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    Introduction Past and future collide as two factions clash in the greatest musical battle the world has ever seen. Armored heroes meet metal warriors on the battlefield of wailing guitars, dirty drops, and soaring strings. Get ready, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for Robots vs. Knights! Current News Round 8: Boss Battle 2 has begun! The boss theme is, of course, the one man who’s torn between Robots and Knights: Knight Man! All squads must submit a remix that combines one of their sources with the boss theme. Primary artists are not required to use their personal theme; they can use any of their squads 3 sources. Collaboration with teammates is allowed and encouraged.All competitors are encouraged (but not required) to share WIPs with teammates in order to get constructive feedback. Good luck and happy mixing. Remixes are due Sunday, April 30th at 9 PM EDT. All competitors will compose and produce remixes that combine both sources into one, cohesive piece of music. Collaboration with teammates is allowed, but the primary artists should be the competitors listed in the table above. All competitors are encouraged (but not required) to share WIPs with teammates in order to get constructive feedback. Good luck and happy mixing. A lot of team discussion is happening on the OC ReMix Discord, be sure to make yourselves available. As always, all participants (competitors and voters) are expected to adhere to the Competitions Code of Conduct. Scoreboard Battle Team Knight Team Robot Ballade vs Shovel Knight 2 0 Uranus vs Propeller Knight 0 2 Saturn vs Plague Knight 2 0 Enker vs Polar Knight 0 2 Pluto vs King Knight 0 2 Punk vs Shield Knight 2 0 Mercury vs Spectre Knight 0 2 Mars vs Mole Knight 0 0 Venus vs Wandering Travelers 0 2 Boss Battle vs Tinker Knight 0 9 Total 6 19 Teams Team Knight Artist Source Squad Anorax Propeller Knight Shovel Squad theshaggyfreak Polar Knight Shovel Squad PlanarianHugger Spectre Knight Shovel Squad akalink Plague Knight Armor Squad GCJ Shield Knight Armor Squad JohnStacy Wandering Travelers Armor Squad Jorito Shovel Knight Relic Squad Dewey Newt King Knight Relic Squad Arrow Mole Knight Relic Squad Team Robot Artist Source Squad Gario Ballade Rush Squad Starpheonix Enker Rush Squad Thirdkoopa Mercury Rush Squad Chiwalker Uranus Tango Squad Yami Pluto Tango Squad Ronald Poe Mars Tango Squad Trism Saturn Beat Squad Xenonetix Punk Beat Squad MegaDrive Venus Beat Squad Releases Round 1: Squad vs. Squad Block 1 Round 2: Squad vs. Squad Block 1 Round 3: Squad vs. Squad Block 1 Round 4: Boss Battle 1 About Robots vs. Knights (RvK) is a Team vs. Team competition. It’s a new format that I’ve been developing for a couple of months now, combining elements of the head-to-head battles of the Remix Battle tournaments (GRMRB, etc.) with the teamwork aspect of Gauntlet tournaments (WCRG, etc.). Here’s the full breakdown of how it’s going to work. Sign-ups 18 people sign up. I’ll divide everyone into 2 teams of 9. I’ll be assigning people to their respective teams in order to ensure a balanced competition. Each team will be given a pool of sources to select from. Team members will decide how to assign sources themselves. I won’t be running a draft. Team Robots will be given a selection of sources from the Mega Man Game Boy games. Team Knights will be given a selection of sources from Shovel Knight. Each team will form 3 squads of 3 members each. The squad will be your group that you’ll rotate with throughout the competition, similar to the teams from gauntlet competitions. Squad-vs-Squad Battle 1 The first 3 rounds are squad-vs-squad battles. Each squad will decide their remixing order for the first three rounds and provide that to me. Each round, I’ll post 3 match-ups between squads on opposing teams. Each squad’s artist will submit a remix that uses their selected source and the opposing squad’s selected source. At the end of each round, artists send their remixes to me, I’ll put the tracks up, and people will vote. Each victory will earn points for the team. Boss Battle 1 The 4th round is a boss battle. I’ll post a boss theme source. All 6 squads will submit a remix that combines the boss theme with one of the squad’s sources. Any member of the squad can be the primary artist. The primary artist is not required to use their own personal source; they can use any of their squad’s 3 sources. At the end of the round, voters will select their 3 favorite remixes, unranked. The team that has the most selections at the end of the voting period will choose between two rewards: a chunk of points, or the right to counterpick in the next block of squad-vs-squad battles. Break 1 While votes are being collected for Boss Battle 1, we will take a week-long break, using the time to review remixes from past rounds. Squad-vs-Squad Battle 2 The next 3 rounds are squad-vs-squad battles. If a team has the right to counterpick, they’ll be provided the opposing team’s remixing orders first before determining their remixing orders. I will still determine the actual match-ups based on the updated remixing orders. The 3 rounds of squad-vs-squad battles are conducted as before. Boss Battle 2 The 8th round is another boss battle, conducted in the same way as the previous boss battle round. Break 2 While votes are being collected