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    --STAFF – Project Creator: Thomas Neil Project Director: The Nikanoru Co-Director: DaMonz Assistant Director: DS394 Visual Artists: Geo-Dragon, Etzaen Web Design: Starphoenix Project Email: lylat.system.clear@gmail.com ------- Current Remixers: The Nikanoru, DS394, TheChargingRhino, classic_gamer_76, Cole Train, Jay Thomas, Slimy, Trev, bLiNd, Starphoenix, Prominion, CrimsonCobalt, Thirdkoopa, JulienMulard, HanktheSpankTankJankerson, M_Blacki, Etzaen, Siolfor the Jackal, Ronald Poe, Pichu's Dad, Katamari, The Imposter Current Performers for Collaboration: The Nikanoru - male vocals, acoustic guitar DS394 - basso profundo (male vocals), piano, bassoon classic_gamer_76 - synthesizer Theory of N - alto / tenor saxophone Trev - violin Pichu's Dad - vocal, acoustic / electric guitar, banjo, clarinet, bass (electric), harmonica, alto / tenor saxophone HanktheSpankTankJankerson - all saxophones, flute, clarinet, electric bass M_Blacki - electric guitar / bass, synthesizer, drum sequencing JohnStacy - (French) Horn TSori - trumpet Audio Support / Sound Design: Pichu's Dad Jorito M_Blacki Katamari Mastering Support Katamari Quick Reference for project status or source track research: Project Overview --WHAT WE NEED— We are looking for the following support (thanks to Odai for swiping this idea from the Ocarina of Time project and thanks to Theophany for the original idea): *Arrangers/Remixers to conceptualize and complete remixes. This is where the bulk of the work will be. Brand new or experienced veteran, anybody who would like to take part is welcome. Performers who are experienced with any type of instrument and have a high-quality recording setup. Sometimes live is better, so anyone willing to lend a hand to a fellow musician short an instrument or skill would be appreciated. Sound Designers/Audio Support interested in mixing and sound design for the project. Ideally, we would like folks who are willing to provide support and/or collaboration with Remixers who are new or inexperienced at mixing. Mastering Support for bringing the final WAVs into coherency and giving the final touches to tracks before final submission. I have no experience mastering and so I'm asking for someone(s) who is(are) willing to dedicate a little time (okay, a lot of time) to help us get the album through one of the final hurdles. Anyone who is interested in helping in any one of these areas, please let me know. --ALBUM CONCEPT— First, a special 4-Arwing salute goes to Thomas Neil, who originally came up with the idea of building a Star Fox album in time for Star Fox’s 25th anniversary. He would have been the director for this project, but life became more complicated for him, so he was unable to give the project the commitment he thought it deserved. I thought it would be a shame if this one-only timing for the album fell apart, so I volunteered to bring his idea to light. I have always believed that Star Fox is the flight simulator for everyone who doesn’t like flight simulators. I remember playing the first game, years ago, and being fascinated with the SUPER HIGH TECH 3D POLYGON GRAPHICS, the ‘smooth’ play control, and the choice of different routes to take to reach the final goal, depending on the difficulty chosen. I’ve played other flight simulators, but none have given me the same thrill as Star Fox. Seven games and almost 25 years later, Star Fox has become a respected Nintendo franchise. To commemorate Star Fox’s 25th Anniversary, we are putting together a tour through the Lylat System from Corneria to Venom to give this Solar System a little bit of the Star Fox experience. We have a goal to put together a two disc set with 14-17 songs per disc, featuring a showcase of the music we would hear flying around as Fox McCloud. All tracks from all games are open and there are no genre restrictions. The deal for the album concept is one track per area on a course between Corneria and Venom. One exception to this is tracks from Star Fox Adventures. A maximum two tracks can be claimed from this game, as I don’t want the listener to spend too much time on Sauria; that being said, if we get more, we may accept them as bonus tracks. --CURRENT TRACKLIST-- Red = track claimed, no WIP (0% overall) Purple = draft WIP submitted (1%-49% overall) Orange = substantial WIP submitted (full arrangement, 50%-90% overall) Blue = finished WIP submitted (only mix/master left, 90-99% overall) Green = Final WAV submitted (all done, 100%) Disc 1 - Corneria DS394 feat. Jay Thomas - Opening Theme - Star Fox 64 - Lylat Legacy Katamari - Title Theme - Star Fox - ??? Trev - Menu Select/Stage Clear - Star Fox 64 - ??? TheChargingRhino, classic_gamer_76, Pichu's Dad - Records 1 - Star Fox 2 - Cornerian Hall of Fame TheChargingRhino - Map Theme - Star Fox 64 - Battle Plans TheChargingRhino, classic_gamer_76, DS394, The Nikanoru - Corneria - Star Fox - SCRAMBLE Boss A (or Attack Carrier theme) HanktheSpankTankJankerson - Asteroid Belt or Meteo - Star Fox 64 - The Boost DS394 - Sector X - Star Fox 64 - ??? JulienMulard - Aquas - Star Fox 64 / Command - Raid on the Water People The Nikanoru - Titania - Star Fox - Bad Weather CrimsonCobalt - Katina - Star Fox 64 - Into the Swarm Etzaen - Eladard - Star Fox 2 - ??? Prominion - Fortuna - Star Fox - ??? Cole Train, DS394 - Sauria - Star Fox Assault - ??? classic_gamer_76, Slimy - Inside Krazoa Palace (Sauria) - Star Fox Adventures - ??? Starphoenix - Boss B - Star Fox 64 - Laser Light Showdown Disc 2 - Venom The Imposter - The Awesome Black Hole - Star Fox - ??? M_Blacki - Sector Y - Star Fox 64 - ??? Ronald Poe - Space Armada - Star Fox - Fleet From the Stars CrimsonCobalt - Star Wolf - Star Fox 64 - Can't Let You Do That! Starphoenix - Zoness - Star Fox 64 - Diving Into the Deep Green Abyss Trev - Bolse - Star Fox 64 - ??? Siolfor the Jackal - Sector Z - Star Fox 64 - ??? Pichu's Dad - Meteor Base - Star Fox - ??? Starphoenix - Macbeth - Star Fox - Cyber Warfare Thirdkoopa - Area 6 - Star Fox 64 - Contemplating the End Boss C Slimy - Venom Orbital / Venom Base - Star Fox - Surprise! It's a Secret Backdoor Invasion bLiNd - Phantron (Boss) - Star Fox - ??? Andross… Slimy - various Star Fox themes - Star Fox, 64, Assault - Ode to Star Fox Bonus Tracks TheChargingRhino - Corneria - Star Fox - Clipped Wings Out of This Dimension --DEADLINES— First Deadline: January 1st, 2017 - CLEAR Second Deadline: April 1st, 2017 - CLEAR Third Deadline: July 1st, 2017 Deadlines will roll in a three month rotation, with check-ins and WIP submissions required. The first deadline for this project will come on January 1st, 2017 and every three months thereafter. This should give Remixers plenty of time to build and show off their MAD SKILLZ, but still keeps this album on a steady timeline. Keep in touch – if you are in regular contact with us, then the deadlines are nothing to be concerned about; however, we need to keep the timeline moving. If you make a claim you can’t fulfill, we would much rather you tell us then wink out of existence on us. If you haven’t submitted an update or haven’t spoken with any of us by the time we reach a deadline, please get in touch with us ASAP; if we don’t hear from you within two weeks after deadline, we will have to release your claim. Claims on tracks will not be accepted after July 1st 2017 unless a substantial WIP is procured. The main goal is to have the project completed and finished WAV files ready for submission by July 1st 2018. This may seem a little soon to some folks, but we’ll never make 2018 release if we can’t get it done by then. I have added some goals to the project to keep us up to date on progress: First Goal: 24 claims total (12 claims per disc) - MISSION CLEAR Second Goal: 32 claims total (16 claims per disc) - by July 1st 2017 (3 CLAIMS LEFT) Third Goal: 12 “substantial WIP” tracks - MISSION CLEAR ---------- ALL SHIPS CHECK IN AND PREPARE TO SCRAMBLE!!
