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    So we've sent the album off to OCR staff for evaluation last week. Now it's a matter of waiting for their feedback In the background we're hard at work finishing off the track order, the artwork and miscellaneous bits 'n bobs. so that we can make the release as smooth as can be. No final confirmed release date as of yet, just stay tuned for any updates on the regular OCR channels!
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    Man, its been a while - first off I'd like to apologize for everyone for dropping the ball on this. I could not give this the attention it deserved ultimately, especially after embarking on my career almost 5 years ago. I'm in a good place now, but way too exhausted & busy to do much except maybe build websites, my domain of expertise. I'm glad to see that it has sped up to completion over the past year! I am excited to see what everyone has whipped up .
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    We are imminent. All relevant artists are now confirmed, and we have something resembling an ETA. Other albums have popped up in our queue that need attention (here's one hint: "spoopy"), so there'll be a bit more time 'til release. I will call it "November... high probability". We're taking two weeks to finalize, and if all goes well, we're seeing 10 tracks and major props to Naofumi Hataya!
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    And here... we... GO! With Dyne having officially stepped down from this project, we're starting a new chapter in this long-running album series' life. No, it's not going all death polka or grunge barbershop quartet, it's simply been put under my watchful eye. And what that watchful eye saw was that we kept having one of two things happen. Either 1) it was started two months before the deadline and people had to cram work in for it, or 2) they had so much time that they kind of forgot about it. So, we're trying a middle ground this year. And what better middle ground than July, the month that retailers love to have a second Christmas in? Yes, while 2 months was awfully short notice and a full year made it slip peoples' minds, I figure a good five months might be about the right amount of time. Guess we'll see, huh? This project is open to any and all OCR members, regardless of whether you're a posted remixer or not. And now, a few details... When's The Project Deadline?- December 20th, 2017 at 11:59 P.M. EST. This is now a REALLY hard, non-negotiable deadline, since it's very close to Christmas. We've had lots of last-minute entries and updates over the years and, to be perfectly honest, it shouldn't be that way. With months of time, having to hold off as long as possible for people made things pretty hectic for myself and Dyne in the past, between updating the artwork and getting everything uploaded. Treating this project like a college paper that doesn't get worked on until the last minute got annoying rather quickly when it kept adding up to lots of hurrying year after year. As such, you have until one minute before midnight EST on December 20th to get me the final WAV or MP3 of your song. After that, you're shit outta luck until next year. I need time to do everything, including possibly make a little website to host this one if Dyne isn't online for one reason or another. So this deadline's set in stone... PERIOD. What Information Does The Coop Need?- When you send me your final versions, I'll need what name you want to use (real or remixer handle), the name of your remix and the name of the song you're remixing (in case someone asks what this or that remix is from). Plus, if you have a website you'd like to pimp, supply that as well and I can add it to the MP3 tags. What Can Be Remixed?- Any song, really. Traditional Christmas carols, video game music, published music by a signed artist, music from TV/cartoons/anime... whatever gets your heart racing and into that Christmas spirit. This isn't an official OCR album, so you can draw from more sources than just VGM. Plus, you can take a non-Christmas tune, like the Main Theme from Space Harrier, Stage 6 Mission 2 from Metal Head, or I Defend STM from Truxton II, and turn it into a Christmasy one. So know that it's not limited only to songs that are Christmas-like to begin with. All that said, do keep in mind that if you want to submit your song to OCR later, you'll need to keep this site's guidelines in the back of your mind. But for this album, you can take it in just about any direction you want and get as crazy as you'd like (but please, no "Silver Bells" done in farts or something). How Long Can My Song Be?- As long as you want it to be. There are no restrictions on this, so whether it's 1:30, or 9:51 with a five minute guitar solo ala Metallica, it's all good. But again, if you want to submit your song to OCR later, keep their guidelines in mind. What Genres Can I Remix In?- Again, the door's wide open here. Rap, Metal, Pop, Piano-solo, Orchestral, Jazz, 8/16-bit, Barber Shop Quartet, A capella... it's up to you where you want to take it. What Format Should I Submit My Song In?- WAV and/or an MP3 of at least 192KB/s quality. I'll be tagging the MP3s and making MP3s from any submitted wavs, so you don't have to worry about that. But, if you'd like your website to be in the MP3 comments section, be sure to give it to me when you submit your song. How About A Little Music To Get Us In The Mood?