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Mazedude's having a baby!


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So, as you may have heard, we're having a baby! Our first. Quite a surprise, and a HUGE change in our life. Exciting, scary, all that... those of you with kids know the feeling. Looking forward to it though... I always enjoy a good challenge. :)

So, because people have been asking, I've put together a little webpage with links to where we're registered:


There's a handy little Paypal link if you just want to shoot a few bucks our way without having to shop, if you'd prefer that. No pressure in any regard; I'm just putting this out there by popular demand.

So, wish me luck; in December I'll be a Dad! Mazebaby on the way. :)


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Congratulations :D

Let us know whether its a boy or a girl :3

Got any ideas for names yet? or is it too early yet?

I wish you two the best during this time, i have had close friends all have kids so i can kinda understand what's in store for you but(i'm still single so i don't know first hand i'm afraid :/), i know you'l enjoy it anyway :3

Good Luck with all the pregnancy stuff :D

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I have 3 questions/comments thus far...

*Due just in time for '013, eh? When he's in his upper single digits, he'll probably have to wait twice as long for presents because his birthday will practically coincide with Christmas, unless you have a plan to address it.

*Though I'd be incompetent to raise a child, I still know that if a parent never buys a happy meal or other fast food kid's meal for a child, then communicates a message to the child so they can't get plied with an offer of a plastic toy, the child will probably never have cravings for fast food, and they'll likely be spared from a lifetime of weight problems.

*When I entered 9th grade, I was 90 lbs (40 kg), 5'2'', had a fairly high-pitched voice, and looked like I was 10 years old despite being 14. Since the new decade began, I've come to expect 14 year old boys entering 9th grade to have the appearances and voices of children under 10. (ie. 90 lbs / 40 kg or less, under 5'1'', uber-mellow high-pitched voice.) I'd be very ill-prepared to have a son in that situation, so I wanted to ask what you would say to your child if he or she (and his or her classmates) turned out really small in 9th grade so he or she wouldn't be embarrassed or humiliated.

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