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    I am just an average joe/musician who is trying to make a living in musik and stuff. In my free time (when I have any) I like to play music, listen to music, write music, play my guitar, play my synth, remix various game tunes and essentially anything music related. Lots of music.

    About my remixes, I use reason 4 primarily, but I also use Ableton Live on occasion.

    As for collaboration, I am more than happy to help you out with whatever you might need me for, but I am a busy guy so I might not have the time.
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  1. I am probably going to get hate for posting this, but this mix irritates me. The reason is, I should enjoy this. The arrangement is fabulous, and the performances, attention to detail, humanisation, and ideas presented here are top notch. However, there is one thing that I can't get over. The mix is just too loud. Everything sounds squashed, and I can't bring myself to enjoy it because it is so taxing on my ears I'm glad people in the comments above me can see past it. For me personally, if I want a track this loud, i'll just turn it up on my computer.
  2. I'd also recommend you guys steer away from my remix: OC ReMix #3284: DuckTales 'Apollo Duck' [The Moon] by WillRock I licensed it for my album release Journey to the Centre of the World, so it could also get flagged. Maybe.
  3. yeeeeeeah thanks for the responses guys! Glad you're all enjoying it!
  4. Sup OCR! Journey to the Centre of the World is my second full length original album, and is available for download at Bandcamp! Journey to the Centre of the World is a 10 track album, which i've been working on for the past 2-3 years. The album is a big fat 80's inspired Chiptune/Rock fusion. It has authentic chiptunes, less authentic chiptunes, and big fat 80s production with operatic singing and crazy synth/guitar solos! And it's FREE!!! https://willrock1.bandcamp.com/album/journey-to-the-centre-of-the-world Track 1 features the Vocal Talents of Valentino Francavilla (Best known as the vocalist of ShockFront) and the famitracker chops of @DaMonz and the album also features a Remix by OCRs @DDRKirby(ISQ)! You can download it on Bandcamp, or on overclocked records for the small price of free, but every donation helps me support myself and continue to make great music! If you end up enjoying the music, please consider paying what you think is a fair price for the download Thanks guys! REALLY hope you enjoy this one, a lot of effort went into it!
  5. oh man! I've had this on my computer for years! Seriously, this is one of my all time favourites and you should download this right now
  6. The way i've always looked at it is this: Just put your own style into it. Say I remixed something like Gusty Garden Galaxy. I do 80s synth rock. If I turn that track into 80s synth rock, but stick as close as I can, half the work is already done for me since the stylistic shift gives the track a completely different flavour. If I did a classical orch version of it, sure, I could, but i'd need to compensate by adding a lot more variation. That said, you do need to add some variation to the track, maybe change a chord sequence, do a breakdown, maybe an original section halfway through and you're pretty much there. Think of it this way - find ways to expand it without boring the audience. Most of these tracks you're remixing won't pass the 1-2 minute mark and you need roughly 3-4 minutes for a suitable length. Just do a style thats a bit different to the original and add some variation to keep things interesting. There is a bit more to it than that but if you really want to delve into it, just analyse some remixes. You can ask all you want but listening to the tracks and figuring out what the differences are and what you can do as a result is imo the best course of action. Hope this helps man!
  7. Music is subjective - the closest you can get to perfection is your own perfection, which others would disagree with for various reasons. I'd still argue it is a bad thing with creating music itself because obtaining perfection, due to the subjective nature of music itself, is almost impossible. I've known of musicians - fantastic ones - who are highly adept at their chosen daw/instruments/whatever, and haven't finished a single piece of music. Instead, they have about 200 WIPs all of which have been abandoned too early on because they can't achieve what they want. For me, to strive for perfection in music is to miss the point - music isn't perfect as an art form - and you can create unintended - but amazing - things by experimenting. Music should be a natural process, you shouldn't have to think about it too hard. Even if you have a plan, expect it to change as the track evolves, and don't fight that change because the best music is the music that comes naturally to you imo. In terms of performance, it is a matter of opinion. I still believe that perfectionism here isn't necessary since you can pretty much goof off and make some amazing unintentional magic, but there is nothing wrong with practicing a song to the point where you can play it as close to note perfect as you can - it all depends how much you want to capture the original mood or feel that the music originally conveyed.
  8. I fully endorse this product and/or service. I won't direct it tho, because giving it to me is the same as killing the concept with your bare hands.
