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  1. It's time to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the very popular "Metal Gear" franchise with a remix of a track from a criminally underrated entry in the series. Saxophone: @HankTheSpankTankJankerson Bass/Jazz Guitar: @Arvangath Rhodes/Piano/Harp: @Peíorele Guitar: @mattmatrice Programming: classic_gamer_76 Mixing/Mastering: @timaeus222 Artwork by Lia Perrone. Huge thanks to everyone involved -- as well as @The Nikanoru -- for making this happen. You guys are AWESOME!
  2. I have no excuse not to join in this time Let's do this thing! God, luke7183's version is just so good -- I wouldn't be surprised if he earns all the votes.
  3. Not a big fan of it either and I hope we'll find a better way to end the track eventually. Absolutely ^^ This early WIP is still very drafty but we're planning to go deeper in the arrangement to make it sound more like a "Modern Country" piece. The main reason I'm posting this first sketchy work-in-progress is to make sure the structure is somewhat alright. I'll be updating the topic as soon as the remix will be ... And will eventually be replaced by the singer's performance. Having the basic lyrics' melody established was necessary to make the lyricist's work easier -- though it might be altered depending on what him and the singer will have in mind when it'll be recording time. We're taking it slowly but I'd like to have the piece done for March 2018 to celebrate the series' 25th Anniversary There're so many other mixes each of us have to take care of too.
  4. Check these videos out: I hope this'll help
  5. As one of my favorite video game composers, I had to remix a Naoki Kodaka ("Blaster Master"/"Batman"/"Raf World") piece at some point. Here's something I'm currently working on, inspired by one of many beautiful tracks taken from Sunsoft's SEGA Saturn RPG -- "Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean": It's still drafty, but feel free to share feedback and advice while friends and I work on arrangements and lyrics writing
  6. Sounds interesting. I feel like two per disc -- at the start and end of each -- is enough -- especially if you want to "hide" others within actual remixes. I also think it's a good idea to have 'em play after the remix which will open the disc and before the one that'll close it. How long are you planning each of these to be? I think it is wise considering it'd force us to find someone to produce a cinematic score for each "Drama" otherwise. As a movie-addict, I'm with Lauren and would prefer some music added to them but, as a producer, I agree it might demand too much work. I know my sistah has lots of mics gathering dust somewhere so I have to check if I can get acceptable recordings out of these. If I can, I could be interested in playing good ol' Wolf O'Donnell -- speaking with a deeper voice should help me hide my accent
  7. There are parts in games where I'm sure the developers just wanted you to die and the whole game is the good example of that. Not only you HAD to take loads of damage to get through this one, there is a part in one of the latest levels where you literally had to walk on spikes through an ENTIRE hallway -- like they totally assumed their sadism and did not even try to hide it ^^' I never beat the game, but at least I also got through the dam multiple times -- I feel like I proved my worth I don't know if they were released outside of Europe or just weren't popular enough there, but both the NES and SNES/MegaDrive/Mega-CD versions of "The Smurfs" have the reputation of being quite hard (like pretty much every Infogrames games of that era) -- though not as much as others listed in this thread. They still are great games despite that and also had good music -- especially the 8-bits version
  8. I'd really like to help with some feedback, but no matter how many times I listen to your track, I seriously can't figure out in which genre you want to remix the source. I suppose it is mostly due to the very lifeless and cold sounding synths you used -- better sound design or new sets of sounds might be a good solution to give you track a clearer direction -- and the drums. 0:44 has a clear dubstep potential but you want to use a more aggressive bass and punchier drum kit (something "Beat Factory Drumz" could provide you). 