- To help everyone along, here's a YouTube list of Christmasy tunes made by Ocre a number of years ago... http://ocremix.org/f...72&postcount=19 But remember, not all famous Christmas tunes are upbeat and cheerful. There are some that are more somber or haunting in tone, so you have more moods to play with than happy happy joy joy. What's The Website's Address Again?- It's got a new home at... http://williammichael.info/aocc/ This album will still be download there as well, as Dyne will continue to host the albums on his site. How Do We Contact This The Coop Person?- If you've got questions, comments, concerns, or your track is done and ready to be sent to me, you can PM me here on OCR, or send me an E-mail at thecoopscorner@yahoo.com. So yeah, there we go. You've got over five months to get something done for the lovely people of OverClocked Remix and the millions of listeners around the world who've become followers of our project. Good luck, have fun and make everyone some Nice Work™! Artists involved thus far... The Coop (director, cover artist and remixer) JohnStacy (remixer) wildfire (remixer) Ronald Poe (remixer) HoboKa (remixer) Ridiculously Garrett (remixer) Skull (remixer) PlanarianHugger (remixer) TheChargingRhino (remixer) Yannic Geerts (remixer) Earth Kid (remixer) CelestialSonata (remixer)
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    So very glad you like it! In a fun twist, this is what I got back from the original composer: -- "Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to do such a wonderful remix! I thoroughly enjoyed the new approach from start to finish. I am humbled and grateful that you honored one of my favorite compositions in such a beautiful way." ~ Aubrey Hodges, Quest for Glory IV Composer -- Very nice to know that in answering what seemed like one request, I actually honored multiple wishes all at once. Oh, and if anyone cares to read the extended write-up and listen to the reference/inspiration material, I have it now at http://www.mazedude.com/remixes/space-garden
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    We're in the stretch now. Our issue is the same the previous directors ran into from time to time; artists are difficult to reach sometimes, and I can relate: I'm still swamped with my own life and stuff, but I'm committed. As soon as I hear from a couple more artists regarding final approval, we'll be done, hopefully within a week. My own track had some further tweaking in the interim, and I'm glad to have that out of the way. 7 arrangements are confirmed, and I'm trying for at least 2 more. To the finish line!
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    SNES Classic

    Please don't use the forums as your game journal. I'm renaming this thread to SNES Classic so that it can be a discussion of the SNES Classic that just came out.
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    Earth Kid

    SNES Classic

    I barely got one this morning, I was so happy! SNES is my favorite console, and even though I'm disappointed it doesn't have Chrono Trigger and Donkey Kong Country 2 or 3, I own them digitally so I'll manage. I won't lie, I teared up a little during unboxing and watching the FFVI intro. More than anything I'm excited for my son to play this when he's a little older.
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    Compo: MnP (Meat 'n Potatoes) Round 82: Parasite Eve "Kyrie + Luigi's Mansion "Main Theme" Midi 1: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/materials/MnP82_Kyrie.mid Midi 2: http://compo.thasauce.net/files/materials/MnP82_luigismansion.mid Youtube: Deadline: October 31st Tues @ 1PM Vote Ends: November 2nd Thurs @ 11PM Submit your remix Here when completed. MnP ARCHIVE - made by Trism MISSION STATEMENT The goal of Compo:MnP is to promote that "meat and potatoes" conservative approach to remixing: this includes the mood and composition of source tunes. It is up to the remixer to create their own personalization, or to simply give it a sound upgrade. Moreover, the compo is a great opportunity to hone your remixing skills and give video game music the respect that is due. SOME reinterpretation is recommended, but not required. MnP Instructions/Guidelines Covers and Sound Upgrades are permitted. Most or all of the source notes must be present (but not necessarily in the exact same order), secondly the mood (energy, pacing, feelings being conveyed etc) should also be retained. For example, a source tune that is fast-paced and energetic that's remixed into a mellow/chill-out theme would be a hard sell. If you decide to do a genre swap (i.e. symphonic to techno), make sure that the conditions of #2 are met. Submissions must be at a maximum of 20mb (keeping in step with ThaSauce's file size max). Only 1 entry per participant. Previous winner cannot participate but can submit a BONUS entry. Please don't make any comments about people's entries - including your own - until the Voting process is concluded. BONUS entries are exempt of this rule. All competitors and voters must adhere to the rules stated within: Competition Code and Conduct MISC/TIPS - When picking a source tune, make sure it has a MIDI to make ppl's lives easier. - In-game sound FX are permitted, so long as they don't comprise the whole track (i.e. replacing entire MIDI tracks with just sfx)
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    A thank you to the community

    Today I found an old USB stick filled with OC remixes back from early 2007. Good to see that 10 years later the community is still alive and well. Very random topic but I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who created these fantastic remixes back in the day and are still doing it today! Keep up the good work!