  9. I'm Blue Dabadee Dabedaab. (Sorry not sorry - really cool remix too )
  10. No. No no no no no. nuuuuuuuuuuu. This is the one thing you must NEVER do, in my experience. NEVER undersell. Ever. If you're worried about "starting at the bottom and doing it for free and peanuts"... the music should speak for itself. If they like your music, they'll consider you. Doesn't matter how much work you've done in the past, if your music is what they want, they'll pay. Ultimately, doing it for free undervalues your work. Yes seems simple but it does undervalue the work, both for you and the developer, but most importantly, everyone else. See, right now, there is this general consensus from a lot of indie developers that music isn't work paying for. Know what happens when developers don't pay for music? 3 potential things. 1: Musicians actually do a good job and get screwed cause they did all that work for nothing. 2: They do a half-assed job. I once saw a track from a guy in this community on a game I helped score... it was pretty bad. Like... sample quality and mixing were vastly lower than what the developer was asking for. I looked up his stuff on youtube. Was better than what I could do, really high quality, great samples, humanisation and mixing. Asked the developer, he said the guy worked for free and was busy. 3: They just... disappear on you. This is something that developers tell me happens all the time with free people and honestly, why wouldn't it happen? They realise they don't get anything out of it, they're busy with life and just fuck off. Sad but true. See, it gives this idea that not only is music not worth paying for, but people don't give a shit anyway. I've managed to get paid gigs from people who said they only do free simply based on the fact that I promised to keep in contact and do a good job, and of course, when i've stuck to my word, they've kept me around. Depends how savvy the developer is on the whole situation tho. You pay for what you get, and if you tell them that, they'll be 90% more willing to pay you. NEVER undersell yourself.
  11. hmm... I actually think i'm going to have to pass, in hindsight. Love the idea of the compo but I don't realistically have time to do it. Sorry to confuse things darke
  12. I'm being stupid. Sign me up. My personal preference team wise is the shovel knight team, simply because i've done so much bloody mega man - aware and accept it is your decision tho
  13. I’ve read through the whole thread and taken it all in, and this is what I’m getting from all this. The staff tested the waters on this to see how intrusive it was. Fine but surely a month, hell, even 2 weeks, is PLENTY of time to figure that out. The fact it wasn’t made public until it was noticed by non-staff 2 months later is a problem because it is borderline deceiving and honestly, puts a barrier of trust between the community and the staff. The fact that this was done with something so polarising is even worse, which is what I think most people have an issue with. The making money off music argument - some people view it differently, and at the end of the day, we’re all going to have to accept that, and deal with those consequences. If everyone is willing to accept that, then sure. Legally, Staff are saying its not going to make a difference based on stuff that honestly… its subjective at best. There is no absolute guarantee that this isn’t going to come and bite ocr back in the ass in some form. As a staff member and highly prolific remixer, you understand my concern there since I don’t think this makes it entirely your choice. The content isn’t entirely yours. You can say “well it’ll be ok, we’ll deal with it” but what if something unprecedented happens and it involves more than just the higher ups of the staff? Basically, we’re all taking a risk and I think it should be our choice to say if we choose to carry on with that risk. At the very least, allow people who disagree to have their remixes removed maybe? Might seem drastic but some people might feel that strongly about it. Not to mention this is just a backup. DJP said Patreon is covering everything atm so this is potentially needless worry. As you all can gather, this is massive topic of discussion and I think further thought is required here. Just my two cents. Going to bow out now, I’ve said enough
  14. "If I were a copyright holder, I would be much more concerned with downloadable MP3s than streams" - so would I if you had put monitised ads on the download pages. So... to put it simply, you're telling us you think you can get away with it? Like... Thats fine. I appreciate your optimism, even if it is researched... I'd recommend caution. Maybe you can get away with it in court but do you really want to tempt it is what I'm saying.
  15. Well yeah, I think we're all aware that "technically" its all illegal. However, as you say, as a general rule, its left alone, because companies are generally cool with it, its free exposure for game music after all, it does no harm. My concern is that a line is being crossed. One day, website ads go up. Then a Patreon is made. Then youtube videos are monitised. Whats next? Spotify? Maybe you'll sell ocr CDs unlicensed! Hell you might as well since it is all illegal anyway right. I kid but you see my point? My issue isn't that I think its illegal, I know its illegal and i'm worried about how far it can go before they try and shut it all down. We have a good thing I reckon, no one has complained - YET - but this has always been a slightly risky game. Now, I feel this is playing with fire. Just because you think something won't happen doesn't mean it won't. Murphy's law.