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OCR01914 - Deus "Siren Synapse"


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Beautiful work guys! It flows so cleanly from start to finish and it's one of those pieces that make me want to drop what I'm doing, open up SONAR, load up my favorite synth and just jam.

Great composition and rearrangement value, but I'm most impressed with the mixing a mastering. The highs are silky smooth without sounding dull, and the lows--even with that active bass line and full kick--are well defined and easy on the ears. Bottom line: you can crank the volume on this baby and it only gets better!

Congrats on a first for OCR and another great mix added to the pile :)

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Yeah its polished, equalization wise, and it has has a couple cool parts. Gets a little too full nearing the center of the track, being overwhelmed by electronic drum or instrument sounds. The biggest problems, for me, were the bass drum and synthesized soloing. I like electronic, but these features came off a little to rave-like for me. (That's if you don't argue the difference between electronic and rave music.) Seems to me like the sheet music was negotiated over the internet. The end is bad ass though. I wish you would make a theme based off the sound of the last core part of the song. The last change that is purely the main title theme. Sorry if I am a bit critical, the game it is from is probably my all time favorite game, even with all the latest advances in gaming. Also, this was probably my least favorite theme within the whole game. I prefer the Paris Cathedral theme. If someone gets me the sheet music to that or the title theme, I'll remix it up. Myspace.com/conspiraG

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I can't believe it - Dues Ex is getting some hardcore love on this site, and it's none other than BGC that's doing it (oh, and that other guy... Alex or something :tomatoface:). I am not kidding - ever since my CD was lost I've been heartbroken, so two weeks ago I downloaded it off of a torrent site (I owned the game - it's cool), and have been playing it ever since (last night, even - was up until 2:00am playing the damn thing).

I've been wondering why the hell no one remixed any of the tunage on this site yet and was going to take a stab or two at it myself. Maybe I still will (just not the Hong Kong tune, now that this is up :-P).

Oh, the mix was great, by the way - excellent collab, you two. Gotta love those voice clips in the beginning and the electronica love throughout :-P.

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Hmm... a Remix of my favorite track in one of my sall-time favorite game, by one my favorite remixers and one of my favorite game composers... it doesn't get much better than that. Nothing really technical to say, I really do like this a lot... though I think I still prefer the smooth, minimalistic style of the original enhanced "OSPF" version.

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Thank you so much for this excellent remix.

The fact that an established and celebrated composer chose to work with a remixer from OCR simply because he felt the idea had merit, that the fans of OCR -- of Video game music in general -- were worthy of his time and effort, well, that's pretty special.

Thanks again.

The work on this track is excellent and has turned me onto Alex's even more.

Here's hoping to more composer-remixer collaborations in the future!


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