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Happy Birthday Extravaganza


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Happy Birthday Zircon! Apparently it was your birthday and I did not know.

Congratulations, now no one can call you a teenager OR offer you a drink. Just a year of limbo... how low - can you go?

Enjoy it. ... ... ... Errr... Keep... enjoy..ing... it.

Yeah. That's right.

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Man, that was awesome. Candy breakfast (fudge-covered pretzels, peanut butter M&Ms, Berries & Cream starburst) followed by cheesesteaks on South Street, uber cake back at the apartment, Domino's pizza as a snack, and some cookies to top it all off (home-made, no less).

Glad you made it to twenty. Your diet seems to give you about ten more years. Enjoy 'em.

- The "Wow, I'm older than Zircon too?" Pezman

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So the Zircman's the big 2-0 now, Eh?

Well, I would say inspirational words on this special occasion, but the best I think of is what my dad say's every year on my birthday:

"I love ya, son. Yer ugly as hell, but I love ya."

"Oh yeah, get a haircut...hippie"

I'm sure that doesn't help any. : P

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