1:27 introduces a few SFXs on top of a Hi-Fi track. It's a very good idea but I think you should make it longer and transform it into a crazy "SFX Solo" using various sounds taken directly from the N64 game (like Sir DarkeSword did for his awesome "Beamsabre Beat Zero v2") before slowly returning the frequency to normal in the last bar. I do not think adding dialogue would be a bad idea either to make the piece more narrative -- similar to what is going to be done for Corneria and, from what I heard, @The Nikanoru's long awaited Titania mix (see what I did there, Boss ^^) -- but that's up to you. Many times you introduced rhythm guitars and then seem to completely forget about them. For instance, they start at the end of the "dubstep" part to prepare us for the next one... but where actually ARE they in that following section? I think having at least one organic instrument playing in a completely electro/synth song really makes the difference and helps giving a track more authenticity and soul, so please -- don't be shy with it (and I saw on profile you can play the guitar, so let us hear it!) I also think your baby is too conservative so far. What would help make it yours better would be to drop the orchestra-esque drums and go for a more electro one in therms of compo -- something you start exploring at 0:55. Stick with a kick and snare beat, add some hi-hats and cymbals and make it hit us hard! To conclude: re-think your sounds, add more guitars and offer new beats to you mix. That'll help us -- and yourself -- get a better idea of where you want to go so that we can keep up giving you accurate and helpful feedback. At the end of the day, I know this piece has the potential to be something great if treated right. It has that little something that I also could hear in @TheChargingRhino's very first WIP of Corneria and @Pichu's Dad's Meteor Base, making it coherent as part of the album. So far, I can only suppose your track would make a good Hardcore Techno piece. If that's the way you want to go, go ahead and listen to this album (at least the first, third and eighth tracks). Hope it helps... I'm not sure
  9. 3. completed

    I really enjoy the instrumentation and quality of the performances here. Like you said, it's a very conservative arrangement, but some changes you added here and there are very welcome. Perhaps the volume of the lead vocalist track starting at 1:11 goes a bit to loud -- especially at the end of each "sentence" -- but that might just be because I listened to it using crappy headphones ^^ I also feel like the choruses get a bit repetitive despite the effort of frequently bringing something new, though this effort helps not making the repetitiveness boring. However, in this end, it's a good cover that is very pleasant and relaxing to listen to -- like most of you mixes tend to be. Great job!
  10. Once I have my drum session programmed -- without any humanization -- I like to play the track with my drum sequence window open that I use as a tab to perform the instrument on the keyboard. Not being a good 'keyboard drummer', I take it slow and one part at a time -- I record the kick only first, then the snare, then the hi-hats, etc. -- until I'm done with the whole instrument. I then edit my performance -- since I'm absolutely not good at all ^^' -- and re-position some sequences better -- only when it really sounds off (the kick, snare and cymbals are particularly important) -- before working on the velocities. Sometimes, you can trust your DAW's 'humanization tool' (around 10% for the kick and snare and 30% for the hi-hats and ride) but you'll definitely want to check the whole thing afterward and edit individual notes/pack of notes together. A good understanding of the instrument is necessary though. When composing for that instrument you must visualize the drummer play and keep in mind he only has two hands and two feet. Air drumming is recommended for such circumstances -- don't laugh, I do that A good sampled VST is worth having, that goes without saying. Here is probably the most popular free one you can get to work on any DAW: Here are a few videos that could help you too -- ghost notes and everything must not be neglected: Hope this helps -- we've all been there
  11. @TheChargingRhino -- I am constantly surprised by how fast you're evolving each time I listen to your latest WIPs -- trying to step away from the source to offer something original and express yourself as an artist. You really have something great here, and I like to believe that the structure of the mix is there and it's time to polish the arrangement and perfect the mixing and everything I like the idea of the bass being pitched down for the intro but I think it is too shy for now and you should probably try to go a bit crazier with it. Same goes for the low-fi FX on the first part of your drums. I personally think the Orchestra Hit is too loud, but that may be just me. At 1:21, wouldn't it be nice to go really aggressive here and add a Wah FX on the distortion instrument in the background and then, at 1:31 -- for the final note --, slowly pitch down the final note for the closure? You drums need to be punchier, more powerful and bring more energy to the track -- I'd also recommend you vary the rhythm at 2:17-2:35 for it's getting too repetitive there, and perhaps implement more fills at the end of some parts to introduce the following one. Maybe I don't hear it, but do you use Hi-hats? 'Cause I feel like it's seriously lacking some, especially during the 'chorus' where the absence of harmonies/counter-melodies makes it a little empty. Lastly, I guess you want to add real guitar recordings to your track -- definitely do so (part 2.21 screams for an arranged riff based of this rhythm). I think adding reverb, pan and other FXs/technics wouldn't hurt either but I'll need a more advanced WIP to judge. Anyway, it's a very nice track with very clever ideas, sweet arpeggios and interesting new melodies here and there that is pleasant to listen to. Synthwave being a repetitive style of music, it makes the repetitive chord progression digestible... so that's okay Just like I did with the Boss, I recommend you check out Nigel Silva's tutorial videos on YouTube to see if you can use some of his tricks to your advantage, make the song even better and, perhaps, learn new stuff
  12. Listened to them all... MANY times each ^^ @Etzaen -- Love the intro and outro as well as that "Mega Man Zero" vibe the whole track has. Still, I think you should try and mess around with the Pitch and Mod Wheels to try and make your leads more colorful (especially during the bridge section). The last part also feels like it's screaming for a bombastic solo (I can clearly see the distortion guitar you introduced in the bridge re-appear here for that purpose). I don't know if you want to go electronic or acoustic with the drums, but I feel like your track could benefit from a bit/lots more variations depending on your choice. Other than that, it's pretty awesome and I'm glad Star Fox 2 is having the recognition it deserves -- can't wait to listen to the final version @Thirdkoopa -- With this one, I can clearly see myself in a bar in the 30s, enjoying a drink while the jazz band is jammin' in the background (I can almost tell what it smells like in there). It's a bit too repetitive for me to just sit down and focus on the listen, but it definitely serves its purpose as a ambient piece. I wish the drummer could add more variety in his performance (it's pretty boring there... especially for a jazzy stuff). I also think some instruments are played too loud a few time but it also adds to that "live performance" charm the piece has. Not being my favorite style of jazz, I can't really go deeper with my critique... but it clearly isn't bad at all. @Siolfor the Jackal -- Now, THAT'S what I'm talking about! Some good ol' metal to wake you up and remind you that everything isn't all nice and easy in a Star Fox game Aggressive rhythm guitars, a drummer who hates to be bored and synths for more sound variety -- a damn good recipe I'd personally add a Pad/Synth Strings for the intro to play chords and give more of an Epic Progressive Rock feel to it before altering them a bit at 0:14 to make sure it evolves along with the track. I'd probably be nice to re-introduce the Pad at the 1:50 part (or a portion of it) for coherence but maybe it'll be too much synths at the same time -- since we also have a Synth Lead here too. Then comes the bridge -- LOVE it! Yet another track I look forward to listen to when complete! In the end, I really like how -- with these three tracks -- we keep getting an idea of how much variety the album is gonna have. Keep up the great work, guys!
  13. Sorry... I have to do this: The "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" ones were pretty clever too and definitely made sense regarding how the story was told to us (no videos for these ones... sorry T.T).
  14. 1. work-in-progress

    Thanks for all these great advices. I'll be sure to keep all that in mind when I'll get back to this mix once I find a good collaborator. Couldn't help noticing your username -- nice one, by the way ;) I am currently working on a "Metroid Prime" remix ("Chozo Ruins"/"Luminoth Story: U-Mos Account") and would like to know if I may request feedback from you on that one too. Since you gave such useful ones to other remixers (not to mention you actually are a very talented one yourself) and have a good knowledge of the series, I'd be honored :3
  15. I wanted to produce a synthwave arrangement of the source but couldn't help using "organic" instruments for the leads and drums. I thought it could be interesting to try and find a right balance between synth and organic sounds -- keep those guitars, piano and drums and use only synths for the arrangements (which I'll start exploring way deeper when I find someone with a decent knowledge of synthwave music willing to help me ^^'). Original Source: Remix: I visualized Sonia telling her newborn son the tale of her adventures -- like it's a bedtime story -- when remixing this. Feel free to share feedbacks and whatnot :3