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What has gaming gotten you into?


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I was wondering, playing video games have gotten me into many other things outside of gaming. "Age of Empires" got me into history more than school ever managed to, "Ogre Battles 64" got me into Dungeons and Dragons, and "Final Fantasy VI" and "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" got me into storytelling like nothing else.

I could go on about how I now listen to remixes all the time thanks to gaming...

So, what have games gotten you into? Hobbies, jobs, or other forms of entertainment you never would have tried if not for games?

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I played Final Fantasy VII during a very significant period of my life and I feel that it strongly influenced my career path. I pretty much stopped what I was doing and decided to try and help save the tiger, which is in danger of imminent extinction due to habitat loss, prey depletion and poaching for traditional Chinese medicine. Nanaki (my favourite character of any game) and his situation probably had it's effect as well. The game, putting aside the characters and their individual stories, had a strong focus on the importance of life and the planet which sustains it. I figured if I cared, I should strive to save the planet in my own way. I'd rather be the hero than the person that stands back and does nothing.

Granted, there are many factors that influenced me, but FFVII definitely comes to mind.

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