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OCR02616 - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 'spirit of law'


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Wow! Now that is a pretty sweet courtroom-styled rap if I ever heard one! The light jazz tone feels so right underneath the lyrics and is really smooth with the beat. I love it when the Ace Attorney games get some love, especially like this. Nice work from Melody and Det. Tuesday.

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Heck yeah! More rap on OCR!

I love the drums on this instantly. They're well sequenced/played/whatever. Great beat in general.

The piano is super sick. This a jazz-tastic piece, and I'm loving every bit of it. Great performances all around here. And they're very well produced on top of that, so that only makes it 10x better : D

Good job on this both of you!

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I could've sworn I heard this a long time ago before it was posted and it might've been on #ocremix, but I can never really be sure. melody's remixes always seem to continue in the same vein of awesomeness. I always felt I might've been too critical of his choice of drums, but as time goes by, you just kinda get used to it and realize, "this is his sound." He made them work over time and he marked his signature at OverClocked ReMix. I can't help but respect him for that.

But with this remix specifically, it's really, really awesome. Not only because of the arrangement and smooth feel of the sounds incorporated, but because if you'd just heard this on your mobile device or iPod without any tags, you'd just think it was another well arranged production that didn't ever have any connection to a game soundtrack. The lyrics are extremely well done and the piano is especially crisp, bravo to both of you. 

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