for Boss Battle 2, we will take a week-long break, using the time to review remixes from past rounds. One-vs-One Battle The 9th and final round is comprised of 9 one-on-one battles. If a team has earned the right to counterpick from the previous round, they’ll be allowed to determine the 9 match-ups; rematches of previous battles from the squad-vs-squad blocks are not allowed. If no team has counterpick, I’ll determine the match-ups. Each artist will be responsible for writing a remix that uses their selected source and their opponent’s source. At the end of the round, remixes will be submitted and voted on. The team with the most victories will earn a large chunk of points. The team with the most points at the end of the competition wins. Submissions and File Name Rules Submission All entries must be sent to me (DarkeSword) via PM on the forums. Please include your team name, squad name, and the round number in the subject line of your PM. I encode all MP3s myself, so please send me your submissions in 16bit, 44.1KHz WAV format. Don’t send MP3s. Please do not use MediaFire, RapidShare, or any other ad-ridden public sharing site as a host for your entry. There are many better options you can and should be using to host your music. I recommend Dropbox or SoundCloud. Make sure your files are downloadable. File Names If you worked on the remix without the help of your teammates: Team Robots - DarkeSword - Be Cool, Man (Ice Man vs. Polar Knight).wav If one team member helps you with your entry in a significant way and you want to give them credit, add their name as follows: Team Robots - DarkeSword feat. Neblix - Be Cool, Man (Ice Man vs. Polar Knight).wav If more than one team members help you with your entry in a significant way and you want to give them credit, add their names as follows: Team Robots - DarkeSword feat. Neblix, Liontamer - Be Cool, Man (Ice Man vs. Polar Knight).wav Notes Make sure you’re using proper capitalization for team names and character names. Put spaces on both sides of the hyphens between Team Name, Artist, and Title. If your remix’s title has special punctuation that you can’t include in the file name (e.g. \ / : \* ? " < > |), please let me know in your submission PM so I can include the correct title in the tags. Please follow the file name format exactly; I use the file names to make sure that all the metadata is correct when I tag the MP3s. It’s a massive pain sitting there renaming, re-spacing, and reformatting so that everything works properly with mp3tag’s file-name-to-tag tools, and ultimately it means that when you all do it right, I can get the music up for voting way faster. Voting Rules and Guidelines Voting is conducted publicly in the Public Voting forum. Every week, a thread will be created for the most recently completed round of remixing. Because RvK has two different types of rounds (squad-vs-squad and boss battle), please make sure you read and follow the instructions in the voting thread. Things to keep in mind when voting: The most important thing to consider when voting is how well the remix incorporates and arranges both themes. Production and enjoyability should also be considered, but this is primarily an arrangement competition. Everyone is allowed (and encouraged) to vote, including competitors. Everyone must adhere to the Competitions Code of Conduct. FAQ This is pretty interesting, but why are you doing this instead of just another Tournament or Gauntlet? The philosophy behind RvK is to create an environment where more artists will be working together to help and learn from each other. I want to tap into the spirit of teamwork and collaboration in a bigger way this tournament. Rather than just having two friends working on tracks with you week to week, you’ll have eight other teammates that you can use as resources. What do you mean by resources? In the past, I’ve tried to limit the amount of collaboration allowed in competitions because I wanted to make sure that people were putting forth a concerted effort to grow as artists on their own. While we’ll still be adhering to the idea of a Primary Artist for each remix in RvK, some of the limitations will be relaxed. Artists will be able to get help from all 8 of their teammates. This includes production help, session instruments, and arrangement feedback. The Primary Artist will still be responsible for the bulk of the work that goes into a remix, but they’ll have a lot more help in getting that remix polished up. How many remixes do I have to write? You will be responsible for at least 3 remixes: 2 remixes from the squad-vs-squad battles, and 1 remix in the final battle. You may also be responsible for any of the boss battle remixes, but that will be up to your team. Why can’t we choose our own teams? I’m going to determine the teams based on skill level in order to ensure fairness across the board. I want both teams to have a healthy balance between novices and veterans. Do we get to pick team names or squad names? No. The two teams will be known as Team Robots and Team Knights. I will also be setting the squad names which will be revealed once we get the competition started. I really want to be on Team Robots/Team Knights! Can you put me on that team? I’ll consider your preference but I can’t guarantee anything. Notes Stardroid sprites used in Team Robot sigs were colorized by onyx801.
