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    About my remixes, I use reason 4 primarily, but I also use Ableton Live on occasion.

    As for collaboration, I am more than happy to help you out with whatever you might need me for, but I am a busy guy so I might not have the time.
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  1. This is still happening? Gunna have to wait a bit more for my track... I've got some rather pressing deadlines right now... how is the deadline looking?
  2. Arrangement is amaaaaaazing. Production is a bit muddy at points but the arrangement just farts all over it. Killer Studio Chops indeed. Moar. Edit: I just realised the guitarist is Bret Garsed. THAT. IS. AWESOME.   If people don't know who he is, he's the guitarist in NELSON:   
  3. Your Hidden Gems?

  4. Well the island (SPOILERS) was a dream of the wind fish  so unless this game itself was ALSO part of it, I can't see how that theory makes any sense
  5. hold on I recognise this cover art... Isn't this the game with the original theme for Richards Villa? Let me check... EDIT: YES check it out bros!  You've probably figured it out if you're fans of the game, but I believe Richard and his castle were references to the character in this game. There are plenty of more well known references to characters in Links Awakening, including Mario, Luigi, Goombas, Kirby, Yoshi etc, but this was a much more obscure addition.  
  6. I thought Reds and Blues were people with specific pokemon cartridges \O_O/
  7. How do you get over fear of failure?

    Failure is not writing "bad music". Failure is not writing music at all. If you don't like something, just remember its music, music is subjective. and someone somewhere will adore it. Being a composer means writing things you won't necessarily enjoy or like... hell you might not see any merit in it at all. Having a career as a composer is about keeping someone else happy, not yourself. Sometimes that means writing something in your own style, but usually you gotta fit to your brief. Besides, sometimes a mediocre idea can turn into something incredible if you just keep at it. Never give up, never scrap an idea if you can help it. You never know what you'll end up with, or what may happen.
  8. Support me on Patreon! :D

    I might change my patreon tactics so that instead of "Help me plz I love you its for a good cause", it'll instead read: "Give me money naow... OR I KEELL U!" That'll convince them *nods*
  9. "AND IN TODAYS NEWS - Michael Jackson is still confirmed as a composer for Sonic 3."
  10. Support me on Patreon! :D

    I have a dog \O_O/
  11. Support me on Patreon! :D

    Well thats because he's Smooth McGroove. The only way to compete with that is to throw some shitty gimmick into our remixes. Like shitty 80s inspired synth solos or something.
  12. Support me on Patreon! :D

    Yeah well. You're nicer than me
  13. Support me on Patreon! :D

    Or you know. One of us could support more than the other. THAT WOULD FIX THE PROBLEM RIGHT?
  14. The Rockstar Extinction

    Rock music has always had the issue of evolving through heaviness. We've now hit that point where its reached its full potential on that scale imo. At least within the realms of being commercially viable. The reason bands like Nickelback get hated on is because they are not innovating the style in any way, but its radio ready and easy so we get subjected to it. Its stuff we've heard before. Its boring. When Led Zeppelin came out, they were innovating. Metallica were the first mainstream thrash metal band and brought a new ferocious speed and sharpness to rock/metal, but notice that it wasn't until the black album they hit their commercial peak. They had to dumb down to appeal to the full on masses, at least in terms of commercialism. I feel like bands like Pendulum are keeping rock alive in some form but its obviously starting to die out cause honestly? We've heard everything now, the only way forward is through fusion styles and rock is such a purist thing that some people won't even accept that. Rock can only go so far and now, anything new would probably not be deemed commercial enough to make an impact. Anything commercial enough, we've heard 20-30 years ago at this point, or its just a repackaged "heavier version" of something we've heard before.
  15. Support me on Patreon! :D

    I have done the unthinkable. I have sold out and got myself a PATREON PAGE.   https://www.patreon.com/willrock07 So... Whats the deal? The deal is - I will be posting new stuff! AMAZING STOOF. Stuff that will find its way to Patreon FIRST! Before anywhere else! Plus I will be posting WIPs, which I won't be posting anywhere else. I tend to have unfinished tracks that go to the scrap heap so you'll be seeing that stuff as well! Plus there's rewards like signed copies of albums, remix requests... But perhaps most importantly... As a general rule, I try to keep my fans as happy as I can. I want to make a living out of music, but I want to give my fans as much as I can as soon as I can. I strongly consider OCR to be a large part of the reason for WHY i'm as successful with music as I am, little as that may be, and I reckon quite a large chunk of my fanbase and friends are here... so if you enjoy my music, please consider helping me by pledging a small amount. Its for a good cause! ^-^   You guys are all awesome. Thanks!