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What are things you do in games, that you don't do in real life?

Brandon Strader

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Rolling up behind people and slicing their throats open.

Shooting people and watching their heads explode.

Die and respawn.

Find money on the ground and pretty much everywhere else.

Run inside people's houses, break their stuff, and steal their life savings.

Throw fireballs everywhere.

Jump three times my own height.

Recover severe wounds in about 10 seconds.

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There's tons of shit you'll only do in games of course, and that makes this kind of thread potentially fun.

To take it a little meta though: personally, "not much".

Whenever i play some deep rpg, like stuff i really begin to care about, i end up playing true to my core. Min maxing ain't fun for me, i want to be a good guy generally, can be evil when i meet someone ingame i don't care for or dislike, but can't be consistently mean spirited to save my life. I tried so often, it doesn't work.

In the end i have to basically play myself, which might be boring but actually is the only way to make it fun.

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