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There's a weird problem with dates in searches. The dates for the latest posts shown on the right are often completely wrong, which causes them to be sorted incorrectly (the MK8 thread was really low in these searches despite actually having very recent posts containing the search term). It changes depending on the search location, too.

Both of the underlined dates refer to posts that contain the search term -- neither of which was posted by me. The search term also appears later in the thread, so neither of these were the most recent result. It seems to be grabbing the dates of random posts that contain the search term and then attributing them to the last person who posted in the thread (me, on April 25, with a post that does not contain the search term). 


Also, search terms are still required to have words over three letters...is that something we can fix? It's such a condescending feature. "Trust me, you won't get any useful results if you search for Wii U. You might as well search for the letter A. I'll just stop you from even trying."

Overall, though, I'm digging the new digs!

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Wooow... I have a warning point from 2013 for insulting someone while talking about the PS4, and I have never been able to read that until the new forum....  :dstrbd: Now I look like some kind of forum criminal cause I got a warning point and everyone else has like 500 facebook likes, reinstagrams and twitter gold. 


How do I find the artist profile link? I use that ALL the time to listen to peoples' music when I click on their link and see their mixes

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I noticed that sometimes, animated gifs used as persoanl avatars don't properly animate. They stick to the first frame on some pages, but will work fine on others. It may just be my end being dumb, but jut a heads up.


Also, I can use my old (as in ancient) animated avatar from, like... 1999. IT'S THAT OLD.

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