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    i'm starting a chrono cross remix project. i've always wanted to get back to the game that got me into remixing, and for the past six months or so, i've found myself listening to this soundtrack again more heavily as i have gotten back into writing music again. mitsuda's work on this album is timeless - the unique sound he created for CC is so consistently represented in these tracks that it's always apparent when you hear a song from the soundtracks. notably, his use of the arpeggiated minor 9th chord comes back again and again and never fails to inspire and move me. similar to the Link's Awakening project i directed, i'm interested in using a defined genre element for this project. ideally i'm thinking 20 tracks on a total of two discs - 10 fast/intense and 10 slow/languid. genre ideas for the first one would be faster rock, edm, or even intense film-style classical. genre ideas for the second would be chillstep, solo piano, groove, etc. the CC soundtrack combines some really fun and funky upbeat tracks with elements of mixed meter and ethnic instrumentation with some incredibly beautiful, more relaxed tunes that thrive on realistic articulation and great performances of solo instrumentation. i want to reflect both aspects of the game as clearly as possible. note that i have no problem with the same tune being on both discs - i would love two versions of the same tune as long as they're heavily different and unique takes on the theme, one faster and one slower. also please note that i'm interested in sticking with 10 tracks per disc - i'd like to not have 15 fast and 5 slow, for example, so when you note that you're interested in a track, please say which disc it might be on. if there's enough interest, i'll expand past 10 tracks/disc, but not until those ten are 'filled'. here's a tracklist. note that i've marked some songs as being repeats, arranged versions of the original, or just noise tracks - i've taken them out. 67 original tracks minus 12 repeats/arranges leaves us with 55 possible tracks. i'm leaving weirder or non-melodic ones like Grief and Fortress of Ancient Dragons on here because, honestly, i'd love to hear a remix of grief done well =) i'd encourage you to pick tracks that aren't super popular, like Scars of Time and Frozen Flame, but of course would accept WiPs for those too. there's a lot of gems on this soundtrack that have never been remixed and i'd prefer to focus on them if possible. to reserve a track, get me a WiP. all tracks are fair game until i've heard your vision realized. if i get a few of the same one, i'll determine which one we'll stick with. black is available, red is taken, green is done. [Disc 1] 1. "Chrono Cross ~ Scars of Time ~" (CHRONO CROSS ~時の傷痕~) 2:29 - tentatively claimed! 2. "Between Life and Death" (死線) 2:38 3. "Arni Village - Home World" (アルニ村 ホーム) 3:23 - taken by @VGPianoMan, finished 4. "Fields of Time - Home World" (時の草原 ホーム・ワールド) 3:26 5. "Lizard Dance" (トカゲと踊れ) 2:41 - taken by @evktalo, wip 6. "Reminiscing ~ Uneraseable Memory ~" (回想 〜消せない想い〜) 3:25 7. "On the Beach of Dreams - Another World" (夢の岸辺に アナザー・ワールド) 2:22 - taken by @The Coop, finished 8. "Arni Village - Another World" (アルニ村 アナザー) 3:32 <- Mostly same as D1S03 "Arni Village - Home World" 9. "Ephemeral Memory" (うたかたの想い) 2:51 - taken by @OA, wip 10. "Lost Fragment" (失われた欠片) 3:12 <- Mostly same as D1S01 "Chrono Cross ~ Scars of Time" 11. "Drowned Valley" (溺れ谷) 2:00 - taken by @prophetik music, finished 12. "Termina - Another World" (テルミナ アナザー) 2:43 - taken by @Peíorele, wip 13. "Departed Souls" (去りにし者ども) 3:43 - taken by @prophetik music, finished 14. "Forest of Illusion" (影切りの森) 3:25 - taken by @noTuX, finished 15. "Viper Manor" (蛇骨館) 2:54 16. "Victory ~ A Gift of Spring ~" (勝利 ~春の贈り物~) 0:56 17. "A Child Lost in Time" (時の迷い子) 3:24 18. "Guldove - Another World" (ガルドーブ アナザー) 3:26 19. "Hydra's Swamp" (ヒドラの沼) 3:10 20. "Fragment of a Dream" (夢のかけら) 1:35 <- Music box version of D3S15 "Radical Dreamers ~ Unstolen Jewel" 21. "Voyage - Another World" (航海 アナザー・ワールド) 2:32 22. "Ghost Ship" (幽霊船) 2:00 23. "Death Volcano" (死炎山) 3:39 24. "Fortress of Ancient Dragons" (古龍の砦) 3:54 25. "Grief" (悲愴) 0:20 [Disc 2] 1. "Beginning of a Dream" (夢のはじまり) 0:42 2. "A Narrow Space Between Dimensions" (次元の狭間) 2:47 3. "Termina - Home World" (テルミナ ホーム) 3:38 - taken by @Peíorele, wip 4. "Dragon Knight" (龍の騎士) 3:01 - tentatively claimed! 5. "Voyage - Home World" (航海 ホーム・ワールド) 3:22 6. "Guldove - Home World" (ガルドーブ ホーム) 3:58 - taken by @OA, wip 7. "Marbule - Home World" (マブーレ ホーム) 2:55 <- Mostly same as D2S26 "Magical Dreamers ~ The Wind, Stars, and Waves" 8. "Zelbess" (ゼルベス) 2:42 9. "The Splendidly Grand Magic Troupe" (天晴驚愕大奇術団) 1:31 10. "Nap" (まどろみ) 0:13 11. "Chronomantique" (クロノマンティーク) 3:18 <- Mostly same as D1S04 "Fields of Time - Home World" 12. "Dilemma" (窮地) 2:47 13. "Optimism" (楽天) 2:19 14. "Isle of the Dead" (亡者の島) 3:11 15. "Dead Sea/Tower of Destruction" (死海・滅びの塔) 3:10 - taken by @Kat, wip 16. "Prisoners of Fate" (運命に囚われし者たち) 3:26 17. "A Light for Lost Hopes" (あらかじめ失われし、ともしび) 0:32 18. "Island of the Earth Dragon" (土龍の島) 3:16 - taken by @Peíorele, wip 19. "Navel of the World" (世界のへそ) 2:59 - taken by @prophetik music, finished 20. "Gale" (疾風) 2:00 21. "Victory ~ A Cry in Summer ~" (勝利 ~夏の呼び声~) 0:53 <- Mostly same as D1S16 "Victory ~ A Gift of Spring" 22. "Marbule - Another World" (マブーレ アナザー) 3:00 <- Mostly same as D2S26 "Magical Dreamers ~ The Wind, Stars, and Waves" 23. "Magic from the Fairies" (妖精のくれた魔法) 0:13 <- Mostly same as D2S26 "Magical Dreamers ~ The Wind, Stars, and Waves" 24. "Etude 1" (エチュード1) 0:12 <- Mostly same as D2S26 "Magical Dreamers ~ The Wind, Stars, and Waves" 25. "Etude 2" (エチュード2) 0:14 <- Mostly same as D2S26 "Magical Dreamers ~ The Wind, Stars, and Waves" 26. "Magical Dreamers ~ The Wind, Stars, and Waves ~" (MAGICAL DREAMERS ~風と星と波と~) 2:02 [Disc 3] 1. "Garden of God" (神の庭) 2:45 - taken by @Peíorele, wip 2. "Chronopolis" (クロノポリス) 4:12 - tentatively claimed! 