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    @Bahamut I've been chipping in on album eval and am through the first two discs - I don't think you'll be disappointed, @Jorito's taken the ball and run with it, sounding great so far!
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    @Dextastic With the compressor pretty much, but you'll need to adjust based on taste and even play with different compressors as they're attack and release curves will change the way the sound behaves. Just gotta experiment a bit. I can tell you that for this particular application I really really like vladg's Molot. I know it is written in the Cyrillic alphabet, but there is an English option and I like to do this in the "Alpha" mode because it isn't quite as aggressive. It is preference and I've used different compressors for the application just based on various things from changes to the timbre to fitting better in with the other instruments. Compression in general is quite a complex topic and it'd take me way too long to explain in any reasonable detail about how it works or the various ways to use to manipulate space or even forcing one without a sidechain input to react in an almost dynamic EQ kinda way. But with that being said you've really just gotta experiment with it to find something that really works for you. I can tell you that I have a lot of compressors because I find unlike EQs I can get more color out of them and that is typically what I end up doing on a lot of sounds. Rather than using them strictly for mixing. I say compression on the guitars because even though distorted guitars are already quite compressed it isn't the end all be all to further coloring them with compression Much to learn about that you do! But some things you can try to give the guitars some more weight. Put on a different hat for distortion for a minute. Think of distortion as a way to generate new and extra harmonics that you can then manipulate to your advantage. For example you could try some frequency selective parallel distortion to add in some extra girth that you can then mix in with the original to give them more heft if they're missing it. Kind of like the old trick of gating a tone generator from a kick to make it beefier in the mix. Since you have 4 guitars in this particular case then I would look at doing something a bit different personally. I'd take two of them and hard pan them and leave them mostly alone (EQ, compression, etc.) but pan the other's about midway left and right then play with distortion on them and make those heavier sounding. This would likely widen the mix with two different guitar layers at two different stereo positions, but would also have the effect of making the center seem "heavier" and leaving the sides "lighter" further adding to width without really sacrificing any mono compatibility As for the synths, I mean they kinda work. The brass is actually a pretty good sounding brass stab, but it sounds like it came from a ROMpler of some description. I like the piano quite a bit, and I love the sync lead but it is so buried and overshadowed by everything else in that section that it kind of loses its impact While this may sound kind of biased or such, I really really dislike guitars lol. Not because there is anything wrong with them, but just because I'm not a guitar guy and everyone talking about them makes it sound like there are humongous differences between ancient humbucklers and modern ones. Look Solid body vs Hollow Body? Easily understandable differences in sound. But I feel arguing about a 139048 year old humbuckler is like the synth guys saying that there is a huge difference in the way a 50 year old Minimoog sounds versus a clone from like Studio Electronics. Look is there a difference? Probably, but is it worth all that money for it? Probably not. I'm a synth head and I love synths. It is easier to impress me with guitars than it is with synths. Suuns' 2020 (warning epileptic seizure warning) has a guitar sound that I love because I've never really heard it before and plus it is super creepy and unsettling. The bass is a synth and super dark and brooding. Both of those sounds impress me. Mord Fustang's Lick the Rainbow (terrible name I know), but this has quite a few synth sounds that just impress me. Still trying to figure out that bass sound myself. So much breath and life in that. Your synth sounds aren't bad, but if you want something to really show you what is possible with just one synth, then look no further than KVR's One Synth Challenge (I've entered a few myself) and let me tell you some of the sounds people are able to coax out of these synths is simply astounding.
