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OCR01524 - Cave Story "Moon Rhapsody"


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Hmm, hells yes

The strings are sexy, I love lo-fi synths, and the source material is so catchy/great that it makes it hard not to love this one, especially with the added original goodies that Snapple has provided

Very solid


Snapple: What

Snapple: ?

Snapple: I did no such thing

EazyPInc1: SnappleMan correct? Or am I going insane?

Snapple: Yes

Snapple: I've done no cave story

EazyPInc1: ...what the funk...

EazyPInc1: apparently

EazyPInc1: you have

EazyPInc1: *shows*

SNK Freak: the fuck o_O

So, Snappleman didn't do this one...still pretty hot

OK Drum did it then, gg guy

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This is fantastic work here, all the synths used are ridiculously smooth sounding and wonderful. I don't know the source at all, so I can't say how much credit goes where, but the melodies here are all fantastic and the song as a whole just seems to drift past (in a good way). The flute and drums fit in fantastically, as well. Only gripe I had was with the string part around the 2:50 area, not for the performance itself, but just the fact that it stood out just for being far harsher sounding than anything else going on, and a bit loud as well. Still sounded great, just didn't seem to quite sit as well with everything else for me. Great track, if you're reading this to help decide, it's well worth the bandwidth for a download...

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Having heard the main melody about 500 times before, it's gotten a bit boring, so it playing by its lonesome during the beginning wasn't great for me. Due to me knowing how the whole song sounds now, listening to the newly incorporated melody at about the one minute mark, despite it being quite lonesome as well, has me enjoying it now, due to its very remixed nature of "Balcony", so it's appropriate for buildup obviously, whereas I might not have understood it upon first listen. It's not until the Balcony section at 1:30 or so starts playing that the whole song piques my interest, regardless of what listen # I'm on. It reminds me of the calm piano section in Corran's Cave Story mix. Sounds more like a remix of Terra's theme from FF6 at points, with a hint of Metroid Prime atmosphere.

I'm not a fan of the great increases in volume. Strings are pretty nice otherwise, and I like the synth solo (that area of the mix sounds like a smooth rendition of some Mega Man song). The song follows no real genre guidelines, which has me really picky picky about things. But ultimAtely (lol) I find the combinations of instruments occasionally to not work out well to my liking; this is teamed with the volume issues. This remix is what it is, but personally I would have liked some additional elements thrown in somewhere, or some kind of other driving force (besides the bass), since as I mentioned before I don't really like the melody. The whole song's not really much of a solo Cave Story mix than it is Cave Story, Mega Man, Secret of Mana (the Balcony source tune and melody in and of themselves reek of SoM), and FF6. Okay okay it's a Cave Story mix :).

Regardless of any of my possible harshness given with my spoken opinion (perhaps I need to listen with speakers instead, or listen with a higher volume, which would probably be painful given the 2nd half of the song, something I very dislike [the bass is really nice at higher volumes, no matter the section of the song]), I will completely and eagerly await more submissions by DrumUltimA, since I think he's capable of a very wide range of techniques and genres.

Edit: actually listening to it with higher volume really makes me not think of the instruments having an out-of-place feeling anymore. However I still feel uncomfortable listening to those strings when they first enter.

1:14-1:19 right ear has some issues. I can somewhat hear some kind of musicality that was trying to be done with it, but it sounds a bit cluttered. Luckily besides the string volume, random singular synth-note volume increase, and possibly cluttered ending, this is pretty much the only "flaw" in production that I can spot, with my highly trained (not) production-noticing ears.

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Man, weaksauce ending. It's like an Olympic figure skater beautifully starting a run that everyone in the stands knows, just KNOWS is going to get a perfect ten points, and then just stopping three-fourths of the way through and going over to the refreshment stand for a hot dog.

(they have hot dogs at Olympic ice rinks, right)

I agree with a few of the J's (oshit reality collapsing) on the drums, too: good writing, but more BEEF would've been nice.

Breakdown at 1:34 is awesome.

Kick in the crotch at 2:51 is awesome.

Solo at 3:08 is awesome.

Penultimate section at 4:21 is awesome.


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If the violin took a bigger role throughout the whole thing, this would be on my playlist forever. If you don't intend to do another work like that, at least edit this one use more of the other instruments that only briefly appeared.

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I wish the drums were a little forward in the mix, as they are really tasteful and groovin, but otherwise this is good stuff. Nice live instruments, some cute track cameos that aren't too obvious, and a great written bass part. Some excellent drum fills near the end as well.

Ending was ever so slightly abrupt, but throughout, this is a very classy arrangement.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01524 - Cave Story "Moon Rhapsody"

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