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Prayers for bLiNd (UPDATE: He's home)

Jillian Aversa

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I am honored to have finally registered to OCR and that pixietricks started this forum. Thanks to all of you for submitting a post about Jordan and hoping/praying he does well. He will read all of your posts soon.

My name is Jade and I am Jordan's (bLiNd) girlfriend. I been a fan of OCR since 2001 and always wanted to register, but I had my reasons. bLiNd has been one of my music inspirations since I was 17 years old. I really look up to this website and rock my OCR hoodie all the time whenever I go out, even if it's hot. :razz:

Earlier tonight I wanted to inform my OCR penpals (pixietricks, big giant circles and liontamer) the news and wanted them to spread it to everyone else. He loves all of you very much, even if he's never met you. He speaks all the time of this community and has many unfinished projects he wishes to post on OCR in the future... but we must have faith and trust God that he will take care of him and heal him as best as he can be, because as many of you said, he has a very big future ahead of him and you're dag right I will be apart of it as well. To those that don't believe in that, my deepest apologizes. I appreciate all kinds of great thoughts for Jordan as well. His family, friends and I will take anything so he can get better. I know Jordan very well and trust me, he is the most faithful, positive, trusting, caring, and loving individual I've ever met in my life. I have never met anyone quite like him so trust me, even if he is not feeling well, he still believes everything will be ok. God told me to do all of this so I hope it satisfies him and his family. I am so happy so many people care about him and wish him the best. I am deeply moved by this forum and I believe I could fall asleep now.

Special thanks to pixietricks and Big Giant Circles for mentioning me. I know I am officially in the picture for the community now so I hope everyone can get used to me. :-P

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I'm reminded of the "McCain Prays while Obama grabs a shovel" article. Is there anything we can do? Some kind of e-get well card we can all sign?

if anyone would like to do any personal cards, buy a card or make an e-card... you're more than welcome to! i really love that request. Jordan loves those kind of things. once i speak to his mother tomorrow, i'll try to provide some more information about it. if not.... whatever you want to do now, my e-mail address is jeidoriiryuu@gmail.com i will make sure he gets everything. or if you know his e-mail (should be under his account here), you can send it to him as well.

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Can't say that I remember ever speaking with bLiNd in my six years of being here, but that means nothing really. He's a respected member of our little community of game music geeks, and like any other community, it's sad to hear when a member's been struck by this kind of nasty and debilitating disease. But, it's not incurable. It can be treated through several means, and I'm sure this hurdle will be cleared in time.

It's with this knowledge and belief that I wish him and those who are close to him, the best on the road to recovery ahead. It won't be easy, but you'll all pull through it :-)

As for the card, we've done big cards before for fun at 72dpi. With a nice big white space at 300dpi (say, between 8x10, and 11x14 in dimensions before folding), it could be printed out easily for bLiNd once it's done. It would be good for hand written signatures, images, and whatnot, and shouldn't be too expensive to get printed out... be it as a single card, or several of them.

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So this is what happened to him? I had wondered what happened to Jordan. This is a shame really and I'll be sending prayers, thoughts, good vibes his way. Jade, I don't know if he's ever mentioned me before but Jordan and I use to talk a lot until he got busy and then eventually ill. I actually got Jordan to be noticed and playlisted by Ferry Corsten awhile back because I believed in Jordan's potential as a great producer. I had hoped to hear from him. It's been too long. To hear about what he's going through really saddens me. I really hope he'll make it through. I'm not letting my efforts in Jordan getting noticed by an international DJ go to waste. Jordan still has work to do.

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