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Found 18 results

  2. So, by now we should all know the classic "Guile's theme goes with everything" meme. Basically, it dictates that Guile's theme from SFII fits any event. But what about music? How many genres of music does Guile's Theme go with?
  3. Hey guys I've been listening to everything on this site for years and love everything that everyone does here. I just lurk around for the most part though. There's one song in particular that I'm surprised that no one has picked up yet and that's the Street Fighter V Main Menu Theme. This is easily one of the best and most hype songs I've heard and would love to see it get that OCRemix magic touch. If it's already been done somewhere then please point me in the right direction, I've tried searching for it myself and haven't seen anything but it's entirely possible that I might have missed it somewhere. Thanks guys, maybe one day when I get some free time and some extra funds I'll try my hand in this sort of thing as well.
  4. I kinda realize what Capcom wanted to go for in Juri's SFV theme. And I actually somewhat like it. BUT, to be honest, we all know it doesn't fit her. So, here's my take on it.
  5. Hi guys! Here's another cover of a Street Fighter song near and dear to my heart. Please do leave comments and suggestions regarding the arrangement and mixing, i really appreciate those!
  6. Hey again guys! To celebrate that Urien is almost in Street Fighter V, i made a remix using his SFIII stage themes. I hope you enjoy! If you want, like the video and suscribe, that would really mean a lot to me and would enable me to continue this journey =)
  7. Street Fighter fans! Check out the techno remix to Ken's Theme! Hype! Hope you like! I have other remixes on my YouTube as well ORIGINAL: MY VERSION:
  9. I've made a new Gamertag (Zer00-1nfinity) and play USFIV on PS3. I upload a lot of replays from online onto my channel (most of which is Ryu [Me] vs. Evil Ryu/Ken/Dan), so if you want to grade how bad I am at the game, feel free. I usually upload a new replay a couple days a week, since I play it every time I turn on the PS3. If you would like to fight against me (and probably beat me), feel free to add my Gamertag, or vice-versa. Also if you're a good Ryu, Ken, Guile, (Balrog, Rolento, Vega) or Yun player, let me know because I would love to learn some new combos and stuff like that with these guys.
  10. I speak for several fans of Street Fighter IV when I say that Abel's theme is pretty f**king sweet. Which makes me wonder why I've never seen anyone do an actual remix of the song. I don't even care what genre it is as long as it's recognizable. If you're looking for an example, how about a piano sonata? Maybe play on the sympathetic aspect of Abel, not knowing his past, wondering what he is. Or just make it sad sounding, kind of like this old MM5 remix from 2002:
  11. (The track) I know the game isn't out yet, but a good chunk of the music has been released and shared. I think it'd be a cool idea to beat the storm and remix one of the new character themes to build up hype, and stuff like that.
  12. Due to Akuma being revealed as a playable character in Tekken 7 ( ), I think it would be amazing if OCR made a new remix to go with it. Maybe even make it a Tekken mash-up. Either way, a new remix for the "Raging Demon" is overdue.
  13. I decided to revisit an arrangement I crafted (and posted here) some five years ago. I took the track down a good two or three years ago when I deleted my original Youtube channel. Anyway, my goal for revisiting an older arrangement is mostly so that I can chart my growth over the years. At times, I listen to my older works and I cringe at my lack of ability to properly mix audio, my instrument choice, and overall skill with arrangement. Among the list of what I feel are improvements to the previous incarnation of this track; 1) I opted for a new bass that provides a rich tone without distorting the EQ. 2) I dropped the guitar solo as I felt it was too heavily influenced by funk. 3) I opted for a simple piano scale solo that seemed more inline with the rest of the track. 4) I chose a new guitar tone that I mixed in Nano Studio as opposed to in GarageBand. 5) The melody for Chun-Li's theme is now in stereo rather than mono as was the case with the previous incarnation of the track. Anyway, here is a link to the new mix of the old arrangement Spinning Bird Chick (Theme of Chun-Li) If you wish to join me in observing/critiquing/juxtaposing my previous arrangement style with my new arrangement style, then you can give a listen to one of my older works Harlem's Nocturne (Theme of Sean Matsuda)
  14. Hi. I had just bought Albion Spitfire and I wanted to test it on a track. I choosed the epic theme of Guile. I tried to make it big and loud. You'll recognize the them of Ryu too. Enjoy and thanks for your comments and advises. It'll help me.
  15. Had a really great time with this one, and I hope you all enjoy. SELECT FIGHTER II YOUTUBE SELECT FIGHTER II SOUNDCLOUD
  16. So I know this has been done a ton of times before but I've always wanted to have a go at it, so here's my take on it. Enjoy! Youtube: Soundcloud: