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    I am just an average joe/musician who is trying to make a living in musik and stuff. In my free time (when I have any) I like to play music, listen to music, write music, play my guitar, play my synth, remix various game tunes and essentially anything music related. Lots of music.

    About my remixes, I use reason 4 primarily, but I also use Ableton Live on occasion.

    As for collaboration, I am more than happy to help you out with whatever you might need me for, but I am a busy guy so I might not have the time.
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  1. hmm... I actually think i'm going to have to pass, in hindsight. Love the idea of the compo but I don't realistically have time to do it. Sorry to confuse things darke
  2. I'm being stupid. Sign me up. My personal preference team wise is the shovel knight team, simply because i've done so much bloody mega man - aware and accept it is your decision tho
  3. I’ve read through the whole thread and taken it all in, and this is what I’m getting from all this. The staff tested the waters on this to see how intrusive it was. Fine but surely a month, hell, even 2 weeks, is PLENTY of time to figure that out. The fact it wasn’t made public until it was noticed by non-staff 2 months later is a problem because it is borderline deceiving and honestly, puts a barrier of trust between the community and the staff. The fact that this was done with something so polarising is even worse, which is what I think most people have an issue with. The making money off music argument - some people view it differently, and at the end of the day, we’re all going to have to accept that, and deal with those consequences. If everyone is willing to accept that, then sure. Legally, Staff are saying its not going to make a difference based on stuff that honestly… its subjective at best. There is no absolute guarantee that this isn’t going to come and bite ocr back in the ass in some form. As a staff member and highly prolific remixer, you understand my concern there since I don’t think this makes it entirely your choice. The content isn’t entirely yours. You can say “well it’ll be ok, we’ll deal with it” but what if something unprecedented happens and it involves more than just the higher ups of the staff? Basically, we’re all taking a risk and I think it should be our choice to say if we choose to carry on with that risk. At the very least, allow people who disagree to have their remixes removed maybe? Might seem drastic but some people might feel that strongly about it. Not to mention this is just a backup. DJP said Patreon is covering everything atm so this is potentially needless worry. As you all can gather, this is massive topic of discussion and I think further thought is required here. Just my two cents. Going to bow out now, I’ve said enough
  4. "If I were a copyright holder, I would be much more concerned with downloadable MP3s than streams" - so would I if you had put monitised ads on the download pages. So... to put it simply, you're telling us you think you can get away with it? Like... Thats fine. I appreciate your optimism, even if it is researched... I'd recommend caution. Maybe you can get away with it in court but do you really want to tempt it is what I'm saying.
  5. Well yeah, I think we're all aware that "technically" its all illegal. However, as you say, as a general rule, its left alone, because companies are generally cool with it, its free exposure for game music after all, it does no harm. My concern is that a line is being crossed. One day, website ads go up. Then a Patreon is made. Then youtube videos are monitised. Whats next? Spotify? Maybe you'll sell ocr CDs unlicensed! Hell you might as well since it is all illegal anyway right. I kid but you see my point? My issue isn't that I think its illegal, I know its illegal and i'm worried about how far it can go before they try and shut it all down. We have a good thing I reckon, no one has complained - YET - but this has always been a slightly risky game. Now, I feel this is playing with fire. Just because you think something won't happen doesn't mean it won't. Murphy's law.
  6. There is a limit to what the companies will accept tho. Its a thin line and all these big companies know about ocr. Some we have even worked with. We are treading a thin line on what is legally acceptable and it feels like ocr is on a tightrope, testing how sturdy it is. Eventually, it'll snap, and break, and we'll all fall with it.
  7. It does matter to me. It matters a lot. I don't think it has too much bearing when there are legal ramifications involved however - If Square or Nintendo come knocking and say "hey, you're using copyrighted material and making money of it - that includes my stuff - I am associated with that. I'm a staff member. Thats not what I signed up for. It is relevant to me, i'm suggesting it won't be from a legal perspective. Honestly, I'm a bit worried.
  8. So when I found out about this, I was... concerned. I expressed my thought process and suggested that I might leave staff. The response from staff, long story short, was that I hadn't thought it through. Seeing this come public and having a lot of time to think this through after hearing the arguments... Yeah... I still have some issues On one side of the argument, you have issues with copyright, and it feels a bit morally grey to be profiting directly off someone elses work. You use the website ads as an argument, but I am in the camp that you're making money directly off the music submitted to the site. People go to the youtube videos primarily to hear the music. OCR didn't create that music, it was donated by the many talented people of the VG Remixing Community. Primarily, I will repeat what Neblix said " My music is making money, why aren't I getting that money?" Well, I have never monetised my youtube videos of my remixes - I don't like making money of others work without going through the proper legal channels. OCR have jumped over that hoop and gone for it anyway. The fact that ocr is non-profit, imo - is irrelevant. As for the website... I feel the website is different because thats more than just the music, its a forum, the home of the community, and I am very willing to accept that people donate to keep that going as a whole. That said, the money is going directly to the website. Its not making DJPs pockets any heavier with cash, and yeah... I can see that and thats fine. I guess its a question of this: Do you view youtube ads as OCR profiting from your music, and if so, are you ok with it? Also, are you ok with how the money is being spent? Personally, I think it is both ethically and legally problematic.
  9. https://obxd.wordpress.com/ - thats a free vst based on the ob-x synth, used by bands like van halen and rush. Perfect for brass sounds like you're going for! https://app.box.com/s/krhwp975tvsjaiy86oq7w1hd2xlfq1b7 - thats a WIP I did using primarily synths from the VST, if you want an example of what it can do
  10. oooh I can dig this. Nice work guys!
  11. Short answer - if you want to monetise your content, make sure you own all the content, or get your music licensed. At least I think thats the short answer, it all gets very complex. Honestly, unless your planning on being the next Smooth McGroove I wouldn't worry about monetising.You won't earn enough, and i've heard youtube can be a bit dodgy with that system as it is. As a general rule, I leave it well alone and earn money from my original music, not my remixes.
  12. Whats wrong with OCR Releasing VGM style synths? Does it go against promoting VGM? No? Ok then. From my perspective, the "spirit" of the website is just promoting VGM. Remixes is one part of that, and the main focus but generally, the goal is a bit more broad than that. Also, who said people who worked on this aren't getting financial compensation? I didn't work on this so I don't know honestly, thats not mentioned here did someone tell you that? Even if they aren't, they entered into it willingly, its not like everyone was all held at gunpoint and were told "YOU *MUST* CONTRIBUTE TO THIS FOR FREE WHILE WE TAKE ALL YOUR HARD WORK AND TURN IT INTO MONNNNIES". If you personally don't like it, w/e, you weren't involved anyway so why does it matter. "Claiming to be the community" - Naaaaah. I don't buy that. There are loads of projects with OCRs name on that don't involve everyone. Half the projects on OCR probably have 15 people involved max and you're ok calling that the "community" so why is this any different? What about one man remix albums like AnSo's the Answer? halc's pilotwings album? I KNOW you've shown support for them before. What about the Original Soundtracks with one person involved? They've got the community stamp on them. I'd be more willing to accept your criticism of it not being the full community if it didn't come out of nowhere
  13. Nice track, but the title? Doesn't feel "bluesy" to me really. Really nice ideas tho! Dig eet. Whats it for?