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OCR01460 - Mega Man 3 "crystal potion"


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It's good to see that MM3 still deserves a new remix now and then, it's been a little quiet from that game a while now. I'm impressed that po! played all the instruments himself to make this remix and make it real smoooothy. Sounds like typhical jazz when I listen to it, but the violin gives it some more class.

When I read the title I thought hat this arrangement would contain more bright instruments, like piano or bells, but this was jam session with some additions of synth samples. Maybe not something for those who wants some more action, but I found this very enjoyable. You can just bopp your head back and forth. Sweet. :D

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Man, this mix is great. I haven't heard the source material yet, but I think that's

a good thing because right now this mix sounds more

like a stand alone piece than a remix or rearrangement.

It really does have that modern jazz feel to it, but the excellnt strings and percussion make it oh so Po.

The song seems to grow from the beginning, adding instruments and throwing in little varitations along the way.

There is a nice spotlight on the low strings at 1:00 and this all culminates to one of Po's trade mark violin solos at 1:48.

I like this one especially because it seems to hop around and arpeggiate between different scales.

Afterwards the song cruises along until the unfortunately inevitable and slightly abrupt ending.

In short, more great work from Po. Très chill.

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gerald damion. a violin jazz player that is really good. i would say he took some pointers from him, but if not, i recommend you listen to him. i think youll like him. his summertime remix is really quite nice.

wow somebody knows of Jerald Daemyon

i have that album, and i used to listen to it a lot when it first came out. but since then i've listened to it about 1 time in the past 7 years.

i would say that i take almost no (conscious) influence from jazz violinists. there are only a handful of them anyways. most of my more recent soloing is influenced by Jeff Lorber and George Benson

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Ahhh yeahhhh... Check it out y'all... M'mmmmm....





I love this. The sounds, the mood, THE GROOVE. Everything. Hell yeah.

*AHHHH.... Feeeel the rhythm... You need to FEEL the rhythm..*

Glad to hear someone giving a good loving to the theme we all love...

Needs a guy with a deep voice saying random funka-grooveloving stuff on top of it.

*MMMMM... Ladiess.......*

But seriously I love this. One of the better remixes definitely. THANK YOU.

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I can't help but dig this tune. Amazing job, po! If I didn't know this was a remix and unprofessional at that, I would never have guessed. Also, kudos on the violin. I really love that solo. =) Definitely my fave jazz piece from my playlist right now. ^^

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I've always liked po!'s style, the laidback groove he portrays in the songs I've heard, so when I saw that he had remixed Gemini Man (I was going to check it out anyway) I started crying tears of joy, no joke, and the tears were not undue. Great funky stuff

11/10 even if it is clichéd

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As soon as I started d/ling my first OCR's, it wasn't long before I hit po!, downloaded all of his stuff, and was amazed.

But looking at the date of his last submission was scary. Was he never to come back?

po!, this piece is tremendous; and your last two with Morse have been nothing short of spectacular. Don't underestimate how valued your mixes are around here.

Arrangement is fun and light, guitar work is impressive, your violin again is impressive and is ALWAYS welcome.

U R so hot.

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I love it! Usually I hate this type of violin (preferring orchestra strings to the "fiddle" sound), but it worked just fine in this mix. :)

The guitar and bass are deliciously funky. Reminiscent of a swanky chill-out lounge. Good job!

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