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Freshly Baked ReMixer Challenge 2010: It's Over!


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Yes, we're waiting on the following remixers to confirm:







I know Gario was having problems receiving the email so I'm waiting to hear back from him. I also had the challenge re-sent to these 6 people. Everyone else has confirmed that they will either be accepting or rerolling.

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this is gonna be awesome, I would have never ever ever considered the track I got, but I think I can make something really special. :-)

<3 to you guys for running this. <3<3

<3 to you for completing songs for it =P

Oh, I got it. Thanks for the clarification.

I'll take the track given. It'll be tough, but that's why it's a CHALLENGE, people. Let's see what I can do with it, now.. :<

FYI: You got mine again.

So ya'know, no pressure.


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I want to know who got mine... :( REPLY! REPLY! REEEPPLLYY!!


I'm eager to also see who got mine. o_o

When they post who is remixing what, does it also say who requested it?

And rerolls tomorrow (Wednesday) really? I guess I can wait.. :-( I'm just so excited now to see what I'm gonna end up with. :-P

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Ladies and gentlemen, I give you your challenges for this years Freshly Baked ReMixer Challenge!

Challenges (33):

  • analoq - Wolfchild (Genesis) - Stage 1, Requested by Vilecat
  • Arcana - Rockman ZX - Area A (Green Grass Gradation), Requested by F4T4L
  • Biznut - F-Zero X - Decide in the Eyes (Big Blue), Requested by Bahamut
  • BlackPanther - Legend of Dragoon - Requiem, Requested by hoboka
  • Brandon Strader - Jackal - Area 1, Area 4, Requested by Gario
  • bundeslang - Tactics Ogre - Avilla Henya, Requested by Arcana
  • Chickenwarlord - Mega Man 4 - Pharoah Man, Requested by Biznut
  • Cyril the Wolf - Final Fantasy XIII - Snow's Theme, Requested by Demonstray
  • Demonstray - Novastorm - Level 2 - Stage 1, Requested by Abadoss
  • diotrans - Final Fantasy XIII - Blinded by Light (Battle Theme), Requested by ProjectSpam
  • Dj Mokram - The Legend of Dragoon - Crystal Palace, Requested by metalsnakejuice
  • Dyne - Kirby Super Star - Revenge of Metaknight Ending, Requested by scrobble
  • Gario - Actraiser - Birth of People, Requested by sgtrama
  • hoboka - Persona 2: Innocent Sin - Lunar Palace Konan, Requested by K.B.
  • JAXX - Heracles no Eikou IV - Field 2, Requested by Suzumebachi
  • jmr - Super Adventure Island - Stage 2-2 (Jungle Chase), Requested by Hemophiliac
  • just64helpin - Mega Turrican - Stage 1-1, Requested by LuketheXjesse
  • Luke Keever - California Games (sega genesis) - Title Screen, Requested by Superjoe
  • Moseph - Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand - Dark Boy, Requested by Mirby
  • Neonlare - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - Rogueport, Requested by Hylian Lemon
  • oa - Mortal Kombat (Genesis) - The Pit, Requested by YouGuysRock
  • Obtuse - Ogre Battle 64 - The World of Today (original version), Requested by Dj Mokram
  • ProjectSpam - NieR - Song of the Ancients ~ Devola (Recurring theme, Popola), Requested by Brandon Strader
  • Red Rum - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (Sega Genesis) - Krang's Stage 2, Requested by Level 99
  • Rexy - Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Starshine Galaxy, Requested by just64helpin
  • Sockpuppet - Mega Man 3 - Wily Castle 2, Requested by bundeslang
  • Superjoe - Legend of the dragoon - World map 2, Requested by Yosefu
  • Suzumebachi - Werewolf: The Last Warrior "Warwolf (JP)" - Final Boss, Requested by OCRE
  • swordofdestiny - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Agitha's Castle, Requested by The Mac Attack
  • the prophet - Ragnarok Online - Be Nice 'N Easy, Requested by oa
  • Wesley Cho - Ecco: The Tides of Time - The Fault Zone, Requested by bluestarfish
  • willrock - Sonic the Hedgehog - Labyrinth Zone, Requested by starla
  • Xerol - Mega Man 7 - Burst Man Stage, Requested by KyleJCrb

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Moseph, eh? Hmm...I trust in you! Make an epic track, my good sir! *tips hat*

EDIT: After searching for Moseph over at ThaSauce and listening to his tracks from previous FBRCs, I have to say... no matter what he does, it will end up epic. So... I don't care what happens. Have a blast with this track! Regardless of the end result, I'll be happy. :nicework:

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Looks like Legend of Dragoon may be the biggest winner from this thing, with 3 outgoing challenges. I actually almost requested the Indels Castle theme from that game. Alas, I'm excited to get started with my track and to see what people come up for everything else.

And diotrans, I'm excited to see what you come up with for Blinded by Light!

Edit: Also, I've been looping my track. I'm not the most experienced musician, but this track is growing on me, and I think I'm starting to love it. So beautiful. I think I'll be looping it for the next few days. I'll try to make you proud, Brandon Strader!

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