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35-minute ambient epic - Justin Beieber's "U Smile", slowed down 800%

prophetik music

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I believe that is what they used to extend it (it sounds unbelievably like it and the default stretching is 8x). I honestly feel like it's 50% appropriate source and 50% the stretching algorithms that make it sound good. Try plugging in any track you want and see how it sounds.

I stretched my Chromium Asphyxiation and it sounded very nutso.

I stretched Willrock's Door into Chaotix and it sounded very soothing.

I stretched NSFW Schala and it sounded even more WTF.

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This program is really fun to play with. I've been messing with all kinds of different songs to see what they turn into at different speeds.

Interestingly enough, my favorite is actually Nario's "Chilled Pop Cherry Soda". Slowed correctly, it sounds like a the soundtrack to a seafaring movie, possibly with pirates.

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I remember showing this program to people about 4 months ago. I think Yoozer showed it to me first even before then. It used to be a little gem of sound design, but I guess everyone knows about it now :(

The real fun begins when you start stretching material into the 50-100x range or more and mess with the window size and algorithm. I took a sample of a single palm mute on an electric guitar and turned it into the backing texture here (over 3 minutes long from a <1 second source):


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paulstretch rules.

i remember not having a birthday present for my mom, making a load of unbearable gabber/hardcore loops and throwing them into paulstretch.

tadaa, instant ambient album (after selecting the best results of course).

she's really into the ethereal newage stuff so it was perfect.

i chose not to tell her how it was conceived tho :>

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