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    I am just an average joe/musician who is trying to make a living in musik and stuff. In my free time (when I have any) I like to play music, listen to music, write music, play my guitar, play my synth, remix various game tunes and essentially anything music related. Lots of music.

    About my remixes, I use reason 4 primarily, but I also use Ableton Live on occasion.

    As for collaboration, I am more than happy to help you out with whatever you might need me for, but I am a busy guy so I might not have the time.
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  1. https://obxd.wordpress.com/ - thats a free vst based on the ob-x synth, used by bands like van halen and rush. Perfect for brass sounds like you're going for! https://app.box.com/s/krhwp975tvsjaiy86oq7w1hd2xlfq1b7 - thats a WIP I did using primarily synths from the VST, if you want an example of what it can do
  2. oooh I can dig this. Nice work guys!
  3. Short answer - if you want to monetise your content, make sure you own all the content, or get your music licensed. At least I think thats the short answer, it all gets very complex. Honestly, unless your planning on being the next Smooth McGroove I wouldn't worry about monetising.You won't earn enough, and i've heard youtube can be a bit dodgy with that system as it is. As a general rule, I leave it well alone and earn money from my original music, not my remixes.
  4. Whats wrong with OCR Releasing VGM style synths? Does it go against promoting VGM? No? Ok then. From my perspective, the "spirit" of the website is just promoting VGM. Remixes is one part of that, and the main focus but generally, the goal is a bit more broad than that. Also, who said people who worked on this aren't getting financial compensation? I didn't work on this so I don't know honestly, thats not mentioned here did someone tell you that? Even if they aren't, they entered into it willingly, its not like everyone was all held at gunpoint and were told "YOU *MUST* CONTRIBUTE TO THIS FOR FREE WHILE WE TAKE ALL YOUR HARD WORK AND TURN IT INTO MONNNNIES". If you personally don't like it, w/e, you weren't involved anyway so why does it matter. "Claiming to be the community" - Naaaaah. I don't buy that. There are loads of projects with OCRs name on that don't involve everyone. Half the projects on OCR probably have 15 people involved max and you're ok calling that the "community" so why is this any different? What about one man remix albums like AnSo's the Answer? halc's pilotwings album? I KNOW you've shown support for them before. What about the Original Soundtracks with one person involved? They've got the community stamp on them. I'd be more willing to accept your criticism of it not being the full community if it didn't come out of nowhere
  5. Nice track, but the title? Doesn't feel "bluesy" to me really. Really nice ideas tho! Dig eet. Whats it for?
  6. I find musical ideas are open to your interpretation of it. Whenever I was in these compos, I would plan the genre and tempo of all my potential remixes before hand. So for example. Round 1: I'll do a fast paced rock remix. Round 2: a slow synth pop remix. This was regardless of what opponent (and therefore source) I may face. I've never had to change an idea to fit with the opponents source either. I did this for varieties sake cause I didn't want to do the same track twice. In some cases, I purposely chose what parts of my source to tackle for each remix I may do ahead of time too. To try and explain it more simply... to me, source tunes are just groups of melodies and rhythms and you can build a track to work around them. You shouldn't think "do these two tracks work together" you should think "how can these two tracks work together" and experiment. Maybe you need a little variation to make a track work at a different tempo but you can get the core of the idea down regardless. I haven't found 2 tracks I can't combine together, and I don't think I ever will because imo, you can combine everything to everything via arrangements, its just how you go about doing it.
  7. oh Cynic Project? He's awesome, I'm interested if you'd be willing to have me. Will send you an email shortly
  8. I dig this. I think my brain is reluctant to accept sidechaining as a legit thing cause "ARGH ITS PUMPING MAKE IT STAAAAP" But yah, this is neat. You've basically taken the original and turned it into bright poppy EDM. Can't fault it. Super duper clean production, nice arrangement, gud stuff. Moar. Tell bLINd he's a gud teacher YES
  9. For Rock, look up Sixto Sounds and Prince Uf Darkness on here. Pretty much the go to guys for me with rock.
  10. Sorry about the title
  11. So sometimes, I like to do mashups. I know other people do too, so lets post some mashups! I'll go first: Info: Monstrous Turtles by Zircon - ocremix.org/remix/OCR01558 Acapellas from: Bon Jovi - Its my Life Dream Theater - Pull Me Under Dio - Holy Diver Survivor - Eye of the Tiger Queen - I Want It All
  12. GUNNA JUMP ON THE BEFORE/AFTER OCR BANDWAGON Before OCR After OCR I'm not gunna lie. OCR made step up my game in a big way
  13. Oh yeah, he was a massive influence on Nubou. To be fair, VERY influential, Emerson Lake and Palmer are probably THE most famous forgotten band ever - according to everyone who remembers them, in their peak, they were the biggest rock band in the world - more popular than Led Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd etc etc. Sadly, time hasn't been kind to the bands popularity, but everyone over a certain age remembers who they are, and most musicians worth some shit who knew about them were inspired by them, VGM included.