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    chrono cross is great! =) i hear the music is pretty good. each FF game has positives and negatives, in my mind. it's worth noting that FF4 - especially the updated versions available on modern handhelds - is an excellent game as well, and shouldn't be overlooked. but this is about the 3d games. 7's graphics are pretty poor nowadays compared to any of the other games, but the story is still solid enough and the gameplay isn't as dated as you'd think. the places in the world are well realized as well which is fun, and the music is iconic. i haven't played 8 since high school, but i remember the story being more disjointed. the gameplay was interesting enough and it was fun exploring for magic to draw, and there are some really timeless themes in that game as well. i also haven't played 9 in 10+ years but i remember the characters being fun and the art style being fairly unique among the more modern FF games. i didn't enjoy it as much because i preferred the more serious settings of 7 and 8 over the more extreme fantasy bent of 9. among the PS2 games, X is one of my favorites, and if you can play the PS3 or PS4 remakes it's worth it. the story's pretty solid (only a few leaps of faith needed) and i liked the characters. the addition of voice acting is nice too although it's pretty stilted...if you don't mind listening in japanese and reading subtitles it's better. i really enjoy the battle system and progression system in X as well, and the crossover island/steampunk setting is pretty well done. i enjoyed X-2 more than most - it's definitely more cutesy/fanservice than it is a 'real' FF game, but the dresssphere/battle system is pretty decent (13-2 lite, kinda) and there's some replayability if you like it. XII is a great break from tradition in that the art and style of the game is similar to the older games, but it feels like an MMO in how you roam the world. it's too short, vaan clearly wasn't supposed to be the main character, and the story kinda goes to pieces in the second half, but i enjoyed the gambit system and the characters that aren't 12 years old. if you get a chance to play the newer games, XIII and 13-2 are definitely not as bad as reviews say. XIII holds your hand for way too long (they don't really take the shackles off the battle system until almost 25hrs into the game), but 13-2's battle system, monster catching, and progression are all fun, and seeing the world in different forms depending on timelines is fun as well. i really enjoyed 13-2's battle system, enough that i would consider it to be one of my favorites in the series. if i had to rank 7 through XII, i'd say that i found 7 and X to be in the top tier, 8 and XII in the upper middle tier, and 9 and X-2 in the lower middle tier. i definitely don't think any of them are bad, they all have very specific things that are really awesome about them. i just preferred the gameplay and characters of 7 and X the most. edit: derp, you wanted to know where to start. if you've already seen 7 and 9, IMO X was my next favorite game, so i'd start there, or else maybe go for 8 and complete the PS1 trifecta before moving onto PS2. don't start on X-2 as there's a lot of assumed knowledge of X in the game and some spoilers.
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    SNES Classic

    Nothing wrong with nostalgia. Plus it has Star Fox 2. Also it's not necessarily the same gamers complaining about originality that are after the revival stuff.
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    Looks like Dracaemelos is getting her wish, here - Mazedude's got her back, there.
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    Much love to Mazedude for helping us eventually fill this request! http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR03616
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    The People's Remix Competition 359 PRCv14-21 Hello everyone and Welcome to the People's Remix Competition! Welcome to PRC359, already round 21 of this season. This means that the end of the year is not far away. In round 357 Flurry of Flames got his second win in a row so he got to pick a source again. Source: Fire Emblem - Reminiscence - Ninian's Theme MIDI Source Information ThaSauce link: Click here to submit To submit a song at the compo page you can use the ThaSauce page. If you use this, an account is required. If you don't want to use ThaSauce, please upload the song somewhere else and post a download link in this thread. I recommend Soundcloud, don't forget to allow downloads to enable me to upload the song at ThaSauce. I will keep using ThaSauce as the place where all songs are located. If you want to use ThaSauce, the following steps should be done. Click the ThaSauce Link. Click the 'You are not logged in' button in the upper right. Click on 'register' (at the bottom). Read the terms and click 'I agree to these terms'. If you don't agree with them, upload the song somewhere else and post a download link as mentioned above (by doing that, you allow me to upload the song at ThaSauce. Continue the process by filling in your information. You will get a question to confirm that you're not a robot. Here are some possible answers: Name a compo: PRC Who organizes One Hour Compo: Starla Name a ThaSauce subdomain: compo.thasauce.net Who created Mega Mans: Capcom A confirmation mail will be send. There might be some issues with it (meaning that you don't get it), if that is the case, upload the song somewhere else as described above. Once registered, login