3. "Fate ~ The God of Destiny ~" (FATES ~運命の神~) 3:10 4. "Jellyfish Sea" (海月海) 2:55 - taken by @avaris, wip 5. "Burning Orphanage" (炎の孤児院) 2:44 6. "The Girl Who Stole the Stars" (星を盗んだ少女) 3:48 - taken by @Wiesty, wip 7. "The Dream that Time Dreams" (時のみる夢) 4:01 8. "Dragon's Prayer" (龍の祈り) 5:37 - taken by @prophetik music, finished 9. "Terra Tower" (星の塔) 2:26 10. "Frozen Flame" (凍てついた炎) 2:54 11. "Dragon God" (龍神) 3:21 12. "Dark Realms of Time" (時の闇にて) 0:42 <- Just noise 13. "Life ~ A Distant Promise ~" (生命 ~遠い約束~) 6:32 - taken by @Theophany, wip 14. "Reminiscing ~ Uneraseable Memory ~" (回想 ~消せない想い~) 1:39 <- Mostly same as D1S06 "Reminiscing ~ Uneraseable Memory" 15. "Radical Dreamers ~ Unstolen Jewel ~" (RADICAL DREAMERS ~盗めない宝石~) 4:25 - taken by @DragonAvenger and @prophetik music, wip 16. "Fragment of a Dream" (夢のかけら) 2:00 <- Music box version of D3S13 "Life ~ A Distant Promise" things i'll still need: release mirrors, when the time comes website design and hosting. some artwork would be nice! CC has some incredible visuals that would be great to capture. alternatively, some screenshots from the game would be cool too. i will look into a forum area we can work out of in order to be more organized, but ideally we'll use a private ocr forum section in terms of expectations, please note that while i don't expect you to burn out a track in two weeks, i will not accept extended absences without you at least telling me what's going on. my goal for every project i work on is to discharge my obligations as quickly as possible, and i will expect that you're actively working on your track to get it completed within a reasonable amount of time. i personally have no issue filling in gaps where they appear so i can always pick up the slack where it appears. i've got two small children and limited time to work on music, but i'll make sure to do my best to be just as prompt and active in managing this as i am expecting you as a remixer to be in your writing. let's work together and create something really special. remix list (subject to change): disc 1: FROZEN (slow) 1. "Departed Souls" [prophetik] 2. "On the Beach of Dreams" [the coop] 3. "The Girl Who Stole the Stars" [wiesty] 4. "Ephemeral Memory" [oa] 5. "Dead Sea" [kat] 6. "Island of the Earth Dragon" [Peiorele] 7. "Garden of God" [Peiorele] 8. "Forest of Illusion" [noTux] 9. "Life ~ A Distant Promise" [Theophany] 10. "Jellyfish Sea" [avaris] 11. disc 2: FLAME (fast) 1. "Lizard Dance" [evktalo] 2. "Navel of the World" [prophetik music] 3. "Dragon's Prayer" [prophetik music] 4. "Drowned Valley" [prophetik music] 5. "Arni Village - Home World" [VGPianoMan] 6. "Termina - Home World" and "Termina - Another World" [Peiorele] 7. "Guldove - Home World" [OCU] 8. "Radical Dreamers" [DragonAvenger and prophetik] 9. 10.
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    Hi everyone! I thought I'd post a thread in here to make it official that the OC Jazz Collective is currently working on their second ABSOLUTELY FREE OC Remix Album! The entire crew from Chronology returns to bring you some more jazz, this time in the form of a tribute to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. We've got some new faces on board as well and as per usual are open to arrangers who would like to submit their arrangements for us to record! Currently we do not have a working title for the album but we will keep you updated with this thread as we progress! Looking forward to bringing you more music! -Currently seeking visual artists! -Currently seeking arrangements! Musicians XPRTNovice- Alto/Soprano Anthony Lofton- Tenor Sax Sir Jordanius- Trumpet John Stacy- Horn/Trumpet Fratto- Trombone DrumUltima- Vibraphone Nostalvania- Piano Andy Pearce- Guitar Jay Yaskin- Bass Wiesty- Drums Arrangers Wiesty Nostalvania John Stacy Amphibious Prototype Fratto Jorik Bergman
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    I've been visiting OCremix for as long as i remember, well before the decade. Well before i Joined the navy in 2010, i know that for sure. I love coming back here and seeing that everything is going on still. I still listen to rainwave.cc when I can. It's awesome to see how far OCR has come. I remember having to DL songs or looking them up on youtube in order to listen to the remixes. Makes me sad that some of the artists that i loved like The Wingless don't make and post music on here anymore but i guess that's what it is. Keep going strong.
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    A fire is lit within me, and I have decided to extend this series beyond five albums. Here are the names of the additional entries to the series: Volume VI: You said it was going to be five Volume VII: This isn't even Final Fantasy, these are Guardian Legend ReMixes Volume VIII: Okay this one is just a picture of a potato salad? Volume IX: Wind Again, but with new artwork, and an audio forward from Darkesword Volume XI: Wait what happened to X? Volume XII: Volume X Volume XIII: More Final Fantasy V ReMixes because we actually do like that game Volume XIII-2 Lightning Returns: Volume XIII Now accepting sign ups for Lightning Returns: Volume XIII.