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    Hey ocremix pals. Just wanted to let you know I'll be playing SNL this week with my new gig, Father John Misty. Check it out. I'll be the guy on piano. http://jammcard.com/jon-titterington-books-father-john-misty-gig-playing-snl-and-coachella/
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    So we're in April already, and I'd like to remind y'all that we have a new deadline coming up. The next deadline is April 30! Also a reminder, if you don't check in with an updated WIP or neglect to tell us if you can't make the deadline, we'll unfortunately have to drop your claim. So don't let that happen and check in with us, ya hear? @Blake Inc. and @PabloComa are in the clear for this deadline, they already reached out to us with their status for this check-in. Really looking forward to seeing the first WIPs from @Sagnewshreds, @JonnyAtma, @Fishy, @dannthr, @HankTheSpankTankJankerson, @HeavyViper and @Kylok. Don't let us down and in stead amaze us with the coolness you'll bring! Also looking forward to updated WIPs from @zykO, @Rexy, @audio fidelity, @Harmony, @djpretzel, @Jorito, @Kylok. You're off to a great start, so keep it coming. And of course a shout out to @Hylian Lemon, @Chernabogue, @Sbeast, @Starphoenix, @Thirdkoopa. You guys are nearly there and it'd be awesome to see you bring your track to its completion. Lastly @Yami and @RebeccaETripp expressed interest in claiming a track. If you're still interested, don't forget to stake your claim There's 3 weeks left to that next deadline, so plenty of time to bring the goodness!
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    I made this video in anticipation of this song one day being posted, in case anybody was curious where the title of the remix comes from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQS2_Mt6_Lc
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    I've been visiting OCremix for as long as i remember, well before the decade. Well before i Joined the navy in 2010, i know that for sure. I love coming back here and seeing that everything is going on still. I still listen to rainwave.cc when I can. It's awesome to see how far OCR has come. I remember having to DL songs or looking them up on youtube in order to listen to the remixes. Makes me sad that some of the artists that i loved like The Wingless don't make and post music on here anymore but i guess that's what it is. Keep going strong.
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    I would highly recommend a multi-tier desk!
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    voted, Nice work this round. I enjoy when theres 4 or more entrants.
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    Normally, I would be flattered that I've a fan, but it's a real toxic one. On Soundcloud. I've had to block him 3 different times, as he'd used slight variations of different profile names (assuming it's a HE, could be wrong), his current profile is Luxray214. And he keeps pestering me to remix Castlevania 4: Dracula's Theme. Now, he's following my comments in friends' profiles and responding to me there. I had to constantly delete his comments on my remix Uploads, because it was just causing me too much anxiety. I tried PM'ing him to talk some reason to him and it was like he never got my response at all - like it never happened. I don't know WHY this is particularly getting under my skin...maybe because I'm already in a state of heightened anxiety, but this Luxray214 kid is really causing me a lot of grief. What should I do???
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    In a world where Mega Man 7's intro theme and Big Blue are combined - Mega Man kicks Captain Falcon's ass and joins the F-Zero Grand Prix... Lyrical idea given by @OceansAndrew over on Twitter when I was agonizing over it. I've been screwing with this for awhile, any comments on the mix before I submit it to the hallowed halls of OverClocked ReMix I'm always down for FEEDBACK! Source1 source2 Download for those who want it vs YT video: http://bit.ly/megafalcon Lyrics: High speed racing Burned in his blood But now It's in my circuits I feel the need for speed I push on the throttle Rock it like a shuttle Roll into first place I will never lose a race Pun ch through the sky, like a falcon above It mirrors the endless sea below me Kick through the pack Come up from the back I don't think I'll be the same Adrenaline flowing' Or at least I assume so Show me your moves So I can show you mine And Keep you in second place I'll take the first with grace You might get small taste In this battle and chase! I received this power by winning a fight So I may as well put it to good use! Punch through the sky, like a falcon above It mirrors the endless sea below me Kick through the pack Come up from the back I don't think I'll be the same I received this power by winning a fight So I may as well put it to good use!
