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FEEDBACK WANTED: Changing album name of OC ReMixes to "ocremix.org"?


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Hey everyone, we're likely changing the album field for all of the individual OC ReMixes to just "ocremix.org" -- without http:// or our recent change to https://.

It would potentially future-proof that field vs other eventual prefix changes to the website URL, although we haven't had that many in the first place.

Here's where I need your feedback: are there any services/programs where you think our discoverability would be negatively affected by making this change to just "ocremix.org" as the album title?

As far as I can tell, there aren't many services like Last.fm that people use anymore, and some scrobbling-style services won't even display full website URLs as album titles. I can't think of any compelling reason not to change it, but if you have one, please let me know. :-)

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Having the http/https prefix on there has been rather annoying. (The car stereo I frequently use will slowly scroll the album title because it is just a little too long for the display, instead of just showing it briefly and moving on). Like Radiowar said, even if one is using a different media player, it is nice to sort by album, tap "o" and jump straight there.

No complaints here.

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I've always preferred OverClocked ReMix as the album title, which what I used before you guys standardized the ID3 tags way back when.

As long as you pick a standard and keep to it, though.  The whole reason I came across this thread was noticing the album names have been swapped around the past couple months, and wanting to find what to switch them all to.

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