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    Oh, you asked for it. This is definitely one of my favorite aspects of the game--let's make a master list. Track by track, here we go! MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD OK I WARNED YOU 1. Once Upon a Time: Main theme of Undertale, can be split into three sections: 00:00 (theme A), :30 (theme , and 1:00 (theme C). Nice one, Toby. 2. Start menu: Theme A from Once Upon a time. Instrumentation fleshes out more depending on how many character's you've met/saved. 3. Your Best Friend: Flowey's theme. Title contains massive spoilers. 4. Fallen Down: Not much to say yet, other than it comes back later (like most of these). 5. Ruins: The melody of this is based on a recurring theme I have yet to figure out the identity of. Let's call it "Adventure Theme". 6. Uwa!! So Temperate♫: Joystick Config music. Changes depending on season. Not related to any other tracks other than the other seasons of the same theme. 7. Anticipation: Foundation of battle theme. When slowed down a lot, this is what is played at SPOILERS OMG SPOILERS: areas during the genocide run after killing everything 8. Unnecessary Tension: Perhaps one of the few tracks that doesn't come back later? But maybe it does... 9. Enemy Approaching: Primary battle theme. Believe it or not, this is the same melody as "Dogsong", "Temmie Village" and "Tem Shop". 10. Ghost Fight: First time hearing this music, which is always associated with the spookier characters--ghosts and spiders. Let's call this "ghost theme." 11. Determination: Determination theme. Heard in Asgore's battle theme as well. 12. Home: Themes A and B of "Once Upon a Time". Aww. 13. Home (Music Box): Who turned off the lights? 14. Heartache: Opening motif is Toriel's theme. It's heard in Asgore's theme--if you had any speculation about their relationship, this should clear it up. 15. sans. Sans's theme, which is also heard in the track "Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans", which I actually have yet to hear in the game itself. 16. Nyeh Heh Heh!: Papyrus' theme. Obviously also heard in Bonetrousle, as well as a bit in Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans. 17. Snowy: And thus begins the Snow area themes. This opening melody is new, but is brought back in bits and pieces in "Snowdin Town" and "Shop" 18. Uwa!! So Holiday♫: See the other one. Winter time! 19. Dogbass: Don't think you ever hear this again, though it's reminiscent of the ghost music. Hmm... 20. Another track that I don't think comes back. Hmm! 21. Dogsong: Yes, believe it or not, this is the melody from the Battle Theme. 22. Snowdin Town: First section of the track is more or less original, but similar in texture/contour to Snowy. Second section is a little more obviously from Snowy. I think the section around one minute in is the first you ever hear this material, but this comes back in Shop, and.... Hopes and Dreams. I think it's intended to be a variation on Theme B from Once Upon a Time. 23. Very similar to the music of Snowdin town. Opening melody similar in structure as opening of Snowdin, but not quite the same. Second section same sort of variation of Theme B from Once Upon a Time. 24. Bonetrousle: More Papyrus! 25. Dating Start!: Shop music, in an anime dating sim style. 26. Dating Tense: I don't think this has much connection with anything else... EXCEPT there is an accompaniment that comes in near the end which contains almost the correct pitch content to be Undyne's theme. Forshadowing? 27. Dating Fight!: Dating Start, but with some kick. 28. Premonition: Mostly ambiance I think. Can't place this progression anywhere else. 29. Danger Mystery. More ambiance. 30. Undyne: This six-note pattern is her theme. It comes back! Not sure about the melody that comes in though--I don't think I've heard that anywhere else. 31. Waterfall: Here's that "adventure" motif again! So the opening glock pattern will come back later too. But yeah, the melody that plays through this is basically the same as what plays in Ruins. 32. Run!: Piano motif made of Undyne's theme, which I guess makes sense because she plays piano. 33. Quiet Water: More "adventure" motif. 34. Memory. The first time we hear "His" theme. and SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS BY HIS THEME WE MEAN ASRIEL'S THEME 35. Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap: We haven't even met her yet, but this is Alphys' theme! What could it mean?! 36. Dummy! More ghost music, but a little more fleshed out than when we heard it in Napstablook's battle. 37. Pathetic House: Same melody as Dummy! and Ghost Fight, just really boring. 38/39. Spooktune and Spookwave: I guess kind of like the ghost fight music? Eh, I dunno. 40. Ghouliday. This is just jingle bells I can't make this stuff up 41. Chill: Not sure what this progression is from. 42. Thundersnail: Also don't think this really comes back ever. Toby said he apparently made the whole track out of one xylophone sample or something. 43. Temmie Village: Once again, melody is based on the battle theme. what the heck. 44. hOI! same as above 45. NGAHHH!!: Begins with Undyne's theme, which we know (just syncopated this time), and halfway through we get that adventure theme again! I think it's interesting that Undyne is the only character that gets this theme, which otherwise is associated to environments of the game. 46. Spear of Justice: Pretty much the same structure as above, just in a different key/orchestration. 47. Ooo. Oooooooooooooooo 48. Alphys: Another three-part theme! First part at :09, second at :32, and third at 1:01. I'll describe them in the same "a" "b" and "c" terms I was using before. 49. It's showtime! Good ol' Mettaton. He actually has a bunch of themes. This opening one is like, his show's theme more than his own personal theme. 50. Metal Crusher: I love this track. Mettaton's main battle theme. This one is also in two parts. 51. Another Medium: Opens up with the same motif as Waterfall, but then has (as far as I can tell) new melodic content. I think there are basically two themes in this track: the one played on the flutey-sounding patch, and the one at :52 52. Uwa!! So HEATS!!♫: Another one of these. Summer time! 53. Stronger Monsters: I never encountered this track in the game. I don't know! I don't hear anything that I can associate to anyone else. 54. Hotel: Theme A and B of "Once Upon a Time". 55. Can You Really Call This A Hotel, I Didn't Receive A Mint On My Pillow Or Anything: Hotel with a little more spice! 56. Confession: Those monsters really are in love. Theme B of Once Upon a Time. 57. Live Report: Mettaton's "show" theme, again. 58. Death Report: Live Report, but awesome. Same "show" theme, but then there's another theme at :25. What is it? Reminds me of Undyne.. 59. Spider Dance: More ghost music! 60. Wrong Enemy?!: Music of the Fan Troll. I'm pretty sure there are zero relatable themes in this one. 61. Oh! One True Love: Toby's making fun of FF6. The windowed screen says "Undertale: the Musical" during this. This is a new melody, but comes back. 62. Oh! Dungeon: Same melody as One True Love 63. It's Raining Somewhere Else: I guess this is Sans' theme, even though I think it sounds like Toriel. I guess they're similar? So sneaky. 64. Core Approach: just the hotel music 65. CORE: This opening motif comes back in the battle you're about to have with Mettaton. Then we get a nice dose of Another Medium, and both of it's themes. 66. Last Episode! Recognize this from Mettaton's battle music? 67. Oh My... Comes from Core and Death from Glamour. 68. Death by Glamour: we've heard this opening motif a few times now, thanks for getting us ready Toby. Halfway through we get one of our motif's from Metal Crusher, and then we get the "show" theme! God, this is a good track. 69. For the Fans: "Oh! One True Love" 70. Long Elevator: come on toby 71. Undertale. It's the title track of the album! You get to hear the story of Asriel, which is why his theme is playing the whole time. You also get Themes A and B from Once Upon a Time, as usual. 72. Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans: I have yet to actually hear this in the game. So the melody is based on "sans.", and then we get some Papyrus in there as well, near the end of the track. 73. The Choice: Very ambient, but the harmony is largely based on the harmony from Undertale 74. Small shock: More harmony from Undertale. 