with your username and password, go to the mentioned page and submit the song. If you want submit two or more songs you can create multiple ThaSauce accounts or upload the song somewhere else and post the download link. After uploading your song, please check if your song plays and can be downloaded and played without problems. Only upload MP3 files. PRC instructions The deadline is Friday October 20th 2017 at 10:59 am ThaSauce time (18:00 UTC, 19:00 GMT), check the ThaSauce page for the exact time left. Make sure that the song is uploaded to ThaSauce or that there’s a download link posted in this thread. +2 Days. You may enter as many mixes as you like and work with as many people as you like on each mix. You are free to create a second ThaSauce account for that if you use ThaSauce, it's needed to be able to upload a second remix if you use ThaSauce. Of course you can also upload it somewhere else and put a download link in this thread. Do not make qualitative comments on an entry until the results of the vote have been posted in this thread. Mixers cannot vote for themselves but if they vote they receive a free first place vote added onto their score. The winner of this round may select the source for PRC361. The winner of PRC357 who picked this source, Flurry of Flames, can only participate by submitting a Bonus Mix. His vote is doubled in the voting stage. You can find the full rules list at this page as well. GOOD LUCK! PRC ThaSauce Home Page!
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    @Dextastic I've got nothing against Rock or Metal, heck I love me some Prog or Psychedelic Rock and some Metal stuff. It is just that really most of the time it is the people behind the guitars rather than the guitars themselves that I have an issue with. Not trying to imply anything just a "general observation". Also, no problem giving some techniques for dealing with things in a mix. I've done a few Hard Rock and a couple of Metal Mixes and there is definitely some different things than you might think. Something else to consider when mixing is that tricks that you may have used in one mix may come in handy for a mix that is completely and utterly unrelated in both genre and style than where you learned it. You'd think that I'd never turn to distortion in a non-rock/metal mix, but surprisingly it comes in handy in all sorts of places. In particular I like using it on bass too make it easier the ear to find it in the mix if it is quite dull.
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    Thanks! Uploaded my final (for realsies this time) mix.
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    I have a WIP that I can try to finish up by tomorrow, if the deadline is extended.
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    Last month I put together a band for a single weekend. These are personal friends, fellow VGM musicians I've met over the years (online and in person), and my best friends: Strader and Juja. My career doesn't allow me to be social (so my friends are internet folks) or to go on an actual tour with a 'band', so I came up with the idea of taking my fictional 'band' on a fictional 'tour'. We all met up for the first time in a recording studio the day before our only show and hit 'record' on our practice session. The intent was to release a fake live 'world tour' album, complete with fake cheering (recorded ahead of time by some of my friends/fans), banter, etc, and mixed like a live album. We spent 5 hours recording 55 minutes of music, and the next 17 hours editing, mixing, mastering, and burning copies of the album so it could be released the night of our big show. We had a lot of fun and this is the product of that weekend. I hope you guys enjoy the fake live album, of the fake tour that never happened, by the fake band that doesn't really exist. I proudly present - The Careless Juja World Tour Live Album! DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: https://carelessjuja.bandcamp.com/album/careless-juja-world-tour-live-album (proceeds go toward recouping recording costs) For more info about how the album is made, sometime that weekend we also recorded an interview with NerdyShow. It's humorous and also provides a bit more insight: https://nerdyshow.com/2017/10/interview-careless-juja/
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    Could be a bit longer, though, but that's my only complaint here. Really love the original, and you did an awesome job!
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    This is pretty good! I've never played FF9, but it sounds like I would never be annoyed with hearing the battle music so much, especially if it was your rendition playing. Great job!
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    Honestly, I've looked at the PRC and MnP things lately and I just haven't jived at all with any of the sources Short of doing a straight cover for them, I dunno. I at least try to remember to vote for them because that is the least I can do even if I don't jive with the source.
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    Ok NOW I have my composition done. Hopefully I can get started on mixing it tomorrow.
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    Dunno what the J panel is. In any case I've got my bonus remix composed. Just need to mix it now.
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    A perspective from Doug about this arrangement that shouldn't go unheard. Considering the arrangement was made during National Suicide Awareness month it seems very appropriate.