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    Very interesting as I've had this happen recently as well. I'm used to being stalked by bar-crawling cougars, but not people in dire need of a Castlevania mix. It's weird for me.
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    Water bottle right next to the controller and a cup, presumably also full of liquid actually resting ON the MIDI controller. The balls on this guy...
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    Oh wow, that's lame. Nobody should profit from BadAss except we as directors ;P Have you contacted Polar Eclipse yet?
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    Listened to them all... MANY times each ^^ @Etzaen -- Love the intro and outro as well as that "Mega Man Zero" vibe the whole track has. Still, I think you should try and mess around with the Pitch and Mod Wheels to try and make your leads more colorful (especially during the bridge section). The last part also feels like it's screaming for a bombastic solo (I can clearly see the distortion guitar you introduced in the bridge re-appear here for that purpose). I don't know if you want to go electronic or acoustic with the drums, but I feel like your track could benefit from a bit/lots more variations depending on your choice. Other than that, it's pretty awesome and I'm glad Star Fox 2 is having the recognition it deserves -- can't wait to listen to the final version @Thirdkoopa -- With this one, I can clearly see myself in a bar in the 30s, enjoying a drink while the jazz band is jammin' in the background (I can almost tell what it smells like in there). It's a bit too repetitive for me to just sit down and focus on the listen, but it definitely serves its purpose as a ambient piece. I wish the drummer could add more variety in his performance (it's pretty boring there... especially for a jazzy stuff). I also think some instruments are played too loud a few time but it also adds to that "live performance" charm the piece has. Not being my favorite style of jazz, I can't really go deeper with my critique... but it clearly isn't bad at all. @Siolfor the Jackal -- Now, THAT'S what I'm talking about! Some good ol' metal to wake you up and remind you that everything isn't all nice and easy in a Star Fox game Aggressive rhythm guitars, a drummer who hates to be bored and synths for more sound variety -- a damn good recipe I'd personally add a Pad/Synth Strings for the intro to play chords and give more of an Epic Progressive Rock feel to it before altering them a bit at 0:14 to make sure it evolves along with the track. I'd probably be nice to re-introduce the Pad at the 1:50 part (or a portion of it) for coherence but maybe it'll be too much synths at the same time -- since we also have a Synth Lead here too. Then comes the bridge -- LOVE it! Yet another track I look forward to listen to when complete! In the end, I really like how -- with these three tracks -- we keep getting an idea of how much variety the album is gonna have. Keep up the great work, guys!
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    nuff said. I was at a workshop put on by one of my favorite guitarists years ago. someone raised their hand and asked, "how do I get noticed?" His response: "get good."
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    Hey guys! We have finished polishing tracks (with the feedback from the judges panel in mind, of course ), and the project was resubmitted yesterday! Sadly, we had to drop a couple of tracks. Given this fact, I decided to change the tracklist bit. But hey, good news is that we've got plenty of amazing music left! Hope the album passes the panel this time! @Chernabogue is working on the trailer for us, and what we have now is pretty nice, tbh. All in all, we're very close to the finish, so be patient and get hyped bit by bit
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    Just do a MIDI rip and send that. In the past (5 years ago or something like that) I also had someone who mailed me a couple of times to ask me to remix some tunes, but he wasn't going so far and he only send a few mails. Also had some people (woman) who wanted to marry me because they liked a remix I did in 2008 so much...LOL.