75. Barrier: once again, come on toby 76. Bergentrückung: A German literary archetype describing the trope of a human mysteriously vanishing from the human world. Also basically Asgore's theme. 77. ASGORE. So we get Bergentrückung, and then we get Toriel's theme (and both parts of it!). Then we get "Determination". EDIT: ENDS WITH UNDYNE WHAT 78. You Idiot: Very ambient, but the notes of Omega Flowey's theme. 79. Your Best Nightmare. Man, what an incredible track. This six note motif is Omega Flowey's theme. Then, we get six variations on "Your Best Friend" (aka normal Flowey's theme) scattered throughout the track. One for each of the human souls that Omega Flowey has absorbed. 80. Finale: Flowey's theme with an awesome reharmonization. Now, you have no idea about this aspect of Flowey's character yet, but Asriel's theme comes in at :40. Come on Toby, those are some serious aural spoilers! 81. An Ending: Ruins music, then leading to the track that is basically "respite" (which comes later), which is that adventure theme. Hey, maybe we should call that theme "respite". 82. She's Playing Piano: What you hear Undyne playing in her house when you go to hang out with her. Guess what! It's part C of Alphys' theme! 83. Here We Are: Welcome to Alphys' True lab. Which is why this is just Alphys' theme--Theme A. You get the rhythm of theme C near the end. 84. Amalgam: Holy god this track is AWESOME. Don't know where the melodic material comes from. 85. Fallen Down (Reprise): There's Fallen Down again, but it's been extended! Now we get themes A, B, and C from Once Upon a Time. 86. Don't Give Up: Adventure theme (or respite or whatever). 87. Hopes and Dreams: Ah! My favorite track. Beautiful variation on Theme A from Once Upon a time in the beginning, and then most of the melody is actually based on Theme C from Once Upon a Time. We also get snippet's of Flowey's theme in the background, which is great now that we know how they're related. You also get that variation of Theme B from Once Upon a Time, which sounds more like Snowdin/Shop theme than anything else. Same with the end of this track--this is from Shop. 88. Burn in Despair: Based on those six notes from Omega Flowey. Scary. 89. SAVE the World: Once Upon a Time paired up with Flowey's theme. Pretty cool! Then we get more of Theme C from Once Upon a Time, with Flowey's theme returning to haunt the background again. 90. His Theme. Yes, Asriel's theme. Get your tissue box out, because you're going to cry a lot. (I cried a lot). I think it's the 1-5-9 motion in the left hand of the piano that really does me in. 91. Final Power: This is just some of Hopes and Dreams reversed and slowed down slightly 92. Ah, nostalgic music. This is a pretty long track, but you get all three parts of Once Upon a Time, as well as that variation from the Shop theme./Snowdin village. 93. Menu (Full): the full orchestration! You did it! 94. Respite: Epilogue music. That "adventure" theme we heard a lot. 95. Bring it in Guys: awesome credits music. Enemy Approaching, Nyeh Heh Heh/sans., Snowdin Town, Once Upon a Time, Undyne, adventure theme, Death by Glamour, CORE, Bergentrückung, Fallen down, Once Upon a Time. 96. Last Goodbye: More of some Hopes and Dreams/SAVE the World style music, mostly working with Themes B and C from Once Upon a Time. The end of this is awesome. Finishes out with Theme A from Once Upon a Time. 97. But the Earth Refused to Die: Heard just before fighting Undyne the Undying. Variation on that "adventure" theme. 98. Battle against a true hero: Theme reserved for special boss battles in the genocide run. That opening theme comes back later. We get that adventure theme again! 99. Power of NEO. Same motif from the last track. This one is pretty short, because it doesn't last long. 100. MEGALOVANIA: This is a track from Homestuck, apparently. No other themes from the game in here, as far as I know. 101. Good Night. Good night, goatmom. Once Upon a Time again. Whew I can't believe I did all that! Have fun!
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    So we just passed our second-to-last deadline, and I am very happy with the progress that we saw for this deadline. Not only do we have a handful of tracks that are nearly finished, we also saw a good amount of new WIPS and a few folks reaching out to get a bit more time for their updates. So thanks all, let's keep it up! Unfortunately we didn't hear from everyone, and that also means a track that previously was claimed has become available again. Anyone interested, I Closed My Eyes, the dreamy Game Over tune, is now up for grabs again! Next deadline is July 2nd. It'd be a good idea to shoot for a near final version of your track so you don't have to rush it towards the final deadline in September. Stay tuned!
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    Very interesting as I've had this happen recently as well. I'm used to being stalked by bar-crawling cougars, but not people in dire need of a Castlevania mix. It's weird for me.
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    Hey everybody, here's a major update. Short term sad news, long term good. My time has been waning a lot recently, as you've probably noticed by my lack of posts. The majority of my input has been behind-the scenes, while my glamorous assistant @Trism has been dealing with the front of house, as it were. Unfortunately, as things stand, my handle on the little I've been able to do has loosened a lot now as well. Without going into too much detail, life just has a way of making things impossible sometimes and priorities are thrust upon you rather than letting you choose your own. THEREFORE: Rather than let this project and all the fantastic work you've all done so far slip into obscurity, I've decided to hibernate it for the timebeing. I figure that voluntarily putting a pin in it while I clear my theoretical desk is a far better option than let the ship run adrift without a captain at the helm. Thanks for the support so far, folks, we WILL be back. This is just something that has to happen for now
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    Voted. Those remixes are some good stuff. *Insert thumbs up here*
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    I'm reading the write up and having helped give damonz feedback during the making of this raging fuckity, fluffity piece of earcandy, i'm sat here reading the write up and thinking "There's something wrong with these transitions?" Going on record and saying I strongly disagree, cause these transitions are in my eye, sick. In fact, 9:02 is such a fucking good transition that when I hear the Gourmet Race now, my brain goes "wait why isn't it transitioning to green greens?" - When a transition is so good I get confused when I don't hear it in the source tune, I say thats a job well fucking done personally. As for the rest of it, what can I say? Its a fucking magnum opus of sorts. Yeah its a medley wah wah wah but its executed so damn fucking well. And the last 3 minutes or so are simply put... worth the wait. I may be biased, since i'm a good friend and I saw this mix kinda come into fruition, but is something that definitely deserves to be applauded. Cute, cuddly yet supremely epic. This doesn't deserve the free download imo, its too good for that. Go buy the album instead!
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    The ThaSauce thread is already up. So if something bad happens to me or my internet connection, the round can still start. Only admin's can see the thread and source yet. Hopefully HoboKa doesn't abuse this advantage to create an OC-worthy song. For me, even if I would use this advantage I would still end up with the wooden spoon.
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    Well done to everybody! Good number of votes this time. I've already got a source picked out for this one, should be fun!
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    @The Imposter has now claimed The Awesome Black Hole. Welcome aboard! 3 tracks to go! Now you can REALLY drop the mic. Which mic did you get? No, not yet - I still haven't had a chance to sit down and figure out how I want this to work, let alone write any sort of script. Since quite a few folks are asking about this, I guess I better get on it. Record it, duplicate the track, then hard-pan each track left and right. You can do stereo pretty good this way.