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    Page views in these competition threads are down by about a factor of 10 in the last month... Yeah.
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    Where did all the ocremix community go? Is videogame appreciation dead? Its freakin me out
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    It's with heavy heart I must release the claim on End Credits from @djg-music. I haven't been unable to contact him in over 8-ish months. I don't think he's gonna come back to finish the track. And it was basically done too! It had the final polish critiques from the judges and was just waiting for a final WAV version from him.... Well, either way, we're now back up to 9 tracks unclaimed and End Credits is now available for anyone to claim. :-/ Bright side: at 21 finished tracks, we're around 92 minutes worth of music - not counting the bonus material.
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    I would definitely recommend the Beyerdynamic DT 880's, specifically the 32 ohm model. I got the 250 ohm model, which needed a properly calibrated headphone amp to get a full bass and treble response due to the high impedance. Presumably the lower impedance allows the extreme lows and highs to come through more evenly, so you shouldn't need an amp to get a proper frequency distribution. Besides the frequency response, they are very durable and long-lasting, and they have an honest stereo field. I've had them since Dec 2013, and they still are super comfortable while allowing me to mix with utmost awareness of stereo space and frequency fullness. As an example, here is something recent that I made using these headphones (note: you'd have to download it to hear properly clean treble frequencies since soundcloud embeds at 128 kbps), and here is something zircon made also using them.
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    Whatever you end up getting, I recommend looking into Sonarworks Reference 3, which is a VST plugin that corrects frequency imbalances for headphone mixing based on your headphone model. I use it with my AKG K702s and like it a lot -- K702s are skewed toward mids and highs, and it evens things out in a way that makes getting balanced mixes noticeably easier. (FWIW, Sonarworks supports the DT 880 Pro and the Sony MDR 7506 but not the Sennheiser HD 569.)
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    Piano was Kontakt factory library Concert Grand which usually sounds pretty good, but I having a tougher time getting a good sound out of the lower notes, probably just need to EQ it better
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    Hi SlapMagic, the sounds are crisp and clear and song is all in all, like from some anime series(thats a good thing)! I like the riffs and basslines. I'd like though, if you'd go a little lower on volume on the 'passing by' sounds at 56 seconds, 1min 56s and 3min 10s. I think they clip some of the song too when they're played Also I tend to find overall bassness a lil low on drums, and that's just my personal taste ofc. Hope this helps!
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    Oh man!!!!!! It's so awesome!!!!!! I posted this on the comment on the song itself but it's really like your character was in Erana's Garden and then dove into the water and found a space ocean under it - it is SO appropriate to its title, this is very magical and I'm soooo happy!!!!
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    SNES Classic

    I find it funny how gamers tend to complain that the industry is out of ideas and there is nothing new, but trip over themselves to get a relaunch of a nigh 30-year-old console.
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    EVAL Oh my, this is bouncy and fun. The addition of the kick gives this a different energy, which does help separate this from the source material quite a bit. That being said, I do understand your concern with this being conservative - the instruments are often a higher quality of what the source used prior and the structure is similar - but there are some departures from the source material that help give this some new life (like using a different source like a bridge toward the end - very nice touch). It might've been a safer choice to utilize some different instrument choices, but I think this would still be okay on that front. The production of this is pretty slick. The whole thing sounds like there's a considerable amount of stereo spread over the whole thing, which for headphone users (like myself) is quite distracting. Spread isn't bad, and on speakers it would sound fine, but centering the spread of your reverb and/or instruments would give this track a more defined sound overall. The instruments could use some TLC to the humanization. The levels and phrasing sound good on them overall, but the articulations for the brass are stiff when repeating the same note. Normally performers would have more deadspace/silence between quickly repeating notes in order for the listener to hearthem as more than one note being played out (like at 0:58, for example). There are some moments when the instruments repeat phrases or notes where the dynamics have no variation between iterations (like at 2:38 - 2:45 on the guitar). It's not an extreme issue, but it's something you'll probably be called out for. Overall, between the conservative instrumentation & first half of the arrangement, as well as the humanization issues I'd say this would be a pass, but not a strong pass. Pending on how much the stereo spread affects the other judges, I'd argue that should be toned down, as well. If you want a more secure pass, tweaking the articulations where they get stale, adjusting your stereo spread and changing up the instrumentation a bit here and there would help make this an easy pass. Regardless, nice work on this!