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    I think he asked every person on Vampire Variations for his fucking remix lol
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    Hello, I am Reinhold from the Game-Art-HQ community. Back in 2015 we collaborated with OCR already and members from GA-HQ drew illustrations for the excellent Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart OCR Album. We are creating a couple of video game art tributes / collaborations per year and I thought it could result in something quite awesome if we can do another "Music & Visual Art" Project. I am writing this post because I myself am searching - Enthusiastic remixers that love the music of fighting games of the past and today - People that know what is important in a music piece and can basically do the judge part. I myself am a vgm addict since at least 1992 when I heard the timeless Guile theme for the first time in the SNES port of Street Fighter II but I believe that if we can do another collaboration, I leave the music part completely in the arms of the guys that are actually musicans. My idea for a Fighting Game Music & Art Project by OCR and Game-Art-HQ would be relative challenging and unorthodox for an OCR Album I guess. Fighting games are all about the fighting obviously. There are usually two characters beating the shit out of each other, and my idea would be to move this element into music tracks. In short, mashups. Ryu vs. Chun Li with elements of both characters themes in one track like they are basically fighting each other. Game-Art-HQ's Artists would come into play by creating illustrations of exactly those character matches. Including crossovers. Like if one of OCR's remixers has an excellent vision of creating a remix with Geese Howards theme with the one of M.Bison instead of another Fatal Fury or King of Fighters character, one of our artists would illustrate a fight between Geese and M.Bison. I think such a project should start relative small with a goal of 10 tracks. Ideal might be a mix of popular characters and games as well as to cover a few of the rarely remixed games. Each character should be a part of only one track, personally I would love to have 20 character themes of different games there. If you are familiar with fighting games, you know that a ton of them have excellent soundtracks, even if we go back to games like TMNT Tournament fighters or the earliest of the SNK fighting games like the first Fatal Fury or Art of Fighting. Here is a small selection of artworks that were created for Game-Art-HQ Art Collaborations in the past, we have a ton of very talanted artists in our community that love video games and just as much as everyone here: These are artworks made for our Legend of Zelda Bestiary Project, our Fighting Game Boss Tribute and the Nintendo 64 Anniversary we celebrated last year with games like DK 64. Would be awesome to get a new music and art collaboration together, I am open to support other OCR projects as well ^^ Greets and happy easter days everyone, Reinhold Hoffmann
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    I just put it on my desk between the screen and the keyboard. That way I can easily use it while recording some parts and still access the keyboard to put it in record mode or to stop recording. You need a decent amount of space though (depending on your controller).
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    You're probably right, but damn if it doesn't make my heart hurt a bit.
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    From the looks of the rest of the typography, they have probably sold about 4 shirts. I don't think it's that big of a deal.
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    I have quit gaming as a regular hobby, though I have recently played a bit on steam and am back into Overwatch for the new event for a couple weeks. Overwatch is the best gaming investment I have ever made because it's one of the few games these days that's just meant to be a blast with your friends and they always keep doing things to make it feel fresh. It was a $50 dollar purchase and I get continued enjoyment out of it. However, months often pass where I don't even touch it. As I get older it just becomes apparent what a waste of time and productivity killer video games really are and I would rather do just about anything else most of the time. I often see users on Steam who have 300 hours sunk into a game in a short timeframe. I simply cannot fathom my life being so remarkably boring and/or non-existent as to be able to rack up that many hours in a game.
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    My only real attempt to kick video games was the second semester of my sophomore year of college. Left all my consoles at home,uninstalled the games i had on my pc and went about my studies. After what was a pretty successful semester I returned home, went to gamestop, and spent upwards of $300 on all the games I missed. The first few weeks of the summer break I was engaged in the deepest, darkest,most unholy gaming binge i've ever had. Advice? Don't fight it, it always comes back around. As long as I have Sonic 2, Streets of Rage 2 , Resident Evil 2 and hope for a Freedom Planet 2. No, I will not stop playing. I do need to kick my overwatch addiction in the worst way though.