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    @prophetik music Confirmed, this is currently a hard limit for users of the "Members" group; relevant settings: Conversations allowed to start per day = 5 Conversations allowed to start per minute = 1 Maximum recipients per conversation = 5 These are intended to mitigate any spambots that might make it through (or, I suppose, overzealous users?) from abusing the PM system. Do you need more & why? If so, and perhaps regardless, we may create an "elevated" group above regular members for users who have been around a good while, made numerous contributions, etc., and we could bump these settings for these ELITE SPECIAL PEEPS...
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    Well me entry is up. Pretty simple affair overall.
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    Almost every VST that exists will work fine in FL Studio. Super Audio Cart is a Kontakt library, it is built to be run inside of Kontakt. You have to run Super Audio Cart in Kontakt. There is no other way to do it. It's like if you have a Wii U game, you have to have a Wii U to play it. Super Audio Cart is the game, Kontakt is the Wii U. Kontakt itself is a VST, and it will work with any host programs that you can write music in (like FL Studio, Reason, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Cubase, Studio One, and more). Much like any VST's, they will all work in these programs. The only time a VST "doesn't work" is if it's poorly coded and unstable, or if FL Studio itself has some obscure issue in the coding. But for thousands and thousands of VST's this is not an issue. Only a small few. Ableton Live is not a plugin. It isn't an instrument that generates sound or an effect. You can not use it like a VST. It is a host program like FL Studio that you can put VST's inside of, though. So you can use Ableton Live or you can use FL Studio. You pick one.
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    Hey folks. I think it's prudent of me to look in every now and again just to show @Trism and I haven't forgotten about this. So I'll be saying "hi" every month or so with a very basic status message. So... We're still on hiatus, but looking to the future where we can open this back up again. I'm hesitant to give an ETA because I'd be picking numbers out of the air, but hopefully not too long. @David "Cookie", thanks for your positivity, it means a lot! Same goes for you @Jorito, you've been awesome behind the scenes. @Nathan Allen Pinard Lots of time-consuming and attention-requiring behind-the-scenes stuff lol. Things like collating, micromanagement, asset building, digital gophering, promotion, signing etc. It's an ongoing process and needs more time and attention than we can give it at the moment, And since everybody else on the project has been working so hard on it, it seems unfair to be anything less than impeccable on my end. Ergo the hiatus until Trism and I can once more fully bend our minds towards it. AAANYWAYS... Cheers folks and keep your ears to the ground.
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    First story video set in the fictional cybersoccer universe that ties together several of my albums, including an announcement at the end:
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    Okay, let me see if I can explain this without sounding like a pompadour wearing hipster. So, width is an interesting topic of discussion in of itself and so is layering of elements, but lets start simple with the idea of masking as this has a lot to do with what I'm about to discuss. Masking is when you have one element of a mix hide or cloud the ability to hear another. So, lets listen to your mix and do some analysis of what is readily able to be heard versus what is more than likely causing it to be masked (best guesses based on the sonic qualities of everything going on). The piano can be heard, but it has no real definition in the mix. It is just kind of there and not really adding to the mix in its current state. More than likely there is a combination of the guitars and drums taking up too much space for the piano to really shine. That is probably the largest masking issue in the mix. I don't know how to tell you to correct this without you actually revisiting the mix from the start. But I can re-suggest starting the mix from zero and mixing up and developing a static mix from that. This helps you find a general level and balance of the instruments that work to keep various elements of the mix audible and not fighting each other for too much space. Don't worry about EQ or Compression or effects at this point. You just want to get something that is generally favorable and kind of what you're looking for from the focus of the instruments. Then after this point you can start to add in EQ to clear up some space and create more space for the various instruments. Now, I keep saying "space" and let me tell you this is probably the hardest thing to define in a mixing context. Not because it is necessarily hard to achieve, but because it is incredibly difficult to put into words exactly what it is. It is kind of the situation of where you know exactly what it is because the big name guys have been doing it so well for so long that you know exactly what it sounds like, and when it doesn't sound like that it is definitely noticeable. Essentially, you almost want to picture a stage or volume or something where all these various elements are playing together. Then you've got to figure out mentally how these various elements are placed on the stage or volume or whatever. Then you've got to work on making the mix of the various instruments sound like what you're picturing. Go listen to pretty much any Pop, Rock, Metal, Hip Hop, RnB, or whatever and just pay attention to where the various elements are situated relative to one another. This is where the ideas of width and layering start coming into play. So, width as I said is an interesting concept in of itself and the general idea is that there are two speakers so there is a fixed amount of separation between the two that is the inherent width of any mix. However, it is possible to go beyond those with things like stereo expanders, but those as you've pointed out can cause issues with mono compatibility. Though there are ways to make a mix that is wide and is mono compatible. Really, the general idea at play here is partially related to the idea of sum and difference of the left and right. The greater the difference between the left and right overall the wider the mix will probably sound. It is also important to note how our brain interprets sound. Most of the issues with mono compatibility are when you play with the phase of either the left or right compared to the other. The more out of phase one is with the other the wider it will sound, but that also comes at the price of compromising the phantom center (remember the center doesn't actually exist). With that being said if you have a very solid phantom center and more or less invert the left or right phase of an element in the mix you'd be surprised at how forgiving the brain is to it. Sure it still won't sound correct, but it starts to get you thinking about it. Additionally, with this we're generally less sensitive to higher frequency material being out of phase than lower frequency material. Use that to your advantage. You really have to use all sorts of tricks to make the brain think it is hearing something that it may not necessarily be hearing. That really brings me to the last point I'd like to make about layering. As I'm sure you're aware of already there is layering different sounds together to make a more complex sound. Well, you can apply the same idea to a mix in not only the stereo field, but also the depth of a mix. You've kind of got to think of the depth like drawing a 3D image on a piece of paper. Is it 3D? No it isn't, but it looks 3D and the same can apply with a mix. It is just an illusion of an element in the mix being closer or further away than another. Lets go back for a second to the idea of width. Now, if you place something halfway panned, hard pan something else, and if you apply "gentle" stereo expansion to something else then the end result is something that will likely sound wider than had you quarter panning, half panning, and just hard panning. The gentle stereo expansion is not likely to cause many issues with mono compatibility either. Plus, if you control the volume and spectral balance of what you pan out then you've also created complexity to the mix where certain instruments appear closer and further from the listener. Apply this same kind of thinking to just depth of the mix and you'll be starting to get the idea of layering within a mixing context rather than a sound design context. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you listen to the big name stuff with these ideas in place you'll likely find that they are wider in the top end and narrow the lower in frequency that they go creating like an upside down triangle. Trust me it'll take time to wrap your head around it, but these are things to start paying attention to. Ultimately, a good modern stereo mix is one of illusion. There are some monitoring tricks you can do to see what exactly is going on. For instance if you mono your monitoring then what you're hearing the sum or phantom center of the mix. If you mono your monitoring and then invert the phase of either the left or right then you're hearing the difference which is really just the out of phase material that will disappear when the mix is collapsed to mono. Now, this out of phase material doesn't necessarily translate to width. It is just what will disappear when you collapse to mono. If you hear a lot of low end like this then that is generally pretty bad. But if you hear some reverb tails or such then it probably isn't such a big deal. You've got to alternate between normal stereo, mono, and mono + invert to really get a good idea of what you're mix is doing. Also, you've got to just experiment to understand what these things all mean to the end result of the mix. The last thing I'd like to suggest is applying things in layers. That is to say if you need a lot of compression on a signal then use multiple compressors for the different aspects of the sound that need compression. This typically creates a more natural sounding result than one compressor doing all the lifting (though it may be desirable artistically to do one layer of compression). Apply the same idea to width. Add it in stages and try to bake it in from the beginning. Okay, that was a lot longer than I expected and I waffled about a bit, but hopefully it makes some sense.