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    EXTENSION - aiming to get at least 3 subs so the vote is not awash. Might mean I'll have to compete. Been fighting a cold, but we'll see Deadline: September 26th Tues @ 1PM Vote Ends: September 28th Thurs @ 11PM
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    The remixer may have been sky high when writing this, but this is super grounded to me; while there's some play around 1:45-2:15, it's still a calming, enjoyable float on a lazy river with a cool drink in your hand. Super enjoyable. Well done!
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    So chill...nice work!
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    Time got away from me and didn't finish my entry. There's always next time.
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    @TheChargingRhino Clipped Wings - Still getting my stuff together, but I'll go over what I've been sent and let you know. Cornerian Hall of Fame - Once I touch base with the QA team, I'll be getting the final tracks a once-over from each for any production issues, then it's on to mastering. I don't think any further changes will be needed to the arrangement itself, but the QA review will be conclusive either way. SCRAMBLE - As you and I discussed over Discord, taking the time has been my issue lately. Now that things are clearing up, I'll have more time for this. In addition to helping Jorito finish up with the Secret of Mana project, I have to get my stuff together for this project and touch base with everyone; there are a few loose ends I need to tie up for other folks, then I'll be onto SCRAMBLE - hopefully next week. I should have a new version for the deadline.
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    Submitted with a few minutes to spare! I'm in the process of packing, and moving five hours away, so for the next several weeks, I have other demanding prioraties. I will still try to enter (and vote in) future compos as time allows until I get settled.
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    Hey guys, I've made some progress on my track but it has become clear that my production skills are woefully inadequate. I could really use some help. Ive got a finished arrangement and live recordings of some of the parts but pulling it together into a high quality mix is where I'm stuck. If anyone is willing to help, send me a message!
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    Never posted my studio in this thread before but I did just invest in an Auralex kit I want to show off. Studio/man cave complete with retro 90's lighting for those mandatory 12 hour 16 bit binges. ...yes that's a cheap Walmart folding table I'm using as a desk for the time being.
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    First-time post here, but I've been ghosting about for years ever since sequencing midis & entering composition contests over at VGMusic (as 'Spudge' if you've got a long memory!) I've just finished (I hope!) an orchestral arrangement of Phoenix Wright's Objection! theme from Spirit of Justice. I've tried to loosely ape Joe Hisaishi's style from his Studio Ghibli scores, closest to the theme from Howl's Moving Castle, but sadly nowhere near as jazzy! I'd love your thoughts on the arrangement and instrumentation; I was hugely limited by the native sounds in Logic Pro X, so strings play a much smaller role than I would have liked - but does let the piano take center stage. (...I know it's probably a mistake to have mentioned Studio Ghibli, as Hisaishi is an untouchable compositional powerhouse! But I can't deny I had his themes & approach in mind as I was arranging the thing). Thanks! EDIT: Sorry - here's the source VG track!
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    Oh man. Beneath a Steel Sky is such an underappreciated game. It's one of the best adventure games of all time, with a markedly more adult approach than what we used to get from sierra at the time (with exceptions, like Gabriel Knight), oozing an oppressive, industrial-cyberpunk feel, striking art direction and excellent dialogue. With a setting that I would say it's the perfect mix of 1984, fahrentheit 451, and Narshe. Also a fitting soundtrack, which leads us to this remix: Ninecoins here decided to not change much in terms of arrangement, but makes up for it by making an adaptation to a different style. It succeeds in that regard, as this certainly sounds like a dub track. It somewhat keeps the feeling of desolation and industrialization from the original, but overall the additions give it more dynamism while keeping the disconcerting cyberpunk ambiance. The tempo slowdowns, while odd at first glance, do help in this matter. The soundscape starts up rather simple but evolves when more complex textures are introduced as the track progresses. This remix is kinda low-key, but I feel it makes it over the bar, just barely. I think perhaps more could've been done with the source in terms of expansion, as well with the sound design. But for me what I hear seems compelling enough. Plus, I would be pretty happy to have this game represented in our library. YES (borderline)
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    This one was great in the contest, and it's one of my favorites from the entire event, overall. Great arrangement, production passes the bar. I'm happy this is on the site. Yes