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OCR01310 - Final Fantasy VI "The Sveldt"


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Mr. Pretzel I have a little story for you on your 5TH

Anniversary with the OCR. I bet you didn't know this but

this is probably my 7th or maybe 8th post here ever! And

again something else you probably you didn't know about

me is that this was my first Forum site that I had ever

joined waayyy back when I think this site was at the end

of it's first incarnation. I absolutely love this site.

It would just so happen that I was randomly brought here

by a search for something techno-y when I was a rabbid

MP3 downloader. It was a remix by yourself actually that

was what hooked me. Sheesh, I've d/led so many songs here

I don't even know which one it was now! Usually when I

see that you've put out a new remix, I'm quick to d/l it

and this one AGAIN, amazes me! I love it! And what's

just totally the greatest is not only the remix fun to

listen to, it has meaning because of the memories it

brings back to me as well. Can't say that there are a

lot of other things in my little world that do that.

I guess this is just my 'thankyou' for introducing me

to a world I never knew existed back in the 90's! Long

live OCR baby! And incase you were wondering about my

member status---yeah, it's new (again) but only because

I just recently had the urge to start posting here again.


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Ok, I rarely comment on ANYTHING since I haven't bothered attempting to mix anything since my first attempt (damn school, I might be half way decent by now if I'd stuck with it). Anyhow, I just started laughing when I heard this open. This is awesome. The piano and strings bit make for a nice contrast to the quasi funk/disco thing it's got going on. Awesome.


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Hee heehee!!!

some very fun stuff in this one.

This is the type of song that watches all the other songs walk about in their menial everyday... then sashays through life and flips a coin while its at it.

This song starts aggressive, stays agressive, while maintaining a very very smooth and laid back feel! its a paradox of musical sound.

Although never having heard the original... given the nsf requirement I have to say that this is some super calibur material.

Excellent work DJP... you have made this humble mixer bounce his head.

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I can't say much of what many others haven't, but I WILL say that this is pretty damned good! I remember the theme very well, it's interpretation is liberal yet respectful, and since I'm also a child of the 80's, hearing any reference to Trio is elation.

Heh heh, "Sunday you need love, monday be alone..."

Nice work, David, and a wonderful, eloquent write up. Cheers!

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At the start I can barely hear any FF. Maybe it's just me. Near the middle a little FF nostalgia comes in mixed with DJP's own touch on the track. Great track which of course is expected for the founder of our OCR.

Pretty sure right off the bat you can hear the "Wild West" melody playing..

great remix, of course :D

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Ok. This is my first post here. So you guys take it easy about my english. Let´s directly to the core of the thing.

The Bad Side

I didn´t like the beating so much. To me, if the first part of the music (00:00 to 00:50) was cutted, the mix would be better. And, of course, the same goes to the rest of music where the same is found. But, as our friend drk-mega said here, maybe it's just a question of pesonal taste.

The Good Side

To me, second part shows a lot of musical sensibility, mainly the flutes,keyboards, strings (seems to be played with a real intrument) and the piano. In a few words: A good mix, but far away from the best that DJP have done and will do.

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This isn´t a normal remix. It´s not beautiful, not

really a jamming one, clearly not serious. Instead, it´s funny. My sister and I began to laugh at the beginning, the melody is just jumping around with a wide selection of instruments. But at some points it gets more beautiful and serious, like at 0:55, when it goes over to a more blues type mood with a saxophone-sounding melody. I can clearly say that this song is stuffed with everything, thanks to djpretzel.

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I think this is one of the only songs ever that makes me want to get up and dance.

For this purpose I have created a DDR-length version of this song!


The main thing about the song that causes this is all that silence in between each 8th note. I think they call that sticatto...

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one of mr. pretzel's best works!

can't deny the fact that im sooo biased when it comes to remixes from this game... :tomatoface:

somehow i like FF6 ReMixes better than FF7 ReMixes, even if FF7 has a better soundtrack (maybe i just love the original TOO much to appreciate reworked material) 8O

anyway.. great interpretation of a catchy tune

makes me wanna dance :-o

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Not at all the way I'd expect this source to be remixed. Production is very clean throughout (pretty typical DJP). Some of the instrument choices are a little quirky (also typical DJP ;), but on the whole, catchy stuff. Really liking the soprano sax that enters in around the minute mark. Very pretty sound and, assuming it's sequenced, it's very capably done.

One part I didn't like was how all of the energy was lost with the breakdowns - I think the song in general could've been more effective if he breakdowns were handled with either more energy or building expectations. Anyway, really like the ghostbusters 80's synth feel at 2:32 - some of the elements here really could pass for an 80's track, especially if the synths were more pronounced and embellished IMO. I'm not always a fan of DJP's stuff, but this is catchy and a keeper.

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Wow, a very different sound than i was expecting from both the source and from DJP- it's kindof funky, kind of serene, and i'm not sure it's the strongest way to handle the theme; it's very much the opposite way i'd take the theme.. but for some reason, I can't help but loop this one. There are a lot of clever details, and the arrangement is very unique to the theme. Samples are good, and well balanced, and otherwise quality.


I just looked down and noticed Justin basically wrote the exact same review. :P I swear we are not the same person. If you don't like this one at first, give it a few more listens, it really grows on you, and I recommend it.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01310 - Final Fantasy VI "The Sveldt"

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