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The MAGFest 6 Topic (omgz)

Geoffrey Taucer

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Alright guys, here's my picture stash...

























Also, bonus track:

I have some more clips of jamspace I plan on uploading after I go through them. This was quite possibly the most incredible event I have ever attended.

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I still can't believe the weekend came and went so fast. Well, I kinda blame my stupid health for going all bogus and wacko all weekend. Still was an amazing time.

I was really happy to see everyone whom I already had met, seeing so many people doing well (but Taucer....the hair...you gotta bring back the white-man's fro, dude). I was also really happy to meet so many others and confirm, once again, that I am involved with so many good people. *sobs* It was more beautiful than Jessica Alba nekkid....maybe....

I'll soon upload whatever pictures I may have, but at the discretion of Prophet, I withhold the release of the in-bed pictures...until we find the highest bidder....muahaha.

P.S. <3

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Our pics: http://picasaweb.google.com/pongball/MAGfest6?authkey=1cNZLSBHIyk

Guys, I had a blast to say the very least. My only regret is not having enough time to really dedicate myself to hanging out with each and every one of you for massive amounts of time. Everyone I met from across all the internets were awesome.

I guess now I just have to laugh about how every time I saw Taucer, we were both like "Let's jam later!" but then it never actually happened for one reason or another, but dammit, next year IT WILL happen because I feel like I totally missed out.

Larry's 9th circle of hell, errr, circle of ocremix peeps (wtf did I walk into anyways?) was frightening. Though I gotta admit that having no clue what was going on was at least partly exciting, in an I-might-crumble-under-Larry's-wrath kind of way.

I jammed with Zircon and some other fine folk and it was rad. I didn't know what was going on for the most part there either, but it was still fun because I was just happy to be there and be a part of it all.

Wow, you guys. I'm still reeling. It was my first magfest, but certainly not my last. Consider me and the wife there next year. Much love all around.

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First and formost, let me assure everyone that the judges are not the only people who can DJP.

(btw, BGC can DJP, too. Proof? Why do you think the camera is not steady?)


Here's Dave with the mighty OCR guitar


Larry - his mighty pelvic thrust. (I especially love the facial expression)


Nice shot of some Jamspace action


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I love Avaris's glowing wizard hat.


After their concert, Larry and I caught up with Elaine Li of Select Start. Their performance was fantastic.


The hotel was pretty nice. This was the view from the main lobby.


I took a picture as we said goodbye. RealFolkBlues's finger just happened to be in the way. The result is amusing.


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The moment I came upon this thread and saw that pic of Larry and me, I realized I was listening to the Terranigma OST.

That one's for you, big giant circles ^_^ The soundtrack certainly is very pretty and cute...so far.

The weekend was an incredible one for both me and all the members of Select Start. I'm so glad finally I got to meet/play with/hear so many of you all and I really look forward to doing this more in the future!

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I think Zircon and Pezman might be brothers -


I wasn't sure if I agreed with you at the time, but looking at that picture it's hard to argue. Even if I had my eyes closed.

But at a distance...


It was great to be able to meet so many more people. I got introduced to the VGM community as it exists beyond OCR (gasp!). I ended up going out with you guys frequently so I missed a lot of panels. Personally, I think we should try to order in more often next year so we don't spend 2+ hours trying to eat a damn meal.


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