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    Well hello there! Welcome to OCR! Seems like you want to send this in as a submission, right? Awesome, I'll give you an idea of how it'll fare on the panel if you submit it as is. Nice combination of instruments you've got going there - this works pretty darn well as a synthwave track. The overall soundscape is delicious, and the way that the track builds off of itself does a great job to progress the track. Your synths are well crafted, and when the drums come in they compliment the overall soundscape very well. In the beginning the production works well enough, but as the track progresses and more instruments are introduced the soundscape tends to get pretty muddy, due to how wet the synths are. The moments of clarity in this give me goosebumps, like at 0:45 (the introduction of that bass synth) and 2:12 (that drum over the bass), but 2:46 onward the instruments all bleed into one another and create a messy soundscape. The Sanctuary portion's main synth is also overly wet and would otherwise be problematic, but that section doesn't have nearly as many synths going at once to cause issue. Release heavy synths, delay and reverb are solid tools in the Synthwave genre, but there's too much of it in this track so tone it down to clean it up. Related to the issue above, when things get overly crowded the track takes a hit as far as having limiting artifacts. When everything is going down in the second have it sounds like there's a constant "buzzing". While I can't 100% confirm this to be a limiting issue, clipping or anything without uploading it to Audacity, it's very likely when this gets busy it also hits your limiter. Be careful with that. The drums in this, while great for the genre, suffer from being pretty static. Change it up from time to time, add a pattern, switch the beat a little in subtle ways, etc.. The fills are a good start, but the pattern drones on after 2:12, so you'd very likely be called out on it on the panel. If you were to send this to the inbox as is, I would likely pass it on to the panel, but it would very likely be rejected on production grounds, overly crowded soundscape and that static drumset. I'd suggest making your synths a bit more dry, and giving some more variety and life to those drums. Pay attention to your production levels, too, though they'd likely be almost automatically fixed once the soundscape is less crowded. ... On an unofficial note, I really like the arrangement, here. Personally, I feel there was a lot of potential to expand on the Sanctuary track after 2:12, but that's just my opinion. Most of your issues in this track come into play after you start the Castle theme, though, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a more rich and focused Sanctuary arrangement. This doesn't affect your track in any way as far as the panel goes, but I thought I'd add that suggestion in there a bit off the record. Best of luck, and thanks for sharing your track, here - it's a pretty cool track.
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    (this quote was from PRC345) I've signed up for the Discord group today, didn't get around to it earlier. I'm going to post small announcement over there in the #comps page, linking to this thread and/or ThaSauce.
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    An update? Like WHAAT?!? I realized I should come in and say something... at staff discussion a while back, I'm like "I'm ready for trailers, what's next?" We're like, not sure, but reminded ourselves we need to get VROOM out the door for God's sake. What no one knew was, around that time, with my first batch of free time in a long time, I was crazy enough to consider actually going back in and finishing my track, which was still stuck at WIP 1, and which up to then I thought was hopeless. Whaddaya know, it worked out, thanks in no small part to Naofumi Hataya's composition for "Replay", which has so damn many good riffs that any ReMix can practically write itself! This album is going to come out very soon, we mean it this time: we at staff are sorta the collective director, my Virtua Racing Deluxe arrangement is included, and we're prepping the OCRI release. We thank the past and present album crew, the artists and the fans for staying tuned and putting up with the twists in our timeline.
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    Hey guys! We have finished polishing tracks (with the feedback from the judges panel in mind, of course ), and the project was resubmitted yesterday! Sadly, we had to drop a couple of tracks. Given this fact, I decided to change the tracklist bit. But hey, good news is that we've got plenty of amazing music left! Hope the album passes the panel this time! @Chernabogue is working on the trailer for us, and what we have now is pretty nice, tbh. All in all, we're very close to the finish, so be patient and get hyped bit by bit
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    Pretty much everything after the first half of the first level in Comix Zone. I acknowledge that it was among the better games to come out at the end of the Genesis's run but it is a classic rage game . You only get one life, you die if you fall, and hitting obstacles to get through the level hurts you. wtf.
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    I'd also like to acknowledge the role of critical feedback in the writing of this arrangement. I think it was Theophany that encouraged me to do a substantive rewrite of an earlier version (into which I had already poured several hours of work). But the previous version was confused, with too many ideas vying for the listener's attention. In restarting from scratch after playing around with the themes a bit, I had a much clearer vision for the arrangement, and what emerged was by far a superior product. In other words, don't succumb to the sunk-cost fallacy -- sometimes it's best to start over from a clean slate.
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    In addition to Debussy, I also feel a bit of Bizet's slower pieces. Just a fantastic, fantastic OoT piece.
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    I rarely post reviews -- something that I should definitely do more often -- but holy smokes, this is the best channeling of Debussy I have heard in a very long time, without limiting that qualification to fan-made material. I also love that it tackles what is a very short source, demonstrating that there is a mountain of potential for almost anything given enough talent.... ...and "enough" doesn't even begin to describe what's going on here. The ending is particularly well-executed, giving us the source melody clearly in a way that doesn't feel contrived in the slightest. I'm going to be gushing about this for some time to come.
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    Okay so first off, I agree that the sample work could be improved, but I don't think it's that bad at all. Mechanical harpsichord don't bother me, because I personally think that's how the instrument is meant to be played most of the time. The violin is the most noticeable one, and could have used more expression in the sequencing, but the writing is great. Also, the drums didn't bother me. The kick and snare could have a tad more presence, but are definitely easily audible even in the busy sections. I don't think those issues are dealbreakers, especially with such an awesome arrangement. The progression is excellent, and the source is handled very skillfully. No hesitation from me even with the aforementioned issues. I think this is still an easy YES
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    just checking in; still alive, still working on the track, should have an updated WIP sometimes this week. sorry about vanishing...
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    heard a final for Forest of Illusion today, so as soon as @noTuX gets me a lossless, that one's done! also heard a badass jazz arrangement from @Wiesty that is gonna be a real standout collaborative performance on the slow album. i also have WIPs promised from several people by the end of the month...looking forward to hearing it! my music pc is back in business after some issues with hard drives so i'm excited to get working again as well.
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    Very enjoyable longform symphonic rock track, good performances to add some extra life into it. There's a small harmonic wart with the organ at 1:47 when transitioning between parts. That's about the only thing I personally object with the track, I see a bunch of production crits but my ears were not bothered by the production. I like the variety of the instrumentation and keeping everything fresh for the whole duration is an cool achievement. It really sounds quite effortless actually. The track also has a very strong sense of forwards drive, which is nice, it constantly feels like it's going somewhere. It's also interesting that the parts do not differ greatly from another, and since everything else is clicking, this emphasizes the sense of forward momentum.
