or any other ad-ridden public sharing site as a host for your entry. There are many better options you can and should be using to host your music. I recommend Dropbox or SoundCloud. Make sure your files are downloadable.

File Names
Filenames must be in the following format:

Your Artist Name - Your Remix Title (Your Robot Master vs. Opponent's Robot Master).wav

For example:

DarkeSword - Be Cool, Man (Ice Man vs. Blizzard Man).wav


  • Make sure you’re using proper capitalization for Robot Master names.
  • Put spaces on both sides of the hyphen the Artist and the Title.
  • If your remix’s title has special punctuation that you can’t include in the file name (e.g. \ / : \* ? " < > |), please let me know in your submission PM so I can include the correct title in the tags.
  • Robot Master names have a space between the element and Man; e.g. it’s Ice Man, not Iceman.
  • There should be a period (.) after vs.

Please follow the file name format exactly; I use the file names to make sure that all the metadata is correct when I tag the MP3s. It’s a massive pain sitting there renaming, re-spacing, and reformatting so that everything works properly with mp3tag’s file-name-to-tag tools, and ultimately it means that when you all do it right, I can get the music up for voting way faster.

Voting Rules and Guidelines

Voting is conducted publicly in the Public Voting forum. Every week, a thread will be created for the most recently completed round of remixing.

Things to keep in mind when voting:

  • The most important thing to consider when voting is how well the remix incorporates and arranges both themes. Production and enjoyability should also be considered, but this is primarily an arrangement competition.
  • Everyone is allowed (and encouraged) to vote, including competitors.
  • Everyone must adhere to the Competitions Code of Conduct.

How Does it Work?

Theme Selection

Choose three Robot Master themes from any of the following classic Mega Man games:

  • Mega Man 1-6 (NES)
  • Mega Man 7 (SNES)
  • Mega Man 8 (PSX/Saturn)
  • Mega Man 9-10 (PSN/XBL)
  • Mega Man V (GB) (This game has Stardroids instead of Robot Masters, but that’s okay)
  • Mega Man & Bass (SNES/GBA)

Post your list of three in order of preference. A draft will be run to determine your Robot Master theme assignment. This is the theme you’ll be remixing as you progress through the tournament.

The Tournament

The GRMRB is a single-elimination style tournament, with scrambled match-ups every round. The tournament will have 3-4 rounds (depending on participation). Each round is divided into two stages: the Mixing Stage and the Voting Stage.

At the start of the Mixing Stage, you’re matched with an opponent. You and your opponent have one week to write, produce, and submit your own respective remixes that arrange both of your Robot Master themes. Once the week is up, all remixes are submitted to the Competition Organizer (i.e. me). This is the end of the Mixing Stage.

At the start of the Voting Stage, the remixes are uploaded and made available for voters to download. Voters will listen to the music, and decide which remix in each pair “wins the battle.” As the GRMRB is an arrangement competition, the primary criteria voters should look at is how well the remixes incorporate both themes. Production quality and enjoyability should also be considered. After a week of voting, votes are tabulated and the winners of each remix battle are declared. These winners are scrambled and new match-ups are posted for the next Mixing Stage.

Defeated competitors are welcome to challenge other defeated competitors to “friendly” matches while the tournament progresses. These matches won’t affect the outcome of the tournament and won’t be tracked in any kind of bracket, but I will collect, upload, and provide voting polls for friendlies.

The tournament will continue until one remixer remains. That remixer will be crowned the Grand Robot Master Remixer.

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I really do want to go for this. It's an oldschool tournament-style knockout compo, which I can appreciate, and more Megaman music under my belt isn't a BAD thing...

Eh, what the hell, let's do this - worst case scenario I really can't muster the capability to make anything competitive I'll just get knocked out, I suppose, so this tourney format works in my favor. My computer doesn't handle my DAW very well anymore, so it's been tough to make as texturally rich music as I'd like.

Excuses, excuses...

Welp, here's my picks:

1. Wind Man

2. Cloud Man

3. Tornado Man

... Got a bit of a theme goin', here. Also, curious why the Megaman & Bass Robot Masters aren't included in the list this time - they were allowed prior. I suspect you might've just forgotten about 'em, Darkesword.

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34 minutes ago, Gario said:

Also, curious why the Megaman & Bass Robot Masters aren't included in the list this time - they were allowed prior. I suspect you might've just forgotten about 'em, Darkesword.

Yes! Don't forget about all the classics like Ground Man, Pirate Man, and Cold Man!

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5 minutes ago, SuperiorX said:

For old times' sake @WillRock


(it took me a loooooong time to dig up and find this image)

Someone posted this shit on my facebook and I decided to wander here to see what was going on lol.

I am too busy to do this i'm afraid, but its probably a good thing, I'd crush you all anyway >:D

Maybe next time! 

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1 hour ago, Realme said:

I'd like to enter this competition. Not too familiar with this property but okay.


These should be interesting to remix

  • Mega Man 8 (PSX/Saturn)
  • Mega Man 9-10 (PSN/XBL)
  • Mega Man V

inb4 you need to pick individual robot master themes.


Here's a playlist with most of them: 


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On 7/24/2018 at 1:10 PM, Gario said:

Welp, here's my picks:

1. Wind Man

2. Cloud Man

3. Tornado Man


Wind Man again, just like in 2011!! Hopefully you'll get to get past round 1 this time and not get knocked out by a previously unknown dark horse contestant.  :)

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