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    @DarkEco, this is all sounding very familiar to me. Being a fairly long-time gamer myself, I'd like to say from my side of the fence that I haven't quit gaming - my games mean too much to me to give up completely - but over the years I have found myself playing them less and less as my life has become more and more complicated. I average now about 16 hours a month; about 8 hours every other Sunday (when I can get away with it). When I do game, I find myself going back over those old titles - sometimes it's a track I hear on OCR, or an interesting article, or even an obscure reference that makes me want to play a game again. Did that recently with Super Mario RPG; after hearing some of the amazing songs on the SMRPG album, I HAD to pick up the game again to get a little context to the tracks I was hearing. That being said, like @Skrypnyk I have a very hard time justifying going to the next generation of console. I've played the console hardware shuffle over eight generations now and it doesn't make sense to me to pay $450+ CAD to upgrade to a PS4 that I want maybe six games for and have very little time to play. As far as 'cutting back' is concerned, I was trained at a young age to schedule my game time; typically blocks of one to three hours depending on whether my brother was using the games and/or whether my homework was done or not. Once I moved out, blocks of three hours became blocks of eight to twelve. Now that I'm older, I still consider a good day's worth of gaming at eight hours, but the frequency is far less. I don't think a full 'detox' is necessary; I think some scheduling and a little self-discipline should bring a little more balance to your life, so you can pursue other activities AND still enjoy a game form time to time. But hey, this is just my opinion. If you think you need to do this, then don't let me stop you - I'm just saying there's more than one path.
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    It's really fun. I like how it's more than just a defend-the-door horde mode that Junkenstein was (thought Junkenstein was really awesome).
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    The ultimate album. For the ultimate BADASS. OUT NOW! & Knuckles • http://ocremix.org/info/&_Knuckles • http://soundcloud.com/ocremix/sets/and-knuckles Director: Jarel Jones (Arrow) Artwork: Tabby Ramsey - http://digitallyfanged.com
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    I've been thinking about remixing this for awhile and now I have an excuse to do so.
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    Voted. There was some nice variety in the submissions.
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    Agreed that there's some great entries! I voted as well. On... ThaSauce! *gasp* Finally made an account since I've competed quite a bit and plan on competing some more.
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    Voted. We got some good mixes this round! I wrote much more than I needed to in my reasoning for why I picked which because they were all pretty close for me.
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    Just to add to what has already been said about realism, last year I asked @timaeus222 about how to make my sequencing less mechanical. The context was instrument sequencing, but I think it can be applied to percussion too: I have since found that sequencing percussion is actually pretty wide open in FLS; I can either play the percussion parts out through the plugin (under one channel) or pull the actual WAVs and manipulate each waveform directly (assigning each WAV to its own channel), depending on what sort of 'realism' I am looking for with the sound. Sometimes even slight EQ adjustments, slight pitch adjustments, or even where the drum skin is struck can effect the 'realness' of the sound; I, however, have had very little chance to experiment with this, so I can't advise much closer than that at this time. I hope this helps ... and I totally endorse air-drumming as a timing and sequencing aide as well.
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    Hey everybody, here's a major update. Short term sad news, long term good. My time has been waning a lot recently, as you've probably noticed by my lack of posts. The majority of my input has been behind-the scenes, while my glamorous assistant @Trism has been dealing with the front of house, as it were. Unfortunately, as things stand, my handle on the little I've been able to do has loosened a lot now as well. Without going into too much detail, life just has a way of making things impossible sometimes and priorities are thrust upon you rather than letting you choose your own. THEREFORE: Rather than let this project and all the fantastic work you've all done so far slip into obscurity, I've decided to hibernate it for the timebeing. I figure that voluntarily putting a pin in it while I clear my theoretical desk is a far better option than let the ship run adrift without a captain at the helm. Thanks for the support so far, folks, we WILL be back. This is just something that has to happen for now
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    All three remixes were pretty good this round! I'll be looking for some other abnormal song to remix so we can all go crazy with it now that there seems to be more people joining the competition with PRC345.
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    The wooden spoon... All the easier to try and cook up a winning mix next time. Great job on this one, GCJ! Planarian had a great bonus mix as well.
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    This is the new soundtrack to my Legend of Zelda/Pulp Fiction crossover fanfic. "Know what they call a quarter-pounder in Gerudo?"
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    Sorry... I have to do this: The "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" ones were pretty clever too and definitely made sense regarding how the story was told to us (no videos for these ones... sorry T.T).
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    My bad DarkeSword. Didn't even notice these threads were under the music history forum. Just assumed this was the general music forum. Still no excuse for lazy posting on my part. Anyhoo, to dive a bit deeper into why I enjoy the Super Monkey Ball 2 soundtrack in context of the game. Besides sounding good, the juxtaposition between these bright environments and characters with music that becomes increasingly more ambient and darker by the time you reach the last two boss worlds gives a unique feel to the game. Maybe if I had a little more music knowledge and experience I could dig into why that is, but just as someone who enjoys games and music the soundtrack did an excellent job of matching the environments, and in a game where you're dying frequently and having to replay stages countless times over, the last thing the music should do is become a nuisance. Perhaps that's why the music becomes more ambient as the game progresses: to not needlessly draw the player's attention as the difficulty of each stage ramps up. May not have been the intention, but definitely an interesting coincedence.