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    Haha, great source choice! My composition is done but I need to work on the mix.
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    Alright, so here's where we're at: Currently, @Quinn Fox @Amphibious @zykO @DjjD @Sbeast @Alephmale have missed the deadline, so their sources are available if someone can send me a WIP of them beforehand. Of course, if they have a WIP then awesome - they're back in the game (and I really hope they do!). Thanks @Jorito @Eitzpii for keeping on top of things on here - your effort is appreciated! I will be getting in touch with everyone who is nearly finished with their older track over the next week and pushing them a little to get their finished WAVs in relatively soon. Please send me something as a WIP, as it would be better if we had more tracks than less, but as a project I do plan on pushing this forward regardless. Alright, that's it for now. Let's keep this thing moving!
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    Boys; I wanna take you for a ride! *EDIT* Wow, this is my 666th post. I may never be able to post on OCR again!
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    Thanks for the detailed response! Yeah I understand masking and notching/boosting in theory, but I need a lot more practice learning the proper frequency ranges to do it for each instrument. I'm going to revisit this mix and work on it some more. One problem I've had is the same as Trism: My mix sounds really good on my headphones but not as good on my speakers or other systems. I recently learned that my headphones frequency response isn't as flat as I thought, and have added some corrective eq. I've also started playing with a binaural room impulse response vst so I can hear the phantom center correctly in my headphones. I know mixing is best done on monitors in an acoustically treated room, but that's just not in the cards for me right now. Let me make sure I understand what you said at the beginning: You are recommending starting with all instruments at 0 and bringing them into the mix one at a time, using only volume knobs/gainers, until everything is heard well enough, and then apply EQ/compression from there, right? Also, as far as "stage placement," do you think adding some additional reverb to the piano would help it stand out more by making it sound like I've moved it back on the stage? Is that a thing that commonly works? Right now it has the exact same reverb as all the guitars so it's in the same line as them. I promise I got more out of your post than I am asking here-I just need a little guidance to make sure I'm moving in the right direction.
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    Cool mix! I love the mixture of vibes here. I love it when an old standby gets a new and unique treatment. Definitely a solid arrangement of my second-favorite DKC2 source (I like Forest Interlude ever so slightly more than Stickerbrush Symphony; it's super-close). Nice Work.
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    Glad I could help! No worries about the arrangement commentary - it was just a personal thought of mine. Good luck, and I hope to hear more from you.
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    May not have had the time to enter, but I did submit a vote. I should be able to enter this next round, though!
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    Rockin' the classic Wharfdale diamonds!
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    i'll be sending out update requests again fairly soon. still trucking along =)
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    I've spilled water on my keyboard multiple times and I eat messy food over it all the time. It's not so bad. :3
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    What is it you need done other than people getting their work in?
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    At first, I was taken back by the artist's interpretations, especially when I heard "You Dirty, You Nasty, But You Mine". At this point, I had to understand that these are true Remix's. They are interpretations of more than a musical score, they also represent the settings and emotions linked directly to the overall narrative of SMRPG. On this point I have to say, well done. As usual, I ended up late to the party and have recently become aware of MSU1's and the ability to apply Cd quality music to Snes Roms. In my curiosity, I wanted to see how OCRemix's "Super Mega Ultra Pipe House" would fit over the intro to Super Mario Rpg. I don't currently have the knowledge to hack a rom to induce the MSU1, but IMO, I can press play on two applications, pretty damn fast. Sure enough, if you sync the jump in the game intro, with the jump sound in the song intro, it not only captures the essence of the game, it can actually be perceived to "introduce" members of the cast. Now that I've seen and heard the two together, and can't get it out of my head, it assures me that you all took great care in capturing the uniqueness of SMRPG and the wide variety of ideas thrown into the game. SMRPG was destined to have a unique tone being that it was a Square Rpg conceptualized in Nintendo's nest egg, The Mushroom Kingdom. The biggest name in Rpg's, at the time, with the most cherished character in gaming history, Mario. This was the first, and the last time that Square would produce a Mario Rpg. It was also the 2nd to last game produced by Square before their big break up with Nintendo. Surely, Square and Sony had already been in talks to make Final Fantasy VII exclusively on the Playstation. The music, as well as the themes, were the product of two gaming giants trying to get their personal themes to fit into one cartridge, sometimes remarkably, sometimes to their detriment. Now, as we look back at some of these more unique games, that came from unique circumstances, a unique interpretation of the 100+ songs and sounds from the original rom is fitting. Pipe Funk (Hello from Inside the Earthen Pipe) was almost a direct interpretation, the core of the original SMRPG track offset the first beat of the melody that most of us recognize as the OG Mario "Underworld" score. This inflection on the up-beat gave the Smrpg track a funky, almost Micheal Jackson feel. OCRemix took that idea and turned their track into a Halloween themed 80's dance party, and the DJ just started spinning Thriller. Still the Road is Full of Klezmorim.... Skyrim Remix please? The remix for "The Dungeon is Full of Monsters" is one of the most out of place tracks, but quickly became a track I wanted to hear more of. Then I wanted to hear a little bit more, then just wanted to hear a little bit more. 5 times in a row? at some point I lost count. Rockos and Danton Freitas did well at replicating a style of music that reminds me of Genghis Tron with a more deliberate style choice. There is probably a better comparison, but I haven't listened to anything like that in a while(aka i'm old), and honestly, the arrangement is weirdly refreshing. Perhaps the juxtaposition of SMRpg sound effects with Electronic Blip Bloops(ie Flip Florps, WubWubs) and Guitar Djent-rification created a compelling soundscape of our hero in danger, battling shadows and emerging victorious. Thank you for creating this ear candy. Considering that OCRemix is consistently producing quality engineered albums on the regular, while also maintaining an environment for creators to collaborate, I have to commend you all on your dedication and I hope you all continue to work together to produce this wonderful music. Cheers.
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    Hey, if I can take Mountain Path of Ice Fog, then count me in. I'm back in the scene, so to speak.
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    Hey prophetik, I'm brand-new to OCRemix (this is my first post!), but I've been a long-time fan & supporter. I'm a game & film composer in Atlanta, GA and have been performing/recording piano for 19 years & violin for 15 years (and teach both too!). I've been actively creating video game piano covers on YouTube for the last several years and am now in a healthy rhythm of recording 1+ video per week. I'm seeking to collaborate more (especially with this community) and this project strikes my attention. Chrono Cross is one of the seminole soundtracks that guided me into becoming a professional musician. I would love to record a solo piano track for the album. I have no particular preference, but I DID already record Arni Village on piano about a year ago and it seems no one has bounced on that yet (which I find crazy since it's one of my favorites!). I'd be happy to polish up this arrangement for a full-sized keyboard with better production for the album. I'm open to recording another tune as well. Let me know what you think!
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    collabs are so annoying sometimes though. i always think they'll be awesome but then it's eight months later and some schmoe still hasn't recorded the t-pain vocals for the scuba divers track on FF4.