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  1. 1 hour ago, Meteo Xavier said:

    Hey, I recognize that name. You had that synth brass Mega Man X1 track I really liked.

    Oh, hey! To this day, I'm not sure if your username used to be "Meteor Xavier" or if I was just reading it wrong for a while back then.

    And yeah, that synth brass patch is so good. Love it.

    1 hour ago, Meteo Xavier said:

    I'm perma-banned from the OCR Discord and that bums me out as I also like the chatroom environment to cut loose with new and old friends alike

    Aw, bummer. Hopefully you've been enjoying your stay in the forums, though 🙏

    1 hour ago, Meteo Xavier said:

    I find Discord a rather bloated chatting experience, personally.

    Hmm, personally, I prefer smaller servers so the chat won't get too busy for me. But that's just a personal preference.

  2. 8 hours ago, Seth Skoda said:

    Question: is there a preferred sample rate for the output wav file? I use 44.1kHz.

    Seth Skoda! Now that's a familiar name. I like your two tracks in An OverClocked Christmas XIII from last year :-)

    16-bit/44.1kHz sample rate is perfect, yeah. It's the standard for CD-quality audio.

  3. 6VeIDgt.png


    Sample Pack Contest is a series of original music-writing contests hosted via VGMusic.com that began in 2005, originally on VGMusic's forums and now on its Discord server.

    What is a Sample Pack Contest?

    Typically, the community is first asked to submit sound samples (in WAV format) which are collected and re-released in a ZIP archive of all the sounds: the "sample pack". Participants then use the sounds in creating and entering original songs, followed by a voting/commenting phase by the community to determine placing and the eventual winner.

    In this 11th edition of the series, All-Star Mashup, the current sample pack is made up entirely of sounds from the previous Sample Pack Contests.


    Sample Pack Contest XI has concluded! Thank you all for participating!




    Congratulations to Hunter Van Brocklin for winning with his entry "California Rose Gold Rush"!

    Full Contest Results + Votes & Commentary Here

    ( spreadsheet version )

    The entire album is available on Bandcamp: https://samplepackcontest.bandcamp.com/album/sample-pack-contest-xi

  4. Bear in mind I have no saying in this decision. However, I'd like to drop a few thoughts. First because it's an interesting subject. And second, but most importantly, The Coop has always been friendly and approachable. And I wish him the best!


    16 hours ago, The Coop said:

    getting rid of them entirely just seems a bit much in my opinion.

    As someone like you who is known for using sigs as means of showcasing visual prowess, this change feels like cutting down a long time beloved tree, doesn't it? Still, you're very talented. And I do hope your involvement with DeviantArt and alikes has been filling the void OCR couldn't fill for you anymore.


    17 hours ago, The Coop said:

    So why take such a large chunk away from the personality of the forums and its users?

    Unfortunately, it's been years since there was a present and consistent sig making community on these boards. All you could witness recently were a bunch of untouched "June is Boss Month" sigs and such, which honestly gives the forums a sense of lack of updates and abandonment. Sure, sigs used to be a huge thing in the past. But you can't say they've even been a thing in the past 6 years or so.


    17 hours ago, The Coop said:

    Maybe it's just me and my old school ways, but a forum that celebrates an art form, yet provides its users little in the way to use art on it, seems off.

    You're aware that in the past, there was no such thing as custom avatars. Everyone had to choose one from a curated gaming/anime/TV-film collection. But now not only you can have your own custom avatar (which can be a closer artistic expression of yourself more than ever), but it can even be animated if you wish. By this perspective, don't you feel this is a fair trade-off?


    17 hours ago, The Coop said:

    I get that the "clean" look is what some want. Lots of businesses do. But OCR isn't really a business in the typical sense of boardroom meetings and company-use-only forums. It's a site about video games, video game music, and the remixes of said music.

    But you do post in another forum where its community, which fostered sig culture like no other, grew older and don't use sigs anymore either. And that didn't stop you from being a part of it. In the end, our primary way of strengthening relationships and camaraderie is the exchange of thoughts. Although I admit making new friends here throught my own sig skills, this alone could not provide such strengthening.


    17 hours ago, The Coop said:

    It's a site that sets out to celebrate the personalities of the music that's used to help create the moods, moments and scenes we'll remember experiencing years from now.

    You're right. This is a music site. And that's how you've been labelling it all the way. Which means it's not a sig site, nor a visual arts site. Sigs do, however, bring memories associated with its posters and to a certain period in time you've been here. With that in mind, newer posters won't be able to have the experience of shaping said memory like you or I. Yet, this is a completely new community now with these social media platforms (come join us in the OCR Discord server, Coop!) on the side. So OCR members might be shaping other kind of experiences lately and sigs haven't been a part of it. I'm as nostalgic as you, though. And I'd love to witness a new bunch of artists making neat looking sigs to new other regulars. It would give me warm goosebumps!

  5. It's with profound sadness that I announce the passing of DJ Redlight (Ashley Carr) on October 26th of 2016. He was from Australia and only 30 at the time. I was recently informed of this news after stumbling across his Facebook Artist Page. Here's an excerpt written by a personal friend:


    I know this is the one page where his true passion was, music production and composition (particularly the electronic genre, although he dabbled into some DnB and such a while ago). He had been working on a new album for the last 2 years which he never got to release, but once the shock and the denial I'm in subsides, I will speak to his family to see whether there are any other tracks we can release to you guys. He always spoke to me fondly of the people around the world that would send him messages of support and admiration on Facebook, SoundCloud and various other music sharing platforms for his undoubted talent in music production.

    Although I never spoke to him, I do have warm memories of burning CDs with a couple of his remixes in.


    Both were also used in Extra Credits episodes here and there.

    His existing work is already formidable enough to make him a relevant name in the world of fan game music communities. Thank you for being a part of my early years at OCR, Ash.

  6. On 9/15/2018 at 9:32 PM, WillRock said:

    Marketing is the name of the game and while I know that, I don't pretend to know what i'm doing, (I don't have a clue lol), so naturally my music doesn't reach as wide an audience.

    Zircon recommended this book a while back. It's a little dated by now in a technological sense, But I hope it helps you develop the business mindset you need.



  7. I'm pleasantly surprised that djpretzel and the judges decided to post this, given their high standards. And it's neat that José has taken over as director, given how much of a Sega fan he is. One of my initial influences was Afro's, Arps and Minimoogs by Galaxy 2 Galaxy. Then, I thought of new ideas to keep the song cohesive as it progressed. There are a few things I would do differently. But in the end, I think it still pays proper tribute to the original and I'm glad people feel the same!

    Be sure to check out the other artist's tracks in the album once it releases.

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