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    Have you thought about advertising PRC on the OC Remix Discord group. It could be a good way to get more participation and advertising for the competition.
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    eval: The piano is quite mechanical. Humanize it. The drums are boring. Create a better groove, eg by varying hihat velocities and adding some percussion loop to the background. There are many solutions to this problem. Some better than others. Don't think you need a hundred percussion elements and a messy drum pattern to make it work. Just give it a little more life. The whole thing sounds quite loud. Find some posted remixes with a similar enough sound or style that you can compare levels to. It seems that at the skill level you're at right now, you've got the tools and know how to use them, you just don't know _why_ and _when_ to use them. Find some good reference tracks from ocr's recent years, and start comparing. How loud should the bass be? How bright should it be? How about the hihat, the kick, the rest of the drums and percussion? How about lead, secondary melodies, pads? Is the bass too indistinct when the rest of the insturmentation plays, does it need the reverb gone at those points? Is something too prominent and needs some eq cuts and reverb to be pushed back? What stands out in the wrong way? Basically, learn to listen. Source is there, sufficiently interpreted, and I think the arrangement, albeit messy, is okay. There's some weird (or absent) transitions that could be improved. The abrupt changes _sometimes_ work here. Ones I think must be improved: 0:31, 1:15, 2:00, 2:34, 3:10-ish, 3:22, 3:28, 4:13. I might have missed one, so consider all of them, whether they work for listeners or not. Sometimes, the problem is that the transitions lack signalling, sometimes that their timing seems off by a measure or two, sometimes that the change in sound or rhythm is too great, sometimes just that the next part just begins without any change to the drums (a crash is often enough), sometimes there's just a jump in levels because of the overcompression. Find the problem, diagnose the problem, solve the problem. The writing at 3:20 seems too messed up, though. You might want to go with conventional writing and glitch up the sound instead. There's a loud and annoying glitchy sound towards the end, like a mouse squeek. When it becomes a regularly occurring thing like that, it's more annoying than interestingly glitched. I think you're ending on the wrong note. It feels like the notes were just cut off arbitrarily. Ending with just the bass is fine, but I'd end on a different note, possibly at a different point in the loop too. If you really want to end on that note, write the preceding notes differently so it makes more sense. Your questions: Excessive sidechaining - Not hearing any sidechained compression, but the whole thing is too loud. Overcompression - Yes. Cluttered sound - Not terribly so (except around 3:00, which is a mess), but you should probably separate the instruments with EQ,. Consider which ones are foreground and which ones background, and process them accordingly. Make subtle (or not so subtle) EQ cuts in the background instruments so the foreground instruments have more room to play. Not ready for ocr yet. Seems like you've got all the right pieces for it, in sound design and arrangement, you just gotta shift them around a little. As for mixing, the best advice I can give is to listen and compare.
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    HEY EVERYONE, THE KICKSTARTER FOR THIS IS AVAILABLE Look at that amazing logo and cover art! Listen to the fantastic songs! Back this project so we can justify the Bee-playing-a-saxophone SECRET BOSS! Also there is an epic new build you should download and play (link on the kickstarter page)
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    All, Just wanted to bring a quick update for anyone interested. I've been a bit inactive like a lot of you due to normal work/relationship things that get in the way. I've also recently upgraded my Studio One DAW which BROKE my Star Fox tracks. Well I finally got enough motivation & time to sit down and reinstall the old version and all my licenses FINALLY got it back to working condition! I'm doing some editing tonight and will hopefully have a new WIP for people to judge within a few days. Please get in my inbox if I don't, as the pressure will help me finish something in time. A little bit of effort ended with a lot of progress for me, so I urge anyone struggling with time or frustration - let me (or anyone else) know if we can help. Even if its just a reminder of what can be accomplished. Thanks everyone, I'm going to continue working now.
