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Whats's your all-time favorite OCR Album (if you can pick one)

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And the one you came back to listen to more often?

Of course, I love them all and there's always albums you like more than others, but is there an album above them all?

For me personally, that album that I love the most is: Project Chaos, the S&k remix album.

I came back to listen to it today after a looong time and I gotta say, it still rocks my sox like the first day!

I love every remixer who has contributed iwth a remix but my favorite of them all is Gamebox, I wonder what is he doing nowadays? I know he changed his nickname but I couldn't follow him like I'd have wanted, I hope he's ok.

Post your own favorite album if you feel like it. ;) 

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Well, I answer myself, Gamebox (aka Steve Olofsson) is well I see, he's still active in his Soundcloud page and has posted new music just 19 days ago! cool! :D


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Yeah, definitely Super Cartography Bros. for me. Everyone just knocked it out of the part on that one. And sure, I like the ones I directed just fine, it's just that SCB just really realized that idea of blowing out those map themes into club bangers.

Club Ocarina is also a really good one, from mostly the same team.

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2 hours ago, fxsnowy said:

Super Cartography Bros and Serious Monkey Business

this guy knows what's up

the candy corn series of EPs are also excellent, in my humble opinion

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The Seiken Densetsu 3 project - because I was on that project for 12 years and shit blood for it more than once in my sanity-defying, reality-molesting quest to finish that god-literally-forsaken project for you testicle-explodingly-pedantic listeners to like it less than any other project ever made.

I feel like I permanently gave up a portion of my humanity to see it to the end...

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