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Happy Birthday Darkesword!

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This morning I almost missed work 'cause my body is stupid and wouldn't respond to my alarm, and it would've been devastating. However, this morning my phone had a special alarm set just at the right time to remind me that it was Darkesword's birthday, and I made it to work at a decent time. It's all thanks to Darkesword. True story.

... actually, it's also my brother's birthday, and that was what my alarm was reminding me of, but since it's DS's birthday too we can all pretend that it was to remind me of his b-day.

Happy birthday, man.

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Happy birthday Shariq!! You (Sokka) are also my brother, so does that make neblix my brother too by association? >_> Anyways, you rock, have a rockin' birthday, and can't wait to party with you at MAG .D

(EDIT: Speaking of siblings, it also happens to be my sister's birthday today!! So that means you and my sister could be twins???)

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