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    Since we had a deadline earlier this month, it's time for an update We've had some shiny new WIPs from ThirdKoopa, Rexy, Kylok and the Eino Keskitalo/Jorito duo and also a great update (two actually) from Chernabogue. Also, as you probably already saw, we gained some more interest and that resulted in claims from ThirdKoopa, Kylok, HeavyViper and HankTheSpankTankJankerson. If I didn't do so yet: welcome aboard, guys! Good progress overall, but unfortunately we didn't receive updates from all of you. For some of you that's okay, because you told us why you couldn't do an update for the deadline and what it means moving forward. Unfortunately there's also some people from whom we didn't hear anything at all... So, to prevent claims from being stalled with no tracks in sight, we'll do things slightly different moving forward. If you can't meet a deadline, tell us why and how you'll remedy it and we'll work it out. However, if you neglect to at least tell us why you're not going to make the deadline, your claim will be removed. Of course you can get it back if you send us a WIP, but if somebody else snatches the claim, you're out of luck. We're doing this to prevent tracks being stalled with claims but no progress when other people would have loved to remix them. Hope you understand, and let's show those pesky album director people how it's done for the April 30 deadline, hmkay? Peace out.
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    This is still overcompressed. What it sounds like is that you simply lowered the master volume and left the overcompression there. What you should do is lower the volume of each individual instrument --- there isn't a shortcut to this. The piano is suffering from the overcompression, so its transients aren't heard.
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    Man this hasn't been updated in awhile. 3 albums on here have been released months ago.. Zelda Lime of the Season, Super Mario 64, & the Gameboy 25th Anniversary album.
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    For non-piano work, I think you'll manage with 49 or 61 keys. I have 37 and I haven't needed more for my music, but for working out intricate parts, 49 may be the minimum I would recommend for semi-limited space.
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    i'll be sending out update requests again fairly soon. still trucking along =)
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    Say... a question for y'all. I'm currently upgrading my home studio, getting some new gear in there, and I'm wondering... if I were to create a re-mastered version of The American Album (originally released in 2005), would there be any interest? Better mixing, maybe bring in some live instruments, etc.? I wouldn't want to pull a Lucas and re-make pieces of history that were fine the way they were... but then again, I could pull a Schafer and have fun simply presenting some material that hey, you enjoyed this years ago, now here it is again in HD. Btw here's the album if you want to give it a fresh listen: https://mazedude.bandcamp.com/album/the-american-album
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    Sonic the Hedgehog fans! So I did a vocal remix to the music from Security Hall from Sonic Adventure 2 which I call "Treasure Hunter." The track is groovy and for those familiar with the game its about Rouge the Bat. Enjoy! Hope you like this one!
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    @TheChargingRhino -- I am constantly surprised by how fast you're evolving each time I listen to your latest WIPs -- trying to step away from the source to offer something original and express yourself as an artist. You really have something great here, and I like to believe that the structure of the mix is there and it's time to polish the arrangement and perfect the mixing and everything I like the idea of the bass being pitched down for the intro but I think it is too shy for now and you should probably try to go a bit crazier with it. Same goes for the low-fi FX on the first part of your drums. I personally think the Orchestra Hit is too loud, but that may be just me. At 1:21, wouldn't it be nice to go really aggressive here and add a Wah FX on the distortion instrument in the background and then, at 1:31 -- for the final note --, slowly pitch down the final note for the closure? You drums need to be punchier, more powerful and bring more energy to the track -- I'd also recommend you vary the rhythm at 2:17-2:35 for it's getting too repetitive there, and perhaps implement more fills at the end of some parts to introduce the following one. Maybe I don't hear it, but do you use Hi-hats? 'Cause I feel like it's seriously lacking some, especially during the 'chorus' where the absence of harmonies/counter-melodies makes it a little empty. Lastly, I guess you want to add real guitar recordings to your track -- definitely do so (part 2.21 screams for an arranged riff based of this rhythm). I think adding reverb, pan and other FXs/technics wouldn't hurt either but I'll need a more advanced WIP to judge. Anyway, it's a very nice track with very clever ideas, sweet arpeggios and interesting new melodies here and there that is pleasant to listen to. Synthwave being a repetitive style of music, it makes the repetitive chord progression digestible... so that's okay Just like I did with the Boss, I recommend you check out Nigel Silva's tutorial videos on YouTube to see if you can use some of his tricks to your advantage, make the song even better and, perhaps, learn new stuff
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    Looks like I got all my work done just in time, can finally get the last parts of my newer WIP done in time for the deadline.