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OCR01522 - Mega Man X "Light in the Fortress"


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Bout time this song was posted on OCR haha. I was starting to think house would never submit it. I remember downloading this mix AGES ago, is one of the top 3 songs played on my list. Guitar play is bloody awesome (as usual) and I love the breakout at 2:01. This is one song I'll be playing for a long time (not on my guitar though cuz I'm not l33t enough, 'sides, I suck at tabbing). Great work house.

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House, great work...

When I first looked at your name, I was thinking for like three minutes then I remembered that on YouTube you did your Piano/Guitar song of Waltz of the Dolls from FF IV.

The piano was just sexy. I am not going to lie, that's the only word I can use to describe the hotness of it. Sexy. Sexy. Sexy. I just imagined a freakin bad ass in a white tux jammin on the keys. Oh yeah, he has cool shades too.

Then after that, demon sprouted from the earth and started wailing on the guitar as the white tux man nods in acceptance.

Electronic work is very nice as well. It sounds like it is electronic but you said that the drums were so at least you weren't trying to fool anyone. It flows very nicely with the rest of the piece. Great work bro, keep it up. Hope to see more from you in the future.

Btw, a suggestion for a song. No one has ever remixed it and I am really disappointed. The intro stage to Mega Man 7. That is probably my favorite Mega Man song ever. If anyone does that song, I will most definately listen and leave a very long review expressing my worship to you.

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I jumped in my chair when I saw the remixer for this new contribution, house's Seized With Fury is still one of my favorites among the remixes on this site, so I had big hopes for this one. Apparently, I didn't need to worry at all. :wink:

I find no problems with it. The electric guitar merges well with the other electronic instruments, and the remix has a high pace suitable for a genre like this. I'm not sure if I'm hearing some latino-american music in this, I'm sure getting some interesting vibes from the piano part at 1:15 and the guitar solo in teh other half of the remix.

You must have done something wrong though, cause this ain't sounding like a first try at techno. Excellent arrangement house.


:nicework::nicework::nicework: :nicework: :nicework:

Five Nice Works!

Out of Three!

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