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OCRA-0016 - Castlevania: Sonata of the Damned


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Well, this was a surprise - both because I didn't know anything was ready to be released, and then again once I saw it was a one person project. I think that's pretty cool actually, sometimes it seems like projects are bigger than they should be just for the sake of covering every song in the game so a 7 track solo project is kinda refreshing. (On the other hand my favorite project of all is Voices of the Lifestream, which is a monster). So far I've just started listening and it sounds pretty good.

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Awesome, but this update completely kicked Humans + Gears off of the front page. Even Echoes of Betrayal is on that rotating news widget, but Xenogears isn't. It'd be cool to get it back on the spotlight in some form to get it the exposure it deserves :-)

This was a great surprise though, thanks for making my otherwise-dull Halloween night a bit more interesting! :-D

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This is quite a surprise, and a pleasant one at that, since I'm fond of Castlevania music.

Unexpected though, as solo albums haven't got any precedent here.

It's in the continuity of the ever-changing and evolving process that OCR has undergone this past year.

So in that regards, I guess that makes sense.

But kicking off Xenogears from the front page doesn't though...

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wow, this album is really really awesome. All 7 tracks are new favorites! I guess it also helps that I'm recently getting into Castlevania (played all the NES ones, part 4 on snes, finished circle of the moon on GBA LOOOONG ago, and symphony of the night recently)

anyway, really good stuff man, I dig this style of music, and the music of the game in general, so Its a double win for me.

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