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NEW JUDGES & WORKSHOP MOD! Congratulations are in order!


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We talked about this a bit on Talkback tonight, but let's put it on the forums to make it official. There's some staffing changes at OCR that are pretty awesome.

First up: the always excellent Chimpazilla is joining us on the Judges Panel, and she's pretty revved about burning through the queue! Next we've got Flexstyle, who's moving up from his position as a Workshop Mod. Together they will crush dreams!

Finally, filling in Flexstyle's vacated Workshop Mod position is XPRTNovice, OCR's favorite multi-instrumentalist. He'll be stalking the Workshop forums doling out XPRT advice. Make sure you all take advantage of what he has to offer!

Welcome aboard and good luck guys!

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[14:53] <@DarkeSword> first day on the job and she's already running things

[14:53] <@DarkeSword> you heard the woman, will

[14:53] <@DarkeSword> get on it.

[14:54] <Chimpazilla> Gettin' shit DONE

[14:54] <@DarkeSword> this is the matriarchy.

[14:54] <@DarkeSword> deia and chimp

[14:54] <Chimpazilla> damn straight

[14:54] <@DarkeSword> we're doomed.

Also also

Jooj-cat for judge! Sign the petition!

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Congratulations, make sure you only judge like 1 or 2 songs a day so you don't get burnt out. :-)

EDIT: make sure you only judge like 1 or 2 of my songs a day so you don't get burnt out. :-) (fixed)

I'm totally jealous but they couldn't have made better choices, I think. Having worked with all 3 of these knuckleheads, they've all got the talent and dedication to kick things up a knotch.

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